The Beat Burberry: Aroma Description and Customer Reviews

As one of the many wise truths says: "The main thing in a woman is her smell." To argue with this is quite difficult, as beautiful clothes, as we know, are noticed mostly by friends, but the fragrance makes the representatives of the stronger sex turn around. There are over a million perfumes in the world, but today we will discuss one of the most rare and unique scents - Burberry The Beat. What is he so "catchy", and why we so rarely find this fragrance in the crowd?

Historical summary

Spirits Burberry The Beat can hardly be called a legend, because they didn’t rattle like Chanel to the whole world, didn’t win the hearts of lovers of everything extravagant, like Gucci, and didn’t captivate with their ease, like Lacoste. They appeared in 2008 and, as manufacturers wanted, were not intended for the general public. A fragrance that is far from being understood by everyone, but one who is able to feel it will never change to anything else. Burberry The Beat was created by perfumers Dominic Ropion, Beatrice Piquet and Oliver Polzhem, who certainly know how to make the perfume unique.It is worth noting that throughout its existence, the fragrance has not been modernized, that is, its durability and plume remained the same, primordial.

Perfume packaging the beat

What is the composition

Since we are familiar with Burberry The Beat in theory, it is worth exploring its main notes, which perfumers used to create this masterpiece. At first glance, the ingredients are simple and often met, but their combination gave an unsurpassed result.

  • Top notes: tangerine, bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom.
  • Middle notes: tea, iris, bell.
  • Base notes: white cedar, white musk, vetiver.

The composition called Burberry The Beat eau de toilette is a mix of tart, harsh and tenacious aromas and light, spring and even a little airy smells. Perfume is classified as floral, musky and woody. But we note that this is not an eloquent description of this multifaceted and unique flavor.

bottle of Burberry the beat

Description and Impressions

Opening the coveted bottle of Burberry The Beat, amazed at the sharpness and durability of the composition. It is difficult to initially identify what kind of aroma is felt at the moment. Agility comes to the point that there is a smell of steel, such as can be smelled in the foundry.After that, the aroma of black iris begins to appear brightly and sharply - very heavy and beautiful, which, in fact, will accompany you for the next few hours after application. After a long period of time, the Burberry The Beat Eau de Toilette begins to unfold in a more gentle context, exuding the smell of frosty cedar and mandarin. It is worth noting that the composition, so sharp and bright, soften powdery notes. It is thanks to them that the spirits do not “blow up” the sense of smell, but persistently, but politely declare themselves and make it clear that this particular smell is worthy of the highest praise.

Burberry the beat

Who is suitable?

Burberry The Beat - toilet water, which is clearly not suitable for young and especially young girls. This fragrance, which in all its glory will be revealed on more mature beauties, who are already almost thirty or a little more. We said earlier that it’s extremely difficult to meet a woman wearing Burberry The Beat in a crowd, and this is true. But among the real lady, business woman and just beautiful women who love a strict and discreet style, this fragrance comes across quite often. It is thin, discreet, but at the same time saturated and muffled. It is ideally combined with a strict image in clothes, emphasizes status and wealth.

When will The Beat fragrance be appropriate?

Due to the fact that these perfumes are very bright and even tart, we immediately exclude them from the list of summer smells. Too hard they will be felt in the heat and are unlikely to be harmoniously combined with light summer sundresses. With complete certainty, the smell can be called autumn or winter, as there is sweetness and bitterness in it - something that warms in the cold. But its gentle notes - bell, cardamom - make it spring, so until the onset of summer heat, you can safely wear The Beat fragrance from the Burberry brand both at work and at other less formal events. It is important to note the daily identity of the perfume Since they are positioned as a formal smell, they are best worn during the daytime - in the morning or in the evening. With what exactly The Beat will not be combined - so it is with a cocktail and even more evening attire.

Burberry the beat

Perfume Features

Now it is important to establish how resistant these perfumes are and what their train is. And in this case we will also understand that they are intended exclusively for work. The persistence of odor on the body is approximately 8 hours. It lasts for more than a day on clothes and hair, but if you sprinkle a fur coat or a coat with perfume, they will smell for several months!

Spirits will be revealed gradually, striking on the spot first with starting notes, which are rather tender separately, but in the aggregate they create an incredibly sharp and even a little daring composition. Then, notes of the heart will come into effect, which will make the image tender and sensual. The base will begin to "play" in the late afternoon and create an aura of chic and luxury around you. Remember that the perfume train is practically absent: people will be able to feel this amazing aroma just by being near you.

The beat in the Burberry line of fragrances

Say a few words about the bottle

Oddly enough, but most women and girls when buying perfume pay attention to the appearance, and not just the composition of the fragrance. If you are among the fans of unique and original flakonchikov, then Burberry The Beat will definitely hook you. We have already mentioned that the smell of these perfumes is slightly steel, and this feature is perfectly expressed in the design of its packaging. The lid is made of steel-coated plastic, which is intentionally weighted with a metal insert. The bottle itself is made of glass and decorated with a striped pattern. Attention lovers of all unusual attracts metal pendant with the inscription brand name Burberry.Many who bought these perfumes claim that the bottle is made very soundly and efficiently. It is pleasant to hold it in hands, there is no marriage, the design is discreet, concise and interesting, and what is most important - corresponds to the flavor that is inside.

pinkish flavor The beat

Burberry The Beat. Reviews

We now will not affect the opinions of those people who liked this perfume. As you know, perfume is a purely intimate thing, and even the most popular and popular smell can seem ridiculous and even disgusting to someone, but a simple toilet water will come down in time. We decided to separate opinions in a different way: some people say that the aroma is heavy, saturated and even a bit rough, while others are sure that The Beat has the smell of spring, light, airy, windy. Well, let's take a closer look at these two opinions.

Powder mist

The presence of black iris, vetiver, tea and pink pepper in the composition made The Beat perfume very tart, clingy and a bit heavy. Of course, it is difficult to compare them by gravity with Chanel No. 5 or with the flavors of the Initio line, but the flavor is definitely “not for children”. Those who prefer to use very light and volatile toilet water, consider that this perfume copy is very tart.They attribute the smell to the category of autumn-winter and are confident that it will harmoniously look only in combination with sweaters and coats.

Blooming spring

For the young ladies who are used to using very heavy perfumes in the winter, The Beat will be a real salvation in the springtime. He is not flying, but playful, not cloying, but moderately sweet. The smell is multi-faceted and is associated with spring because it has thin bells, bergamot and cardamom. Well, and those girls who love very tart flavors, argue that this instance will perfectly harmonize with the summer look.

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