Sveti Stefan, Montenegro: description, attractions and interesting facts

The main feature of the resort Sveti Stefan in Montenegro is that not everyone can get to it. On its territory only guests can have a rest. Actually, the entrance to the island is carried out only through the hotel Sveti Stefan - Aman.

Interesting Facts

Interesting is the fact that this resort appeared on the site of an ordinary fishing village, from which the local population was simply evicted in 1950. Seven years later, this territory has grown into a luxurious resort, which is still popular today.

In hotels Sveti Stefan rests a lot of stars. Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth II, Claudia Schiffer, Sylvester Stallone came here. It should be noted that all celebrities lived in the hotel Aman Sveti Stefan 5 *, in room 118, where all famous people inhabit.

Holidaymakers in the resort of Sveti Stefan can easily reach the nearby town of Budva by bus, which stops not far from the arrival to the territory of the recreation area. Budva has a lot of entertainment. In particular, these are clubs, a large water park, museums, natural parks, as well as restaurants that serve Mediterranean cuisine. The cost of the trip will cost about 2-3 euros per person, which is quite a bit.Sveti Stefan Montenegro


On the island there are several hotels where guests stay. They are divided into different categories.

The most expensive of the places to stay is the hotel Aman Sveti Stefan 5 *, which is located in an old fishing village. It is part of the famous Aman Resorts network. On the territory of this hotel everything is done with preservation of the old style in architecture, as well as the atmosphere of that time. The rooms are all arranged as comfortable as possible: air conditioning, expensive and high-quality furniture, guests can use the mini-bar and Internet access.

Hotels belonging to the class of 4 *, also offer very good living conditions. Among them are such hotels as Adrovic 4 * and Azimut 4 *.Guests within walking distance have a clean and well-equipped beach, as well as major infrastructure.

As for the 3 * category hotels, guests staying in them have access to the minimum conditions necessary for rest. However, according to many tourists, they are more than enough. Recreation places of this class are called Adrovic Small Hotel 3 * and Alessandra App 3 *.Hotel Sveti Stefan Montenegro


As for the beach Sveti Stefan, it is conditionally divided into two parts, between which there is an isthmus leading to the island. One half of the beach is designed for guests of the most expensive hotel of the island - Aman Sveti Stefan 5 *. Its territory is ennobled by various amenities: sun loungers, umbrellas, towels. Also there are equipped changing cabins, toilets and showers. On the beach there are several bars where guests can drink soft drinks and cocktails.

On the other side of the isthmus there is a beach where all tourists on the island of Sveti Stefan can relax. It is also refined as described above. Interesting is the fact that all the beaches of the resort have a total length of coastline - 2 km.

Sveti Stefan Island

Island entertainment

All holidaymakers in hotels Sveti Stefan in Montenegro have the opportunity to have fun, and with different methods. There are clubs where holidaymakers can dance to the fiery hits of famous DJs. Often, the island organizes excursions to explore local attractions. On the beach, anyone who prefers outdoor activities can go on a “tablet” or “banana”, surf or rent a yacht for a while.

In the near town, Budva, there is a large water park, which everyone can go to - the road will cost about 2 euros. As for local attractions, tourists go to see the local natural parks and beautiful gardens. There is an art gallery in which works of local talented artists are exhibited.

Each building on the peninsula is a historical object of architecture, typical of a particular era. Therefore, many guests of the resort go on excursions around Sveti Stefan with interest.Sveti Stefan


Tourists, resting on Sveti Stefan, can eat both in hotels and in establishments that can be found everywhere on the island. There are restaurants, cafes and bars.

From restaurants, tourists can visit Famelja Kentera, Drago, More, The Piazza, Konoba Langust. They serve Mediterranean dishes, as well as fish. The prices in institutions are somewhat high, especially when compared with those indicated in the menu of institutions in the neighboring cities.sveti stefan montenegro reviews

Vacation with children

As for a family holiday on Sveti Stefan, then, according to reviews of tourists, it is not very convenient. First of all, this is due to the location of the resort - it is located in a mountainous area, in which it is not very comfortable to move from a stroller to the sea coast. There is, of course, a workaround that runs along the highway, but in this case, the pedestrian will have to go an extra kilometer.

The public beach of the island is covered with pebbles, which is not very convenient for the movement of adults, but children feel quite comfortable here. Everything else, the entrance to the sea is shallow, which allows children to go into the sea with greater security.

For kids on the island there are many conditions that make their stay at the resort more fun and comfortable. It has a large number of playgrounds, in several places there are slides, where children can frolic from the heart. At one of the large children's areas, located on the waterfront, are set uncomplicated carousel.

How to get to the island

Prior to Sveti Stefan can be reached from the international airport, which is located in the village of Tivat. The distance from it to the resort is 30 km. In case of settling in any of the hotels of the island, the best option would be to order a transfer service. Then the guest will be delivered to the room quickly and comfortably.

Also, tourists can always take a taxi, which can be reached from any nearby city or from the airport. The cost of a trip by taxi from Tivat airport will be around 25-35 euros. You can also use a cheaper way - by public transport.beach light stefan


The cost of living on the island is somewhat high when compared with the rest of the resorts. For example, in the main hotel of the island Aman Sveti Stefan 5 * you can rent a villa for 5,000 euros per day. The minimum cost of apartments in this hotel is 1100 euros.

If the guest comes to the beach, he will have to pay 100 euros for his stay on it. This price includes two sun loungers and a beach umbrella.

Why you should go to Sveti Stefan

There is a question about where to go to rest? Sveti Stefan can bypass several competing resorts in several ways. In particular, they include the purity of the sea.It should be noted that the beach here is also very clean and uncrowded, which tourists will like very much. Anyone wishing to contemplate the view of the sea coast can do it from their rooms - hotels are mainly designed in such a way that guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery from their windows. Also from here you can watch the island of St. Stephen, which is located near the resort.

Sveti Stefan resort has a developed infrastructure. On its territory there are several shops, restaurants, clubs and cafes where tourists can have fun.Hotel Sveti Stefan

Guest reviews

Tourists leave to rest on the resort of Sveti Stefan in Montenegro, various reviews. Many often mark in their comments elegant conditions provided for living. In any hotel, regardless of its category, always clean and comfortable. On the territory of each of them there is a pool, and in some - not one. In each room it is very comfortable to be, because, in addition to the beautiful interior and expensive furniture, all the apartments of the hotels have air conditioning, with which guests can maintain the desired temperature conditions, regardless of the weather outside.The food in the local restaurants is excellent - gourmets can enjoy deliciously prepared dishes, of which vacationers most often celebrate fish and seafood.

With regard to recreation with children, here the opinions of tourists diverge. Someone believes that Sveti Stefan is not suitable for such a purpose, because the landscape of the area does not allow to move around the island with a stroller or small child without difficulty. However, the second half of holidaymakers believes that the conditions for comfortable rest are created for the kids on the island. These include modern playgrounds, and a convenient beach, as well as personalized food lists in catering establishments. In addition, in hotels, according to many vacationers, with particular attention are those who come with the whole family - they always provide a stroller, an extra children's bed, suggest the best places on the island where you can visit with a small child.

Despite the fact that prices for holidays in Sveti Stefan are high, many people are striving to get here. Here you can meet a large number of celebrities, as well as just rich and wealthy people who appreciate quality rest.

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