The aircraft IL-112: the history of creation, characteristics and photos

The famous design bureau named after Ilyushin developed a new design of the aircraft with the name of the IL-112 as a transport aircraft. It was supposed to replace the outdated model of the An-26 aircraft used for transportation.

The designers planned to create two modifications of this type. One was intended for transportation in the field of civil aviation, and the other was aimed at the military industry in the form of a cargo plane.

Design Plans

In the nineties of the last century, experts monitored the aviation market, according to which it was revealed that to upgrade an aircraft fleet using an IL-112 aircraft, at least three hundred machines would be needed, and a maximum of thousands. Why such a dressing? The fact is that this aircraft has one big advantage over the same An-26 - it can be planted on dirt and short, as well as poorly equipped runways.

Military transport model IL-112

Another huge advantage of the IL-112 is its use without overhaul.That is, the technical composition is sufficient to monitor the level of the vessel’s availability. According to the forecasts of designers, the life of the IL-112 should have been thirty-five years.

History of creation

The development of the project began in the early nineties of the last century. According to the original plan and the described technical characteristics of the Il-112, they were supposed to produce an apparatus for passenger traffic. The main finances came from the company Il-Bashkiria, and, according to the agreements, production was to begin in 1994, but this did not happen. Then the serial production of the IL-112 was given to the Voronezh Aircraft Building Company.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation received the development of the project only in 2004. Then the assembly of the first new IL-112 was appointed for 2006, however, these plans also failed. The implementation of the drawings was all over, and as a result, the situation led to the transfer of the project for further financing to the Ilyushin Design Bureau, and the device itself was added to the list of state defense orders until 2015.

Further release attempts

But an unlucky series of events did not leave the IL-112,and already in 2010, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation ceased to carry out monetary financing, although by this time four boards were partially assembled, and for a full-fledged look, the machines lacked 800 million rubles.

As a result, the Voronezh Aviation Aircraft Building Society prepared two flying samples, and two remained unfinished. According to the plans of the manufacturer, the annual production should have been eighteen machines, but then another problem appeared. The Ministry of Defense refused the first IL-112 in the transport side variant in 2011 and supported the release of the An-140. Because of this, all further development of the transport aircraft ceased.

Size scheme IL-112

In early 2014, the Ilyushin Design Bureau re-entered into a contract with the Ministry of Defense, according to which further developments on the Il-112 should have resumed, since the maintenance of the Antonovs began technical problems due to the Ukrainian political crisis. The serial production of Ilyushin was planned for 2018.

Design features

According to the scheme of the aircraft, the Il-112 is a monoplane with a high wing in the form of a straight line.The cockpit is designed for two members of the flight crew. According to the characteristics of the aircraft, the Il-112 as a civilian ship was supposed to hold forty-four passengers, and the cargo - to be able to lift up to six tons of cargo at a time.

Available data indicate that the lifting weight during take-off will not exceed twenty and a half tons, and the maximum number of liters of aviation kerosene accommodated by the aircraft’s fuel tanks is 7,900 liters.

On the wing there are:

  • double slit flaps;
  • a deflector that is well fixed;
  • brake pads;
  • ailerons and spoilers.

The flaps may deviate at a maximum angle of forty degrees. The ailerons with a 30 percent span are located at the ends of the wing arms, they can deviate 25 degrees up and 17 degrees down. Brake flaps are above the flaps, in fact, as well as spoilers, having one section.

Ready cabin IL-112

Wing brake flaps are deflected forty degrees. The need to use interceptors arises in case of failure of one of the engines during takeoff or go-around.In such situations, the machine automatically parries the roll. On the ground, they are used to reduce mileage after landing. The interceptors can deviate by twenty degrees in aileron mode and during braking - up to forty degrees.

Power point

The technical characteristics of the Il-112 on the power plant include two turboprop engines, designated as TV7-117CT. In addition, the power plant is understood as a special propeller having six single-row blades, designated as AB-112.

The power of each IL-112 engine is determined at 2800 horsepower, and the thrust of the auxiliary screw unit is 3645 kilohertz. If the afterburner regime sets in during the flight, the thrust of the additional power plant can reach a value of 4145 kilohertz.

IL-112 engine

Speed ​​capabilities

According to the described characteristics, the IL-112 consumes up to 500 kilograms of kerosene per hour with an average cruising speed of 480 kilometers per hour. The maximum speed that an aircraft can reach is 550 kilometers per hour with a maximum flight duration of a thousand kilometers. The wingspan is 23 meters 43 centimeters, the height of the car is 7 meters 90 centimeters, the length of the aircraft from the nose to the tail unit is 20 meters 65 centimeters.

However, in the case of aircraft distillation, additional fuel tanks are installed on board, and then the range increases to 5,200 kilometers. The maximum height of the ceiling that the aircraft can take is 7600 meters. For IL-112 take-off, only 870 meters of the runway are required, and six hundred are sufficient for landing, taking into account the braking and a full stop of the aircraft.

State order from the Ministry of Defense

In 2012, the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force of the Russian Federation in its report reflected all the positive aspects of the resumption of designs for a light military transport aircraft and handed it over to Sergei Shoigu, the current Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The process of creating the IL-112

The created IL-112 project was very impressed with the leaders of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation so that, after consulting, they decided to renew the order for the development of the military model of the aircraft. Workers of the Ilyushin design bureau were instantly hooked on this idea. It is known that the model being developed for the Armed Forces is code-named IL-112B - this completely determines its military-technical characteristics.

Difference models

In turn, the civilian model assigned the letter "T". The structural features of each model will differ in the structure of the onboard equipment, but the rest of the systems are planned to be created the same. Moreover, such a sample of the aircraft has excellent data for the development of other modifications, for example, using the example of a military machine, it is possible to create reconnaissance models or machines for carrying out the fight against radiation, as well as aircraft for scientific research.

According to some reports, Pochta Rossii plans to acquire a transport model for its own needs, but the details of the contract are unknown. The development of the IL-112 is one of the longest-running programs of the domestic aviation industry.

First flight

Considering the latest news related to the Il-112, the first flight was to take place as early as January 2018, however, the next delays went. Plus, the commercial release of any speech is no longer in question, respectively, only two models are expected - civil and military.

Initially, the dates for the first flight were set for 2017, and the plans for serial production - for 2019, and, according to the data of the Ministry of Defense, the annual number of aircraft purchases decreased from eighteen to an unknown.

According to some sources, the delays went because of the poor documentation of the project - the drawings were literally crammed with errors. Although aviation builders dared to announce about three hundred machines scheduled for production.

Il-112 military aircraft

The model ordered by the Ministry of Defense is ideal for landing not only personnel, but also military equipment. In this part of the IL-112V, the Ukrainian Antonov 140 model (with which there is a long-term contract for the supply of aircraft) is much more efficient than the latter, since the latter does not have a specialized ramp, which is an auxiliary vehicle for the transport of military equipment and large-sized cargo. .

Two ready IL-112

In addition, the Russian aircraft has a huge advantage - it is able to fly in case of any climatic changes and in different weather conditions, both during the daytime and at night. It can be used for landing on poorly prepared airfields with weak radio systems.

In order to reduce the level of vibration and create a small noise insulation in the cargo compartment, in the part where the screws are located, the structure is sealed.Both sides of the board are provided with fairings covering the nodes to which the supports for the landing gear are attached. There, in the fairings, was hidden auxiliary power unit and the blocks of the remaining aircraft systems.

Comparison with An-26

The main rival of the Il-112 is the An-26, but with a more detailed comparison it turns out that the former is superior in quality to its Ukrainian counterpart. So, the "Ilyushin" power plant is several times more powerful, and even the airframe with avionics surpasses the Antonov machine.

In general, there is nothing surprising, because the An-26 was developed half a century ago. At Ilyushin, all materials used in construction are much more modern. For example, the Russian dolgostroi engines have a high efficiency in the consumption of aviation kerosene by almost two and a half times.

An-26 aircraft

Secret additions

Military modification will be equipped with a number of secret systems, but it is understandable, otherwise you will not be able to live in a modern, completely militarized world. However, due to these installations, foreign countries can not order it. Presumably we have in mind a modernized communications system and a new complex capable of withstanding missiles fired from anti-aircraft installations.

Although there are some experts who claim that the existing military helicopter, the Mi-38, can cope with the goals set.

IL-112V will have a large cargo cabin with the possibility of complete sealing. Inside it must be equipped with a household compartment, two emergency exits and the already mentioned ramp.

Regarding the tail, it can be said that the vertical stabilizer will consist of a two-spar design. The chassis, which has five pillars, can withstand the gravity of the aircraft when landing in the ground with a density of six kilograms per square centimeter.

Plus, on the military model, there will be a system of automatic machines that react to altitude and are capable of making an automatic descent to the pre-landing level of alignment with the maximum visual range of the runway at least 400 meters, and the height of decision making will be equal to thirty meters.

But according to the plans for the production of civilian airplanes, they are not going to introduce any secret systems there, so the designers will expect to receive orders from foreign air representatives.

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The aircraft IL-112: the history of creation, characteristics and photos 75

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