Some of the best divination techniques for the future

Since ancient times, people have been trying to find out what lies ahead of them. with the help of mirrors, cards, candles, garments, wedding rings, even peas and some cereals are used. In Russian villages, these methods were very common among unmarried girls. They wondered for the coming future on certain days, as the church does not welcome all sorts of predictions.

Different types of divination

Christmas divination

At Christmas time - from January 1 to January 14 - young girls gathered together to learn about the betrothed. These days, even believing Christians do not consider it a sin to guess the future. Usually starting at midnight.

In the old days they did this:

  • They went out, removed one boot from the right foot, spinning around themselves. Then, with his eyes closed, they would throw him down with the words "Where the condemned man will come from that side will come."
  • Each girl caught a chicken in a hen house and ran it into another closed room. After some time, the birds were released. Whose chicken will run out faster, she will be the first to marry.
  • Two mirrors were placed opposite each other. A lit candle was placed between them and peered into the reflection. They said at the same time: "Suicide-ryazheny, come to me, look at me." In the mirror you could see the betrothed.
  • They put a plate with refreshments in front of the mirror and lit a candle, looked into their reflection behind their backs. Sentenced "mumbled, condemned, come to dine with me."


Predictions on the coffee grounds

For coffee, it is customary to guess the near future. Anyone who has a well-developed imagination can do this.

Do it like this:

  1. Brewed natural strong coffee.
  2. Pour into a light cup.
  3. Guessing should drink coffee, holding one (working) hand. At the same time think about what worries.
  4. It is necessary to make a question so that the answer is unequivocal: “Yes” or “No”.
  5. When there will be a couple of sips, shake the coffee a little, bringing it to your lips 3 times, not drinking, and pour the contents on the saucer from yourself.
  6. Put the inverted cup on the edge of the saucer and let the thick dry a little.
  7. After 5-7 minutes, you can begin to guess the future.

The inside of the cup is visually divided into five zones, considering what hand it held while wondering the coffee. Need to keep it the same way.

From the knob clockwise mark the area with which the prediction is related:

  • In the family / home.
  • On the side.
  • At work.
  • On the heart.

At the end, "open the answer to the question." For this you need to hold your thumb across the bottom of the cup. If you get a light "comma" - the answer is positive.

Coffee cup look not only on the inner walls. If there is a long line on the outside of the lips of the fortuneteller, on the outside, this indicates a fast road. Points on the rim or smudges on the opposite wall from the drinker are tears.

The basic meaning of the figures:

  • Angel - good news.
  • Arch - profit.
  • Harp - harmony.
  • Bank - help from friends.
  • Butterfly - happiness (if above) or useless efforts (below).
  • Drum - success in business.
  • Squirrel - do not do many things at once, focus on one thing.
  • Boot - gossip, slander.
  • Tambourine - waiting for love.
  • Bottle - feeling bad.
  • A bunch of flowers is a happy time.
  • The bull is a danger.
  • Vase - possible profit.
  • Wreath - success in undertakings.
  • Rope - trouble.
  • Libra - the court.
  • Camel - a difficult time in a relationship.
  • Paddle is a waste.
  • Windmill - efforts will lead to success.
  • Fork - rich life.
  • Wolf - evil deeds from you.
  • Hair - the secret is not to tell anyone.
  • The raven is a misfortune.
  • Volcano - passion.
  • The rider - the help of an influential person.
  • Viper - honor.
  • Nail - unfair attitude to you.
  • Eyes - meeting with relatives.
  • Nest - taking care of children or pets.
  • Head - protector, patron.
  • Mountain - the achievement of large peaks.
  • Mountains - purposefulness.
  • Rakes - time to collect laurels.
  • A coffin is sadness, grief or illness.
  • Mushrooms - family replenishment.
  • Lips - a romantic acquaintance.
  • Two faces - reciprocity (looking at each other), treason (the line between them) or quarrel.
  • The girl is sympathy.
  • The door is a good start.
  • Money - well-being, reward.
  • House - the harmony in the family (if clear), discord (curve of the roof, fuzzy).
  • Tree - stability.
  • The road is a ride.
  • Hedgehog - someone will scare you.
  • Toad - you flatter.
  • The woman is a rival.
  • Animals (except horse and dog) are enemies.
  • Crane - good health.
  • The lock is a persistent character.
  • The fence - prevents stubbornness.
  • Star - a dream come true, luck.
  • The snake is a betrayal.
  • Signs of the zodiac - a meeting with their representative.
  • Willow - sadness.
  • The cow is a joy.
  • Cat - financial difficulties.
  • Chicken - help someone.
  • Swan - unexpected money.
  • Leo - get the desired effect.
  • Fox - cunning people among friends.
  • Bear is a threat.
  • The fly is wealth.
  • Eagle - become a winner.
  • Rooster - news.
  • Spider - a pleasant surprise.
  • Fish is a journey.
  • The dog is a true friend.
  • Owl - serious health problems.
  • Tiger - anger.
  • Anchor - find stability.


Guessing for the future on playing cards is very common today. Take a new or not used in the games deck.

Predictions on maps

Before the card layout they decided to speak. The entire deck (36 cards) is not used. They interpret a combination of several pictures, depending on the value of each of them. Homemade fortune telling on the cards has some special features. You must first remove the animals from the room, lay a red cloth. In the process, all those present should not cross their legs and arms.

Tarot cards

Divination by the tarot cards

One of the most ancient ways - fortune telling on the tarot for the future. Each card has a special meaning. The accuracy of the result depends on the guessing. It is very important not to transfer your deck of cards to anyone.


Fleece on the stone "feho"

Magical symbols printed on wooden bars. The value of the runes is read separately and in combination. The meaning can be completely different. This technique is dangerous in inexperienced hands.

Guessing the future with a clear answer can only be a person with good practice and knowledge who has mastered one of the techniques.

Beware scammers!

The girls seek advice from skillful soothsayers, but often go to charlatans. On the street gypsy practicing divination by hand. With the help of psychological methods and hypnosis they force trustful people to give all the money and valuable things they have with them. They expect another sacrifice with their families, with children. Do not trust their words, most likely you will be deceived and robbed.

With the help of the mass media, scammers who advertise guaranteed results through magical actions spread advertising. Actually possess supernatural unit skills.

Do not rush to give their savings to charlatans. Today there are no special technologies that can verify the presence of a certain gift or the necessary knowledge for fortune-telling for the future with a clear answer.

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