Sweet Pepper Cold Recipes

If guests have to come to you, and you have no desire to arrange a long feast with a rich meal, then the best way out is to prepare a variety of cold and hot snacks. With them you can translate a feast in the format of a buffet table, shifting the focus from food to a pleasant pastime. Cold snacks and salads are also irreplaceable at official receptions and short-term celebrations. It would be nice to learn how to cook some of them at home.

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Vegetable cold recipes

For this dish will require a sweet pepper. The ideal is a variety called Swallow - it is moderately sweet and has a pleasant sourness. The brightness of this appetizer competes with its satiety and appetizing. Peppers, rolled into rolls, and baked with juicy chicken and eggplant filling, perfectly decorate your everyday and festive table. They are quite easy to cook. It will take twenty pieces of sweet pepper, two eggplants, chicken breast (about three hundred grams), a pack of feta cheese, a couple of spoons of cottage cheese, garlic, greens (basil, of course) and olive oil for frying.Wash and dry the vegetables, bake the peppers in a hot oven - to black spots. The chicken can be cooked at the same time as them (it should be soaked in the marinade beforehand), or you can take the already prepared one. In order to peel the skin easily removed, they are still hot to put in the bag that you want to tie. After ten minutes you can clear. Remove the skin, remove the seeds and cut in two. Peel eggplant, chop, sprinkle with salt and put under a press.cold and hot snacksAfter that, squeeze out the bitter juice and chop into small cubes. Prepared eggplant to fry, pepper and salt. Add garlic and basil, leave under cover for fifteen minutes. Then mix the eggplants with cheese, chopped greens and chicken. Refrigerate first at room temperature and then in the refrigerator. Then collect the dish in the final version: wrap the stuffing in a piece of pepper, roll it up and fix it with a toothpick or a canapé skewer.

Variations of the dish

You can cook a similar dish with stuffing not of chicken and eggplants, but of pureed beans with nuts and garlic. Experiment - because recipes for cold appetizers, like no other, give plenty of room for imagination and expression. But for pepper, the most popular fillings are cottage cheese, cheese and meat.

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Cold Appetizers: Sandwich Substitutes

Instead of the usual combination of bread and sausage, use original bruschetta. This name means Italian appetizer - dried bread in a toaster (on the grill) with various vegetables mashed on it. The same baked pepper will suit the basis. For two servings you will need one bright vegetable, a bit of feta or mozzarella, basil and fresh bread (ciabatta, baguette or plain loaf). Bake the peppers and peel the above method. Bread can be browned on the grill, or on a regular frying pan, by brushing it with olive oil. Put peeled peppers on bread, sprinkle with cheese and decorate with basil leaves. On the basis of bruschetta you can come up with other original recipes for cold snacks.

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