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A girl in love can be identified immediately: a face glows with happiness, a wandering smile, a mysterious look, some detachment ... A beautiful person experiences strong emotions, mentally builds a family with an object she likes.stages of love in men

Have you heard about the seven stages of love in a man? That is how the birth of genuine sincere feelings is theoretically happening. The process is long, but inherent in almost all members of the strong half of humanity. A man in love, unlike a girl, looks completely different; To determine that he is not indifferent to someone is quite difficult. Theoretically, the development of love in a man occurs according to a certain regularity; the stages of love are divided into 7 stages by the eyes of a psychologist, the first of which is sympathy.

Sympathy - the first stage

The appearance of the girl is what the man pays attention to in the first place. Physical data, nice smile, slim figure - it is by such criteria that the evaluation of the opposite sex occurs. Moreover, the representative of a strong half of humanity has its own personal preferences regarding girls.Someone is attracted to the legs, someone - a charming face, snow-white smile or gait. Sometimes a man does not even realize that he is so special about the girl he likes; if he considers her attractive, we can say that the first stage of love has begun - sympathy.

Intelligence and Attraction

Many beautiful persons seem to be nice for a man, to whom he gladly gives compliments, makes jokes, flirts, trying to draw attention to his person, thus conducting preliminary reconnaissance. Such attempts aimed at the manifestation of the reaction are not always successful: either because the efforts are not strong enough, or because such a man is simply not interested in the girl. Having achieved the location of several persons of the fair sex, a man will stop far from everyone. If a girl liked and causes great interest, then there comes a stage of passionate love, which a man supports with various signs of attention. A man may experience sexual desire without worrying about his outcome at all. If the girl does not accept courtship, then the young man usually forgets about her, switching his attention to another object, and the previous attachment remains in his memory as a pleasant sympathy.stages of love through the eyes of a psychologistThe guys so often: today the girl is cute to him, and the next day he already forgot about it and think, especially since there are still so many interesting stages ahead of the moment of real love for the object of his passion, the next of which is attraction.

Relationships become reciprocated.

If a man's sympathy is mutual and the girl responds to his courtship, then feelings develop into a stage of attraction. But even if it didn’t reach the stage of attraction and the wonderful subject of sympathy rejected the guy, the latter wouldn’t suffer much, because he didn’t make any special efforts to conquer the girl and didn’t have time to fall in love with her for real. Therefore, a possible failure will not cause much pain. After all, often a man cares for his sympathy with the hope of success: a girl likes - why not try? And what if you're lucky ...

If the subject of lust reciprocates at least a little, showing signs of sympathy and reciprocal interest, or the guy himself painted a picture in his head about how he likes the girl, the next stage begins - the creation of a proper impression. But this is not all, there are still four stages of development of love.

Signs of a girl in love

She is in love! This can be determined by looking down, finding a man in a constant field of view, demonstrative laughter in his presence. By the way, it is noticed: the longer and louder the girl laughs, the brighter her sexuality. Some individuals are likened to the stronger sex and ignore the man who likes. This behavior is typical of girls with a male character.

And at this time, the stages of love in men are increasingly bringing him closer to that very long-awaited love. For the stronger sex, it is important to make an appropriate impression in order to please the girl. And here, on his side, there is a demonstration of all of its positive sides and a huge reserve of potential.

seven stages of loveMan zadarivaet gifts, planning dates, trying to please in everything that the relationship turned into something more. To do this, go through the following stage: conviction.

Persuasion: Can't Do Without It

Having overcome all the above stages, having won the attention of the girl, the guy begins to think about how seriously her attitude towards him. Instead of falling in love further, the young man tries to make the beautiful lady completely lose her head.He likes to go on dates with her, he is passionate about, but the feeling of insecurity in reciprocity depresses him, disturbs and confuses. And anxiety will occur until the guy makes sure that the attitude towards him from the subject of sympathy is serious enough. Of particular importance is the stage of persuasion in the case when the boy and the girl are on friendly terms. How can a girlfriend be a friend?

Favorite girl begins to take care of her close friend, showing almost maternal feelings. Everything is included in the turnover: wrapped sandwiches for work, clean handkerchiefs, wiping things up, ironing shirts. A man is not deprived of the attention of a woman in love.

stages of love psychology

Hooray! The girl fell in love!

The young man is happy! The stages of love are at a peak level. But since all this time the thoughts of the guy were busy in order to achieve the location of the girl, the man did not ask himself what he wanted from this relationship and whether he loved her himself. After all, the original task was to fall in love with the object. This behavior in relation to the beautiful person is very selfish, and most guys tend to, making sure that the girl is in love,gulf for a few days to determine for themselves whether he needs such a serious long-term relationship. Will he be happy with her? Does he love her? Is this the woman he needs?

The foundation of love: trust and loyalty

It is worth knowing that true love is always developing, becoming more and more. This is a huge work, which is built drop by drop, brick by brick ... The work of both parties, including the concepts of "loyalty" and "trust". This is the core of the relationship, prompting both sides to perfection.

stages of love developmentOf course, it is not easy for a girl to be given these stages of love. Psychology considers them as the average pattern inherent in the majority of the stronger sex. Divorces, betrayals, partings often occur because of the freedom given to their feelings, which are changeable, like the weather, then weaken, then strengthen. Therefore, both parties should lead the ship of their relationship past all calms and storms, straight to the target.

Love is the hard work of both parties.

If a young man for himself realized that he really loves her - the object of his long courtship, that he wants to be only with her, he enters into completion of the seventh stage of love and is ready to give himself completely to his chosen one.There is another side to the medal: the man realizes that he doesn’t need this relationship, and starts to avoid the girl or ceases to give her attention. This happens because he does not know what he wants, because he is just confused. Perhaps many girls have come across such "reptiles" who have thrown them after a couple of weeks.

A man before this love has to go through several difficult stages that it is very difficult for a girl to endure, because her love happens according to completely different rules. The most unpleasant thing is that, before you decide for yourself, the young man will try to fall in love with the person of interest to him. Therefore, a girl with such a guy should play her own game, not paying attention to all stages of love that the young man bravely went through, not showing interest in the extent he expected, especially at first meetings and dates. For a while, you can play in the funeral. Because of this, the young man will have to work well to achieve the location of the girl.stages of loveHarmonious and strong relationships imply a revision of one’s own views towards one’s chosen one (darling) and one’s own change. The relationships of people who love each other are both sacrifices and gifts.Love and its preservation is a joyful work, the main thing in a person’s life.

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