Tank Abbott: the shocking MMA fighter

Every person, by nature, has a tendency to one or another activity. Some people easily and quickly master the exact sciences, others - music. But there is a special caste of men - they are born fighters. The irrepressible thirst for adrenaline and competitive spirit compels them to continuously search for various adventures. These guys often become military or athletes. In the article we will talk about one of these guys, whose name is Tank Abbott.


The future star of fighting without rules was born in the city of Huntington Beach, located in the US state of California on April 26, 1965. Incidentally, on the passport fighter is David.abbot tank

Surprisingly, despite his brilliant performances in the octagon, Tank Abbott was never a supporter of healthy nutrition, sports regime and discipline. In addition, he never during his sports career has passed a training camp that is full-fledged in the understanding of wrestlers. Nevertheless, such extraordinary could not prevent him from entering the history of mixed fights as one of the brightest and most charismatic fighters.

Sports experience

But still, in fairness it should be noted that the Tank Abbott was not an unprepared bag. He always possessed just tremendous physical power that his rivals can confirm. When he was young, an American could squeeze nearly six hundred pounds from his chest. He also took part in freestyle wrestling competitions and was even able to win several competitions during his college studies. But the most important thing that distinguishes David from the rest of his colleagues in the sports hall is his invaluable experience, which he received in numerous street fights, of which there are over two hundred.abbot tank photo

Legal fights

Professional debut Tank Abbot, whose photos are given in this article, made in 1995. His first tournament was UFC 6, which was then held in Wyoming. The first opponent of our hero in the cage was a fighter named John Matua. It took Abbott only 18 seconds to knock out this athlete, whose weight at the time of the match was almost 400 pounds. On the same day, Tank Abbot had another fight. And not with someone obscure, but with the most experienced wrestler from Russia, Oleg Taktarov. The fight was quite long and very tense.As a result, the Russian won with a suffocating technique, but after the match was over, both opponents could not get up from the floor for a long time from extreme fatigue. This fight was recognized as the best for the evening, and the audience whistled uncontrollably and applauded the athletes.

In 1996, Tank Abbott (biography with photos presented in the article) became a finalist in the UFC tournament. But he did not manage to get a taste of the championship. In the final battle, he lost to another legend MMA Don Fry.

It would seem that such bright fighters like David should have performed long and successfully, but at the end of the 90s he began to lose more and more. At that time, such titans of mixed fights as Brazilians Victor Belfort and Pedro Rizzo, American Morris Smith and others already entered the Octagon. Unfortunately, Tank was not able to resist them and received knockouts from all of them, and in the first seconds of the battles. Three defeats in a row forced Abbott to leave the world of mixed fights.tank abbot biography

New round of life

In 2003, something happened that many MMA fans waited. Tank Abbott, whose biography has become uninteresting to many, returned to the octagon and fought well with Frank Myr, who was then beginning his career.David had more experience in comparison with the opponent, but nevertheless conceded, and ahead of schedule.

His last fight in his career, which ended in his defeat, Abbott spent the spring of 2013. As David himself said afterwards, he was very diligently preparing for the fight, however, he began to feel his old age.tank abbot biography with photo

Instead of conclusion

Abbot almost always visited various pubs after the fights, regardless of whether he won or lost. In particular, after the defeat at the hands of Taktorov, David got drunk, while Oleg was hospitalized at all.

In general, the tank often won not too high-class fighters. And if fate brought him in a cage with a real professional, then he would definitely yield. But tournament organizers and the public loved David very much for his shocking antics both in the octagon and outside of it.

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