The cheapest car. Data for 2012

If you paid attention to this article, then,you are in search of an inexpensive car. And since the foreign car is recognized as a more reliable transport than the domestic models, it means that you want to buy a car of foreign manufacturers. In this article you can find out which is the cheapest foreign car.

In 2012, several imported cars were presented to experts for comparison in a low price category. The leading position was taken by Daewoo Matiz.

cheapest foreign car

This car is on the first line of the rating asthe cheapest foreign car in Russia (and for several years already). This year, the price for the base model is 192,000 rubles. Just do not expect to get a functional car. Matiz with this cost has only heated rear window. In the rest - a manual transmission, a 0.8-liter tank and 51 horsepower under the hood. Of course, there are also positive qualities of the car. It is compact, does not take up much parking space, it is easy to manage. Only Matiz approaches more miniature women. A tall man feels himself in the cabin will not be very comfortable.

The cheapest foreign car Daewoo Matiz can be andwith a large set of functions. If you need air conditioning, a radio, a power steering and an electric window in the car, then cook 268000 rubles. Modified version with an engine of 61 horsepower will cost 281,000 rubles or more. The most expensive model of Daewoo Matiz is 306000 rubles. It has alloy wheels, arcs on the roof and the maximum set of options.

If you are satisfied with this model of the car, then in the future you will be able to save a lot on repairs and maintenance. Even insurance for CASCO will cost you only 19,500 rubles.

The second place in the rating "the cheapest foreign car" is occupied by UzDaewoo Nexia.cheapest foreign car in Russia

The cost of the car is 242000 rubles. The car enjoys a good popularity due to the improvement of the engine and interior. If earlier this model was considered a fashion of the last century, which was equated with the domestic "penny", now the car has a good reputation. Although Nexia, like Matiz, does not have airbags and automatic transmission, but if you need the cheapest new foreign car, then pay attention to this model.

The third place was awarded to ZAZ Chance.cheapest new foreign car

This is quite a good car, having a largea set of functions and a decent appearance. The outline of the car, the smooth corners of the body relate Chance to its model of sporty style. But the car has all the same manual control and a modest interior design. And if you compare this model with the first two, then Chance wins in reliability and attractiveness. And this car attracts a lot more buyers. The price of a car on the automobile market is from 250,000 rubles.

Thus, the cheapest foreign car hascost from 190 to 250 thousand rubles. For such money, you will buy a standard car without bells and whistles and modern functions. If for you the big value is the automatic box, the conditioner and a spacious interior, do not expect to buy a car for less than 300 thousand rubles. Or you should consider buying a used transport (which may not turn out to be very favorable for you).

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