Spices for pilaf. Find out what spices to put in the pilaf.

Pilaf is a dish whose taste is very much dependent on the spices added to it. In various culinary traditions cook it in different ways. There are recipes with rice, peas, chickpeas. Despite the fact that pilaf is most often cooked with lamb, there are cooking options using veal, chicken, pork, fish. But the main ingredient is spices. Thanks to them, the dish is tasty and fragrant. It is worth remembering that the smell, appearance, taste of pilaf directly depend on the harmony of the composition of spices. Spices for pilaf can have many variants of combinations, therefore we will consider some of them.

"Right" spices

Three spices for pilaf are considered “correct”. These include red hot pepper, barberry and cumin seeds (cumin, zira). In more detail we will tell about them further.

Classic set

What spices put in pilaf? Since the Asian origin of the pilaf is an indisputable fact, the eastern version of the eastern pilaf is a classic variant of its preparation.Accordingly, the classic set - a combination of spices added in the East.spices for pilaf

So, the main ingredient is zira, in the people - cumin seeds. We can safely say that without this spice, pilaf is not pilaf. The most ideal option is to use Indian black cumin (not ground!). But, unfortunately, it is not sold in stores, and white cumin can be found on the market. Therefore, it is possible to get black through the familiar merchants. A special feature of Zira is a pronounced and slightly tart aroma, a very spicy taste. Put it in the pilaf, after rubbing well between the palms.

The second essential ingredient, which is put in the spices for pilaf, is barberry berries (dried), which are rich in vitamin C. They are intended to make the dish slightly sour. In the pilaf you need to put the whole seeds, which will gradually reveal the aroma and give the dish a light flavor.

Another not superfluous component of the pilaf is ground dried tomatoes and paprika, which give the dish its flavor during steaming over low heat.

To rice acquired a beautiful golden yellow color, you can put saffron in the pilaf.But its uniqueness and value of taste is almost elusive, so it can be replaced with ground turmeric, which is much cheaper.

As a rule, spices for pilaf contain such an ingredient as pepper. It is best to take a freshly ground mixture of black, white, green, pink and fragrant. Those who love spicy can add a pod of hot red pepper.

Usually, dried greens are not put in pilaf. It is best served in a fresh dish.

Everyone knows that the added unpeeled whole garlic heads also act as spices. Located deep in rice, they steam out under the action of steam, thereby giving the dish its flavor. They also serve as an indicator of rice readiness, since it is not recommended to touch the cereal itself until it is completely ready.what spices put in pilaf

We considered the classic version of the set of spices. But It is worth noting that if it is not possible to collect such a list of spices, then in the shops you can buy ready-made spices for pilaf, the composition of which is considered not so bad. The main thing is to study well the list of ingredients, among which it is desirable to be barberries, cumin, paprika.

Uzbek pilaf

The concept of Uzbek pilaf is very vague, since they are called both Tashkent Tashkent and Andijan. But despite this, they are noticeably different from each other. Also distinguish the Fergana, Khorezm, Samarkand types of pilaf, which, in principle, differ in the method of cooking rice and meat. A set of spices for their preparation is almost identical to the classic. But there are some small nuances. For example, coriander seeds are not placed in Tashkent plov, and blue basil (dried) is usually added to Samarkand.what spices are needed for pilaf

What spices are needed for pilaf? It turns out that there is no fundamental difference in the seasonings for the Uzbek version of the dish. It put pepper, salt, turmeric, cumin, barberry.

In the absence of these seasonings separately, you can use a ready-made mixture, which usually contains: red pepper (sweet), cumin (cumin), barberry (cornel), turmeric, coriander, sage, savory, chili and bay leaf.

Pilaf with fruit

Fruit pilaf is probably the only type of this dish that contains almost no spices. Taste and aroma fully give rice to raisin, prunes, dried apricots, plum, fig, apricot, quince.At the request of such a pilaf, which is prepared with meat, a little can be seasoned with pepper.spices for pilaf composition

A sweet version of the dish is recommended to serve with mint leaves (fresh), giving a fresh and pleasant aroma. Thanks to this kind of innovation, classic and well-deserved recipes undergo a certain modern transformation. It is known that young cooks of the East are conducting experiments on the preparation of pilaf with exotic fruits. For example, in some restaurants of oriental cuisine pilaf with papaya can be found. This recipe also has every chance to become a classic one someday.

What spices put in pilaf with chicken?

The following spices are used for this kind of pilaf: saffron, cumin seeds, dried barberry berries, dried red pepper, black pepper, dried thyme, chili pepper, garlic, parsley. It should be noted some features of adding these seasonings in the pilaf. Fresh parsley and garlic need to lay in the cooking process. In this regard, they should be kept at hand when cooking. The remaining ingredients can be prepared in advance and used as needed.spiced pilaf

Dried red pepper must be crushed in a mortar to small pieces.Black pepper can be ground in a coffee grinder. Dried thyme - rub with fingers. All ingredients (cumin, barberry berries (not crushed), saffron, spicy chili, black ground pepper, crushed thyme and red pepper) should be mixed and tightly closed in a jar.

Fish pilau

Pilaf with spices and fish is also called "Moorish." For its preparation it is customary to use vegetables (onions and tomatoes), crushed garlic, thyme, marjoram and lemon juice. Maybe such a pilaf seems strange, but in some countries it is very popular.

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