Stages of building a house, the sequence. How to start building a house?

Today, many would like to have a country house. At the same time, the majority would suit a cozy place, preferably in an ecologically clean area. As you know, in different regions of Russia is actively building houses. Building projects can be seen very different. They involve the use of various materials. Regardless of what type or height of the building will be, the stages of building a house are generally the same for all buildings. Let us analyze them further in detail.stages of building a house

Territory selection

When purchasing a site on which a residential building will be erected later, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of fundamental points. First of all, it is necessary to investigate the geological structure of the allotment, to determine the level of groundwater and the composition of the soil. The obtained information will be necessary when choosing the type of foundation.The stages of construction of an apartment building, as well as facilities for one family, certainly include this item. This is due to the fact that the correctly chosen type of foundation will prevent flooding of the lower part of the building, which, in turn, directly affects the durability of the whole structure. The results of the research can be at the seller of land or in the territorial department of the Office of Architecture.

Transport accessibility

This question is also important in the initial stages of building construction. It is necessary to take into account that if there is no access road to the territory where the construction is supposed to be erected, then later it will complicate the delivery of materials. In addition, many would like to live outside the city, but to work in the metropolis. In this case, it is necessary to assess the workload of the transport network.private house construction stages

Ecological purity

This moment should not cause any difficulties. To determine the ecological purity of the site, it is enough to check whether there are any industrial enterprises near the dumps. It is also recommended to find out the plan for the nearest development of the territory,to which the land belongs, so that a few years later the appearance of a noisy highway or a railway line nearby would not be surprising.

Area and availability of communications

Of particular importance is the size of the plot. When purchasing land, it is necessary to know the area of ​​the future structure. The size of the building depends on this parameter. The recommended proportions of the house and the plot are 1:10. In addition, choosing a place, you should check the distance of the lines of engineering communications (water, electricity, gas). If they are too removed, then their summation will require additional costs.

Getting permission

The stages of the construction of a residential house involve various preparatory activities. The legal aspect of the issue is also important. To begin with, in order to start building without problems, the site owner must have all the necessary (title) documents. Next, you must have a project facility It is compiled by special companies or organizations that have a license to carry out this activity. The created project must be coordinated, and then permission to erect.residential house construction stages

Building construction

The main initial stages of building a private house are described above. After receiving all the necessary papers, you can proceed directly to the construction of the building. The stages of building a private house include:

  • The choice of type, calculation and construction of the foundation.
  • Selection of material and walling.
  • Roof construction.
  • Exterior decoration, installation of windows.
  • Interior Design.


Upon completion of construction, the contractor issues a certificate of completion and written notice of their completion. Next, a comprehensive inspection of the structure and preparation for commissioning is carried out. For this purpose, a working commission is formed, which carries out an assessment within five days after receiving the documentation. Taking into account the results of the inspection, the working group draws a conclusion on the readiness of the building for commissioning. If any deviations from the regulations were detected, then a note about incomplete readiness of the building is put in the papers. In this case all defects that were discovered during the examination are indicated. The conclusion and list of deficiencies are given to the contractor.He, in turn, undertakes to eliminate all defects in the agreed stages of an apartment building

Registration rights

The source document for the certificate is the act of acceptance of the commissioning of the house. On its basis, the owner receives a resolution approving the documentation of the completed construction. It is issued by the local administration. Then, in the presence of all necessary papers, registration of the right to the house is carried out.

Construction process

Above are all the stages of building a house: from the preparatory to the choice of a site, to the final one, the registration of the right of ownership. As mentioned above, the structure can be constructed from different materials. However, the pattern of action is generally the same. For example, the stages of building a house from a bar are similar to those of a brick building. The erection process can be carried out using different technologies, but the sequence of actions will, in principle, be the same. Many owners want to build a house at the lowest cost. To reduce the cost of construction will allow the material of the future structure. One of the most economical options today is considered to be frame construction.It should be noted that such a structure is not inferior in quality to a brick or block building.stages of building a house from a bar

Construction stages of a frame house

Preparatory and final stages, including the selection of the site, research, paperwork, are given above. It makes no sense to re-describe them. Let us consider more specifically directly the stages of the construction of a frame house.


It is difficult to say which stages of building a house are the most important. All stages of the process matter. Anyway, the quality of all the work affects the final result. However, the first item in the list of actions is the layout. The owner is himself or orders the project of the future structure. It takes into account the terrain features, personal preferences, budget.


The stages of building a house have their own sequence. The first thing with which construction begins, is the foundation. Here it should be said that the foundation is poured in advance - approximately two weeks before the start of construction work. For the considered type of construction it is best to equip the base of the tape building projects

Construction assembly

The stages of building a house (you can do everything with your own hands, but it will take a lot of time and effort) include various installation works. After the arrangement of the foundation proceed to the construction of walls. Since the house is frame, they assemble and fix its elements. Wooden parts must be pre-treated with protective compounds.

Boards for a framework get cut, not planed. The assembly begins with the installation of vertical racks. Items must first be cut. First, put the corner rack. They are then secured with temporary jibs. Next, you need to cut the elements of the top trim. The boards are then raised and secured to the posts with nails. If the construction of the second floor is planned, then its frame is assembled and attached to the lower structure. At this stage, the fixation of building elements is carried out with the help of nails. If necessary, you can also use metal connectors and screws.


After the framework has been assembled, insulating material should be laid.The choice of a particular type will depend on the budget and the characteristics of the region. The most common material and suitable for almost any area is foam.DIY house building stages


The design of the roof, as well as the material that will be used for its arrangement, you can choose any. The most popular coatings include profiled, metal tile. A truss system is necessarily built. It is also necessary to carry out the insulation of the roof, pave the hydro-and vapor barrier. For the majority of roofing materials the obreshetka is equipped.

Windscreen installation

Go to this stage after the completion of roofing work. Windscreen will not only become an additional warming facility. Thanks to her, the structure will be tougher and more stable. The material used sheets fibreboard.


Actually, the main work is done. It remains to decorate the facade of the building, put the windows. Wall cladding can be done in various materials. The most popular in terms of accessibility and possessing all the basic qualities is considered siding. This material is easy to install, and, in principle, one person can handle its installation. Fixing panels is carried out on small nails or screws.Among other materials should be said about the brick lining. The first will require not only high financial costs, but also certain skills. Although you can invite a specialist to perform the lining. As for lining, then it is chosen, as a rule, people with average incomes. The material looks spectacular, environmentally friendly, durable, durable.


After the construction of the building from the outside proceed to the interior decoration. There are a lot of solutions. Internal work, however, involves the conduct of engineering communications, the connection of heating, electricity, plumbing. Interior design can be thought up independently or entrust this business to experts.

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Stages of building a house, the sequence. How to start building a house 4

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Stages of building a house, the sequence. How to start building a house 70

Stages of building a house, the sequence. How to start building a house 48

Stages of building a house, the sequence. How to start building a house 2

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