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Despite the fact that many people consider a slingshot as a children's toy, it can still be a powerful weapon. A toy from a combat vehicle is distinguished by the tensile strength of rubber and the strength of the body. A powerful slingshot for hunting is made from steel wire or a durable stick of suitable shape. A great rubber will be from the camera of a football or volleyball ball, bandage rubber, car camera, medical harnesses or catheter No. 22. These are the best materials for a really powerful slingshot with which you can hunt both birds and small animals.

do-it-yourself slingshot

What rubber is most ideal for slingshot

The best option is catheters No. 22 or medical harnesses. They can be bought at the pharmacy. They stretch well and contract very quickly, which allows the projectile to fly rapidly and far. Their disadvantage is that when they appear the slightest burrs, they break.

The most durable slingshot rubber is the camera from the car.However, in order for the projectile to fly away (as if releasing it with the help of a catheter), more force from the shooter will be needed when tightening. But on the hunt, you can be completely sure that the slingshot will serve for a long time.

A camera from a ball or bandage rubber stretches twice or even three times more than a car camera, but not a single option can boast longevity. All because of burrs. They are formed if you cut the strips with scissors. Here it is only a matter of time how long such a weapon will last. Usually very short. It is better to cut off the parts with a blade, but from the first time no one can do everything perfectly, then you need skill. Such rubber is a very delicate material.

rubber slingshot

Slingshot handle

If the weapon is planned to be powerful, then the slingshot body should be made with an emphasis. With this simple fixture, the brush of a holding hand will not tire. If the slingshot for hunting is not very powerful, and the shooter is confident in the strength of his brush, then you can do without an additional stop. In this case, the design becomes much simpler both in appearance and in execution.

What you need to create a slingshot

You need:

  • 5 mm thick wire or wooden ratchet;
  • suitable tires;
  • genuine leather or its very durable substitute;
  • insulating tape;
  • nylon thread;
  • good glue

First you need to make a metal case slingshot. As mentioned above, it can be with or without support. And you can just cut the appropriate shape of the branch. If the body is made of wood, then you just need to peel the bark, give it the required size, make slots for rubber on the ends of the horns and polish it. In the case when the slingshot with your hands will be made of wire, you must first bend it, as shown in the figure, and insert a piece of hose into the palm rest so that the surface does not cut into the arm. After this, it is necessary to saw off a piece of wood, which will become the handle for which the shooter will hold his weapon. We split this blank in half, make a cut in it where the wire will enter, then we drill two holes for the bolts that tightly pull the steel case and both parts of the handle.

slingshot for hunting

Making a rubber slingshot

The throwing element of the slingshot consists of two rubber bands, which are connected by a leather heel. It is needed for good fixation, for example, a stone at the moment of the shot.A rectangle of 10 x 4 cm is cut out of the skin. Holes are made at the edges, where a bundle or a piece of chamber is inserted and then fixed with a nylon thread. To make a made slingshot with your own hands for a long time, all rubber parts need to be fixed gently. And the nodes need to coat with glue.

slingshot harness

Fastening the throwing part to the wire ratchet

A harness for a slingshot or catheter is a thin hose that is worn on the ends of the slider, smeared with glue. After that, for reliability, it is wrapped with a kapron thread or tape.

Fixing the lengths of the chamber or bandage rubber is slightly different. The edge of the rubber piece is applied to the metal plate, after which it is simply wrapped with thread and the knot is fixed with glue. Then wrapped on top with tape.

Attachment of the throwing part to the wooden log

Everything is done very simply - in the slot at the ends of the horns the rubber is looped in a loop, after which it is wrapped with a thread and tied. And, of course, the nodes are coated with glue so that they are not untied during the shooting. It is important not to use wire with this fastener, because it can damage the rubber.

how to shoot a slingshot

Scope for slingshot

If you need a slingshot with a sight, then the latter can be easily made. It is necessary to make an arc out of a wire, in the middle of which there will be a front sight in the form of a notch. She is wound between the horns with electrical tape. When targeting it is worthwhile to connect the front sight and the target, and then make a shot. However, in practice, such additional attributes of weapons do not bring the desired result. And a person who can shoot, such devices even interfere.

Slingshot Shooting Technique

This throwing weapon allows you to very clearly hit any target. However, for accurate hits you need to feel him well. Only practice will allow to develop a sense of distance and target, as well as the force for tension. Beginners often ask how to shoot a slingshot, they try to understand the technique itself.

In principle, everything is simple - you need to visually imagine the line between the fastenings of rubber bands on the spear, and combine the center with the target. After that, you need to make a shot. However, it is not so simple. When ottyagivaniya rubber it is easy to dislodge, and therefore the projectile can go to the side. The newcomer will not be able to sense such a shift, and therefore the sight in this weapon is useless.Another shooter can take a leather heel vertically when fired, which will also lead to a miss.

Only practice will develop muscle memory, which will allow you to feel these displacements and eliminate them. This is precisely the secret of precision from any type of weapon, and especially when shooting a slingshot.

slingshot with a sight

Tips on the shape of a rag

The created slingshot with your own hands should be comfortable, and the less effort the shooter makes for a long shot, the better. Some simple solutions will allow to shoot longer, and the hand will be less tired at the same time. If the cattle itself is long, then due to such a lever the load on the brush increases. This is especially true for those models that are not equipped with a stop. Therefore, you need to make the horns as small as possible - two centimeters will be enough. Depending on the rubber, you can even make a little less.

Rohatin when stretching strongly rests on the arm between the thumb and index finger. Therefore, a thin handle will strongly put pressure on this place, which also does not contribute to a long hunt. To make it as easy as possible to press, the handle should be made quite thick - this will allow to distribute the pressure, to reduce its force over a larger area.Putting into practice these constructive nuances of geometry, you will get such an excellent weapon as a slingshot, improved and very comfortable with your own hands. Usually, having made your first weapon, when shooting, you will understand what needs to be changed. And subsequently, a new slingshot is created, more comfortable and improved. However, the main nuances that should be adhered to in the manufacture, are fully described here.


There are some rules that will allow you to safely use the slingshot. To protect the hand from being hit by rubber and crushing pain during long shooting, you should wear a glove on the hand that holds the spear. Rarely, but it happens that the rubber can be torn and hit on the eyes.

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