Territory and population of Gelendzhik. Rest on the sea. sights

Of course, most people at least once heard the name Gelendzhik. This is a wonderful place that combines a cozy town and a well-known resort area, which has won great popularity and success with tourists. In the season of holidays, one can never say that this place is empty. Many people come here every year, most of them are not the first time, they like it here. The population of Gelendzhik is very diverse, but it is always hospitable and happy to welcome tourists in their city. It is worthwhile to talk more about this resort, to tell about where it is, about its population, features of rest and sights of the city.

Gelendzhik - general information

First, you need to consider general information about the city, in order to better understand what is at stake. So, Gelendzhik, as already mentioned - this is a wonderful resort town. He is in Russia, in the Krasnodar Territory. About its importance for the country should be said separately - in 2001 year it was recognized as a resort of federal significance. It is located on the Black Sea coast.

Of course, in this regard, all areas of tourism are actively developing here. Its popularity is also growing every year, holidays in Gelendzhik for many already become a tradition. Local nature fascinates all holidaymakers because there is a mountain range nearby, as well as spectacular views of the sea.

The population of Gelendzhik, according to the data for 2016 year, is about 72 thousand people. This will be discussed a little later.

Gelendzhik population

Where is the city?

Now we should talk about the geographical location of this wonderful resort town. The city of Gelendzhik occupies a rather large territory, its area is about 1925 hectares. The settlement is located near another famous city - Novorossiysk, just 25 kilometers southeast of it. Another landmark is the mountain range with the unusual name Markotkh. The city is located right at the foot of this mountain.

the city of Gelendzhik

The population of Gelendzhik - details

So, the territory of the city, its location, and now it is worth talking about such an important component as the population. As already noted, the number of residents of the city itself is about 72 thousand people. If we talk about the whole urban district, which is called the city-resort Gelendzhik, then its population has a much larger number of people - about 112 thousand people.

Interestingly, recently, since 2005 year, there has been a small but steady increase in the population. However, there is no natural increase here, the number of people here increases only due to attraction to seasonal labor in the tourist industry, it is because of this that a significant number of people migrate here.

holidays in Gelendzhik

A little about the national composition of the population

After the main figures concerning the number of people living in the city were given, it is necessary to say a few words about its national composition. The population of Gelendzhik is quite diverse and includes several nationalities. Among them, a significant proportion are Russians - about 85%. You can meet here and the Greeks (about 5%), Armenians (about 3%) and Ukrainians (also about 3%). The rest is made up of representatives of other nationalities.


Of course, most of the people living in the city are employed in the sphere of resort and tourist business. Another well-developed direction in the city, where a significant number of people work is the sphere of catering and trade, which is also explained by the great popularity of this resort place among holidaymakers.

Nevertheless, in the city there are other developed industries, in addition to those that are directly related to tourism. In general, among them, one can distinguish construction and the scientific sphere. Also in the city there is a food industry. Wine making is especially popular here.

Features of recreation in this place

So, the main facts about the territory, geographical location and population of the city were considered. Now you should talk about some of the nuances associated with staying here. Going to the resorts of Gelendzhik, you need to know some features of a holiday at sea in these places. Firstly, it must be noted that the local nature is not only beautiful and unusual, it has a positive effect on health. Here are located magnificent groves of centuries-old pine trees, they saturate the air with useful substances and make it much cleaner, which undoubtedly has a beneficial effect on the body.

resorts of Gelendzhik

Another important point is that there are practically no existing industrial enterprises in the city, which also contributes to good air quality.

As for the sea, it is calm and quite clean in these places, in comparison with other areas, due to the fact that the resort is in a bay. Therefore, holidays in Gelendzhik often chosen by tourists with children, you can not worry about the safety of small holidaymakers.

The sea in the Gelendzhik area

To begin with, it is worth noting that the holiday season in these places lasts quite a long time. Tours in Gelendzhik are most popular between June and September. At this time there is less chance of rainy days. The bathing season here opens in May and lasts about half a year. Usually it ends in October.

The coastal strip in this area is flat, there are more than 100 different beaches on it. It is interesting that the total length of the beaches is about 20 thousand meters. In the heart of the bay is a large beach, which was created by artificial means. Its length is about a kilometer, and it also has an extensive area, more than 5 hectares. Thus, the resort area is well developed in order to accommodate a large number of holidaymakers.

tours to Gelendzhik

The transport network here is well developed, you can easily get to all areas of Gelendzhik. Basically, various buses run here.

Health Resorts in Gelendzhik

Probably, many have heard that rest in these places not only charges with positive impressions, but, in some cases, it is very useful for health. Indeed, there are special tours to Gelendzhik that are aimed specifically at treating or improving the body. The peculiarity of the resort is that there are a large number of sources of mineral water nearby. There are both their deposits and self-pouring springs. The total number in the Gelendzhik region is more than 20. In addition to healing waters, special therapeutic muds are used to treat various diseases.

On the territory of the city, there are many sanatoriums and other health institutions, where various diseases of the cardiovascular system, nervous system, respiratory system, endocrine system, etc. are treated.

The city's attractions

As you know, the city of Gelendzhik has a rich history. It is no wonder, that for a long time of existence of city, here there were set of monuments of culture. Going on a trip to this resort, many people want to explore and places of interest in order to get a better acquaintance with the history and culture of the city.

To begin with, it's best to see the center of Gelendzhik, you can walk along pleasant and quiet streets and get a feel for the atmosphere of this sunny city.

There are also several interesting museums. The first is a museum of local lore. It is worth a visit, because in the museum you can learn a lot of interesting information about the history of these lands. The second object is the House-Museum of the writer Vladimir Korolenko. Here you can get acquainted with his life and work.

In Gelendzhik are many monuments dedicated to famous people and various important events, for example, a monument dedicated to the bicentenary of Alexander Pushkin, a monument to M. Yu. Lermontov (next to the boulevard dedicated to the poet), a monument to Vladimir Lenin and others. Often you can see residents of the city and tourists near the monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

It will be interesting to see the local architecture, it is represented by various temples, for example, the temple of the Ascension of the Lord, the Holy Transfiguration Church and others are located here.

the train to Gelendzhik

How to get to the resort?

So, the details of Gelendzhik, the peculiarities of recreation in these places, local sights and much more were discussed in detail. Now you should talk about how you can get to the resort. There are several options for a trip to Gelendzhik, you can always choose the most suitable one.

The first and most common way to get to the city is by rail. The train does not go to Gelendzhik, however in this case it is convenient to reach it to Novorossiysk. Already from there, from the railway station you can get to Gelendzhik by bus or taxi, which does not take much time. The journey time by train from Moscow to Novorossiysk is about 1,5 days. Most people who want to go to Gelendzhik in June usually buy tickets long before the trip, as this is the most popular month.

The second option is to go by private car. This method is also very convenient, since in this case it becomes possible to independently navigate the city and its environs, as well as to inspect various attractions. In order to get from Moscow, you need to follow the highway M4 "Don". The distance between the two cities is about 1518 kilometers. The trip takes about 18 hours.

Is it possible to get to Gelendzhik by plane?

In addition to these methods, how to get to this popular resort, there is another option. You can fly up to
kind on the plane. There are flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities of Russia. In Gelendzhik the airport functions, however some tourists prefer flight to Anapa, with the subsequent passage to Gelendzhik. Flights from Moscow are sent, usually every day. The flight time is 2 hours 20 minutes. This method will be convenient for those who have a short time allocated for rest, which would be a pity to be wasted on the road to the resort.

Interesting facts about Gelendzhik

Since Gelendzhik is a popular place and attracts the attention of a large number of people, it is surrounded by various stories and facts that it would be interesting to learn.

Firstly, it should be noted that this region occupies an important place in the work of some writers and poets. The most famous among them is M. Yu. Lermontov. According to some sources, the writer was here in 1837 for his military service. It was here that he was inspired to write his famous novel The Hero of Our Time. In this work, the protagonist - Pechorin, makes the exact same route as Lermontov. In the city, as already mentioned, there is even a monument dedicated to the writer, on the pedestal of which is the facsimile of his seal. Nearby is also a boulevard, named after Lermontov.

center of Gelendzhik

Another interesting thing that is worth paying attention to is hydroaviation, which is held periodically in the city. This event is an exhibition of the achievements of aviation related to water and ship-based. It is held once in 2 year.

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Territory and population of Gelendzhik. Rest on the sea. sights Territory and population of Gelendzhik. Rest on the sea. sights Territory and population of Gelendzhik. Rest on the sea. sights Territory and population of Gelendzhik. Rest on the sea. sights Territory and population of Gelendzhik. Rest on the sea. sights Territory and population of Gelendzhik. Rest on the sea. sights Territory and population of Gelendzhik. Rest on the sea. sights Territory and population of Gelendzhik. Rest on the sea. sights Territory and population of Gelendzhik. Rest on the sea. sights Territory and population of Gelendzhik. Rest on the sea. sights