Symptoms of cystitis and its prevention

Unfortunately, what is cystitis, many womenknow not only in theory. The insidiousness of this disease lies in its ability to recur and take a chronic course. Women are especially at risk, whose life is full of stress, those who move too little during the day and care little for their health.

Symptoms of cystitis, as a rule, are expressedquite brightly, therefore, in most cases, the doctor can diagnose, based only on the patient's complaints. However, rely solely on your experience or advice of friends and neglect medical help should not, because the disease can have a different nature.

The main symptoms of cystitis are a feeling of painin the lower abdomen, the appearance of an unpleasant sensation of burning and itching in the groin, frequent urge to the toilet, painful urination. Acute cystitis can cause an increase in temperature (usually up to 37.5-37.7 degrees) and the appearance of purulent discharge from the urethra.

Most often, cystitis develops in an acute formsuddenly and his symptoms are quite pronounced. Provoke the development of the disease can be ordinary hypothermia or any other factor that contributes to a decrease in immunity.

If the patient ignores the symptoms or triesto cure independently, the symptoms of cystitis worsen, urination becomes even more painful, urine is turbid, sometimes it can see the admixture of blood. An alarm signal is the feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder.

In the absence of treatment, cystitis may become achronic. And then the inflammation captures not only the mucous membrane of the bladder, but also spreads to its walls. Symptoms of cystitis in a chronic form differ little from the signs of an acute disease, however, they can be somewhat "blurred", that is, it does not manifest so brightly.

It happens that the disease runs in a hiddenform. In this case, the symptoms of cystitis are almost not felt, the only thing that patients complain about are the pains that arise in the lower abdomen. I must say that the absence of specific signs does not mean that the inflammatory process has stopped. Even in the case of implicit symptoms, cystitis must be treated to avoid the risk of chronic disease.

It should be noted that the inflammation of the urinary membraneBubble suffer, most often, the fair sex, regardless of age. The fact is that in women the urethra is wide enough and short, therefore the infection penetrates into the bladder by a descending way, provoking cystitis. Symptoms in women, as a rule, are specific and fairly pronounced, so it will be easy to diagnose. It is important to remember that treatment of cystitis must be taken with all seriousness to minimize the possibility of relapse of this disease.

In men, cystitis develops much less frequently, moreover,most often, this disease occurs against a background of chronic prostatitis. Symptoms of cystitis in men, as a rule, are not very pronounced and with proper therapy of inflammation of the prostate disappear themselves, without requiring the use of additional medications. But it also happens in another way, in this case, the patient needs a special course of treatment.

Cystitis often develops in children. As a rule, inflammation occurs due to infection in the bladder, however, in girls, the cause of cystitis can be dysbacteriosis of the vagina, and in young men - phimosis.

Prevention of the development of cystitis isattentive attitude to their health. Do not overcool, sit on the ground or rocks. You do not need to strive to follow fashion requirements and wear cold jeans with low waist and mini skirts in cold weather. A preventive measure is the following of a healthy diet. It is very important to drink enough fluids, not coffee or hard-boiled tea, but the most common purified water. You can not start infectious diseases, because chronic tonsillitis or even untreated caries is the source of infection in the body. And, of course, you need to carefully observe the rules of personal intimate hygiene.

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