The 3 most effective and easiest ways to melt chocolate

The easiest and fastest way to decorate homemade cakes is to pour it with delicious chocolate icing. Compared with the preparation of creams, jellies and other confectionery coatings, this option takes, perhaps, the least amount of time, and the look and taste will be seductive and fragrant. However, even this simple process requires a competent approach, otherwise the culinary masterpiece can be spoiled. There are not many proven ways to melt chocolate. Each hostess chooses the one that is simpler and more pleasant for her personally and will bring the maximum pleasure to the guests.

Chocolate icing - the perfect "coating"

Chocolate coating

The taste of chocolate is perfectly combined with the absolute majority of ingredients used in the production of desserts:

  • nuts;
  • ice cream;
  • fruits and berries, including dried ones;
  • coconut chips,
  • marmalade;
  • different types of creams;
  • condensed milk, etc.

With such a variety of options, calling on the help of their design abilities, you will certainly create an inimitable chocolate miracle, even from a regular gingerbread.

Which chocolate is better to take?

The easiest way to cook the icing is to finish the finished chocolate bar to a liquid state. The main thing here is the right choice of source material. After all, often in the shops under the guise of chocolate are sold sweet tiles with a minimum cocoa content, but the presence of chemical and other additives. By melting such a product, even fully complying with the technology, you can get the most unexpected results, not to mention the harm to health.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you must choose high-quality milk or dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa powder and cocoa butter. In such cases, the composition of the product, these ingredients appear in the first lines.

Avoid confectionery tiles saturated with trans fats and sugar. In addition, even from high-quality chocolates it is better not to take for melting those that contain nuts, raisins and other flavoring additives - unless as an experiment.

It should be borne in mind that when melting milk chocolate will give the most plastic and docile glaze. A mass of dark chocolate will harden extremely quickly and will give a very dense surface.It is also convenient for molding decorative elements.

If this option does not suit you, add a couple of spoons of milk or cream to the chocolate when melting. A small piece of butter will also give softness and shine and protect the glaze from burning, especially if you smear it with the bottom of the cooking utensils.

How to melt chocolate: basic ways

How to melt chocolate?

In the microwave

With the current mass availability of such an important achievement of technical progress, as a microwave oven, the question of how to melt chocolate at home is solved in two accounts. Here you will not need to stand at the stove, without taking your eyes off the boiling mass, when every second may be decisive.

It is enough to break the tile, put the pieces into a glass or ceramic dish and put in the microwave for one minute in full power mode. After that, mix well and return for another half a minute. You need to repeat this cycle three times to get a homogeneous mass.

There is an even simpler way: melting chocolate slices for two minutes in defrosting mode. If after this there are small pieces in the mass, mix and turn on for another minute in the same mode.

The mass from the microwave acquires a special texture, ideal for forming chocolate decoration of various shapes - flowers, leaves, letters, etc.

On the stove

The stove is always at hand, so any home confectioner should know how to properly melt chocolate on it. The main risk here is burning. To minimize it, it is better to take a double-bottomed saucepan. Add a spoonful of butter or heavy cream to the broken chocolate and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally.

The main thing is to immediately remove from the heat, not allowing the masses to really boil, otherwise the uniform consistency will not work.

In the water bath

In contrast to melting on the stove, this method will protect the glaze from burning, but it will still require the utmost attention. A bowl of chocolate and 20 g of butter is placed in a deeper container of boiling water.

During the entire time of melting, the mass must be mixed, and as soon as it becomes homogeneous - removed from the fire and used for its intended purpose.

How to make liquid chocolate icing?

On milk

Milk-based chocolate icing is considered the most delicate in taste.For its preparation you will need to calculate one chocolate bar: a fourth of a glass of milk, a tablespoon of sugar and a little butter to rub the bottom of the dish.

Pour milk into this dish, pour in granulated sugar and gradually heat it on a not too hot stove for 3-4 minutes until the sugar granules dissolve to the end. When this happens, remove the saucepan from the stove and stir the chocolate melted in a microwave or water bath.

It remains to cool the resulting mass and apply as intended.

With sour cream

The glaze with the addition of sour cream is very plastic, creamy, with a barely perceptible acidity. The sour cream is fatter, the richer the taste, aroma and texture of the finished product.

Take 100 g of 20% sour cream, 100 g of dark chocolate, 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar and 35 g of butter.

Tile pre-chop into small pieces. Put the cream and powder in the container, bring to a boil and remove from the stove. Now you need to pour the chopped chocolate, wait for it to dissolve for three minutes, add butter and mix well again. Then cool and apply an even layer on the surface of the confection.

With cream

How to cook the icing?

Creamy chocolate icing is respected by many culinary masters for allowing the formation of spectacular drips on the surface of the dessert. It is made from 80 g pieces of dark chocolate, 40 g of heavy cream and the same amount of butter from them. All this needs to be re-heated in a water bath, stirring to complete homogeneity.

Useful recommendations from confectioners

Impeccable chocolate glaze looks very impressive even without additional decor: smooth, shiny, silky, eye-catching. It gives the surface of the cake and other pastries perfect smoothness. It is possible to achieve such a consistency if a number of conditions are observed.

  1. Cream and butter should be added if your goal is a glossy glaze.
  2. In the process of making the glaze can not be covered with a lid: droplets of condensate falling from the lid, break the chocolate idyll.
  3. It is impossible to overheat the chocolate, otherwise the icing from it will be dull, dry, loose or lumpy. When a tile is melted, it is better to remove the mass from the fire a little earlier than later, even if it contains small unmelted pieces - they will quickly dissolve with further stirring.
  4. High-quality white chocolate can also be melted and used for glazing purposes.But it should be remembered that it is more capricious than usual, therefore, in this case it is better to refuse the stove and use a water bath. It must be remembered that the white chocolate icing hardens very quickly and forms a brittle surface, but an important advantage of this product is its mild taste and the ability to be painted in any color.
  5. If you add the pre-soaked gelatin (10 g per 100 g of the mass) to freshly baked glaze, and still mix well, you will get an incomparably shining, mirror coating. Ideally, it should be applied on a frozen surface.


Chocolate icing is one of the basic means of decorating confectionery. Welded flawlessly, it is beautiful in taste and appearance, even by itself. Knowing how to melt chocolate, you already have the necessary minimum skills to make it.

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