Starter VAZ-2107: device repair and replacement

In our article we will consider the reasons why the starter of the VAZ-2107 or similar car is not turning. In fact, all the faults in this unit are the same on all machines. The design of the starters is the same, regardless of whether "Lada" is or "Toyota." There may be slight differences in the design, which at first glance are generally not very noticeable. But what if the starter refused? The first decision that can come to mind is to push the car and start it that way. But this time, maximum two, you will not start the engine every time in such a difficult way! Therefore, in the article we will consider the design of the starter, its main breakdowns and methods for their elimination.

What is a starter for?

This is an electric car that is needed in order to start the car engine.

Replacing the starter VAZ-2107

In fact, the starter VAZ-2107 is a special design of high-power electric motor. It works as follows:

  1. The driver turns on the ignition and turns the key to the extreme position.
  2. A relay energizes, supplying power to the coil of the retractor.
  3. There is a simultaneous closure of the power contacts and the movement of the gear in the extreme position to engage with the crown of the flywheel.
  4. The electric motor rotates the crankshaft of the engine.

In this case, all other devices that are involved in the operation of the internal combustion engine work. High voltage is applied to all spark plugs, the fuel mixture is injected into the combustion chambers, the engine starts and starts working.

Major starter breakdowns

Among the main failures at which it is necessary to repair the starter VAZ-2107 or replace, we can single out the following:

  1. Breakdown of the retractor mechanism.
  2. Destruction overrunning clutch.
  3. Erasing copper graphite brushes.
  4. Breakage, destruction, mechanical damage to the stator or rotor windings.
  5. The destruction of the teeth on the crown of the flywheel.

It is worth noting that some failures lead to the fact that the starter refuses to function at all. But there are some faults for which the unit can still function, but with any restrictions. For example, in case of partial destruction of the overrunning clutch, one can observe how the starter rotates the crankshaft in spurts. Similar symptoms and with the destruction of the teeth on the crown of the flywheel.

How to understand that the starter has become unusable

Repair starter VAZ-2107

Now let's talk about how to understand that the device is faulty and needs repair? There are such signs of failure:

  1. A crunch appears when the starter rotor turns or after the car has started. This is the first sign that the Bendix is ​​starting to fall into disrepair.
  2. Starter VAZ-2107 does not turn the crankshaft, although the rotor rotates, and quite quickly. This is a sign that the overrunning clutch has fallen into disrepair. It needs to be changed only in the assembly with the bendix.
  3. Rattle is heard, the starter rotates, but the crankshaft does not spin. Perhaps, if you push the car at a speed a little, the teeth will catch and the engine will start. The reason lies in the fact that the teeth on the flywheel erased.
  4. The starter does not show signs of life at all - the fault must be sought in the ignition lock, as well as in the chain of the retractor. The starter relay VAZ-2107 or winding may be damaged.

We now turn to the repair of the starter mechanism on the VAZ-2107.

How to remove the starter with your own hands?

In order to carry out the replacement of the starter VAZ-2107 or its repair, you will need to remove it completely.

Does not turn the starter VAZ-2107

To do this, prepare the keys to 13 and 10.The order of work is as follows:

  1. The key for 10 unscrew the nut, which is fixed to the negative terminal of the battery. It is necessary to de-energize the car, as the power supply circuit of the starter is not protected by anything - a thick stranded wire is simply stretched from the battery plus to the pull-in relay of the VAZ-2107 starter.
  2. Unscrew the nut that secures the positive wire to the retractor relay.
  3. Remove the power cord from the pull-in relay coil.
  4. Remove the three bolts securing the starter housing to the clutch block. To unscrew the bottom, you need to use the head, ratchet and cardan with an extension cord. But if you get to the place of attachment from below, you can do all the work with spanner keys. True, you have to twist a quarter of a turn, or even less.
  5. Remove the starter.

As you understand, all work will be carried out in close proximity to the exhaust manifold, so you must first wait for the engine to cool completely.

Starter disassembly and repair

And now we proceed to dismantling the VAZ-2107 starter with our own hands. Make it easy, the tool will need the most common, no special pullers and accessories: a screwdriver, pliers, a wrench for 10. In other words, everything that is in any garage.

VAZ-2107 starter

The disassembly procedure looks like this (briefly):

  1. Remove the retractor by unscrewing the three mounting bolts.
  2. Remove the pin on which the Bendix fork rotates.
  3. Unscrew the back cover and remove the brush unit.
  4. Take off the bendix.
  5. Pull out the rotor.

Replace worn parts, assemble in the reverse order. Usually, it is not necessary to completely disassemble the device, it is enough to change the back of the brush rotor and the copper sleeve.

And if the flywheel crown erased?

If the crown ordered to live long, then it can be felt in the literal sense of the word after removing the starter. Hand hold the teeth and assess their degree of wear. If you want to change the crown, then it is done after removing the gearbox. With the flywheel gently knocks the old crown. If it is removed for the first time, then you can cheat a little and put it on the other side. The teeth can only be erased by half, so you can re-use the part to save money. This will save 300-400 rubles, but if there is a desire to put a new crown - do it. The new is still stronger than the old.

Relay starter VAZ-2107

But you have to warm it up for a few minutes on the gas, there are no other ways to install it on the flywheel.Gently put on the crown, press and wait a few seconds for the metal to cool and squeeze the flywheel tight. There is no sense in removing the latter; everything can be done quickly enough if you have an inspection pit or a ramp. After the work done, check the operation of the starting mechanism; the starter should not feel any obstacles while rotating the rotor.

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