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  • Date: September 30, 2008

Test Drive 2008 Acura MDX

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The new advanced MDX suspension helps this car to drive very smoothly and without any problems passing turns at high speed.
They did one thing, but they got something completely different.
It was ridiculous to compare the performance of the Acura MDX and the BMW X5 3.0i or the Porsche Cayenne V6 before. But it was only until recently. The newest 2007 Acura MDX was able to radically change this situation.
Previously, the MDX was considered (for us, at least) a seven-seat SUV with a large volume of cargo space and a powerful 253 hp V6 engine. He also had not the best, in our opinion, interior design. No one could even imagine the MDX overtaking the X5 or the Cayenne on the racetrack. Even its super-modern infotainment equipment (powerful navigation system and Bluetooth headset) could not add to the popularity of this car. During the presentation of the MDX concept in New York, Acura admitted that she had conducted numerous tests of its characteristics in Germany.According to our data, the car also passed the test of heat and sandy roads in the famous Death Valley, in the USA. If you look from the side, the MDX has rather original wheel arches.
Toy for cool guys
According to Acura, the new MDX is now almost on par with BMW and Porsche in driving dynamics and significantly outperforms them in performance. The main reason for such a big jump in the driving characteristics of this car? the newest unique suspension and electromechanical all-wheel drive system, which is equipped with a powerful engine. This system has worked well on the RL sedan and on the recently released RDX crossover. As for the MDX engine, this is a classic all-aluminum 3.7-liter V6 (the largest and most powerful engine in the arsenal of Acura). It produces 300 horsepower and 275 lb. ft. Of torque.
This is 47 hp and 25 lb. ft more than the characteristics of the 3.5-liter V6 installed on the previous Acura model. Despite the increased volume and power of the engine, its? Gluttony? almost unchanged and is 7.3 km / liter in the city and 9.5 km / liter on the highway. Very good result, compared with the X5 or Cayenne. And despite the fact that the new MDX weighs almost 45 pounds more than its predecessor.
The new 3.7-liter engine also supports VTEC valve control and speed control to optimize its power and torque characteristics. In addition, it contributes to fuel economy. Modern engines are tightly crammed with electronics and high technologies, such as electronic injection and exhaust systems, which help to significantly increase its performance.
V6 interacts with the new, lengthened and improved five-speed transmission, which also has a manual mode. Together, this tandem helps the two-ton mdx rush forward at tremendous speed. The last time we tested the MDX in 2003 was a model of those times, with 240 horsepower. And even then this car accelerated to 96 km / h in 8 seconds, so we expect even more impressive results from the 2007 MDX. All design efforts were aimed at making the MDX as little as possible like a minivan.
This suspension is made especially for you.
For road test drives, we chose the MDX with a sports package of options, which included, among other things, advanced dual-mode MR shock absorbers.Even with this equipment, we were just stunned by the maneuverability that the MDX showed on the racetrack.
The MR shock absorbers worked as promised by the manufacturer: they softened the ride of the car along a hard, rough road and tightened it on a smooth highway. We switched the suspension to comfort mode and only a couple of times felt that the car is not going smoothly enough? mainly when driving fast on mountain roads. We drove along different roads and off-road and made the MDX suspension show all that it is capable of. And I must say, we were pleased with it, because the softness of the ride is a great advantage of this car.
On the racetrack, Acura was able to adequately answer the BMW X5 3.0i and the Porsche Cayenne V6. The Volvo XC90 with its V8 engine is generally far behind. Surprisingly, other well-known car manufacturers did not want their cars to participate in this competition, so the list of Acura MDX opponents turned out to be small, but worthy. The unofficial results of all test drives of this race showed that the MDX was one of the best. This car was faster, more powerful, and much easier to drive than a BMW or Volvo.In those areas where the X5 and XC90 required the intervention of a stabilization system or showed understeering of the steering wheel (for example, when making sharp turns), the MDX had no problems.
As for the Cayenne, this car behaved, as it should be Porsche. It was characterized by an aggressive driving style, sensitive steering and a balanced suspension, which performed well in various situations. However, MDX also kept very worthy? in places it even drove faster than its rival. For example, in those cases when Porsche had the motion stabilization system turned off, and the MDX? is included. So, it is very difficult to say who became the winner of this competition. However, everyone could see that 300 hp The MDX has longer legs than 247 hp. Cayenne
The front bumper of the car impresses with its beauty and originality.
Super-controlled all-wheel drive
The main advantage of the standard all-wheel drive Acura is that it works in conjunction with an effective VSA system. It helps to maintain a stable movement of the car and informs the driver if the car deviates from its trajectory.
Also, this system is able to direct the maximum engine power to the wheel that most needs it. It works very unobtrusively and does not irritate the driver, however, nevertheless, does a great job. Generally, MDX is full of high technologies.
Longer and wider
The new Acura MDX has a longer and wider framework than its predecessor, and it no longer shares its pedigree with bulky minivans like the Honda Odyssey. The MDX wheelbase is now 5 centimeters longer, its total length and width increased by about the same amount. But the car was almost half an inch lower.
The volume of the interior, passenger and cargo space remained about the same as in previous models of the MDX, well, maybe with the most minimal differences. The total cargo space in the standard form (if not to remove the seats) is 4.5 cubic meters. If you remove the two rear rows of seats, then it will grow to 25 cubic meters. But this is only a small part of the interior features of the MDX.
Options inside options
Previously, Honda and Acura were very worried that their cars did not have any option packages or modifications.Later the situation changed, but manufacturers began to enter the name of the package directly into the name of the car. It turned out something like "Accord-Leather-Navi." Very stupid, in our opinion. After all, options packages? These are additional functions and cannot be equated to the basic configuration of the car.
As for the MDX, it has a whole set of various options, for example - three rows of seats, a powerful 3.7 l. V6 engine, five-speed automatic box, all-wheel drive system, leather-covered multifunction steering wheel, front seats with multiple modes of position, three-zone climate control, 253-watt audio system and Bluetooth headset. Passenger safety is ensured by numerous airbags. However, none of the above options affect the name of this car.
The technology package of options adds a GPS navigation system, a rear-view camera, an improved climate control, a 410-watt audio system with a CD / DVD-audio changer to the passenger compartment. The sports package of options contains better and more expensive leather seats, dual-mode shock absorbers, which can be changed at the touch of a button, exclusive rims with the original design and xenon headlights.

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