The drug "Purgen" (tablets): analogues, price, instruction

Impaired function of the gastrointestinal tract is very often manifested by constipation. Almost every person faced a similar problem. Untimely bowel movement can cause a lot of health problems, especially intoxication. In order not to start your health, you need to timely come to the aid of your body. To solve such a delicate issue, there is a special preparation "Purgen" - tablets, known for more than one decade. It is about him and go talk.

All the information provided is given for the purpose of acquaintance, regarding the drug intake, you should consult with your doctor.purgen tablets

Drug description and price

Means "Purgen" - pills with a strong laxative effect, the main component of which is the chemical substance phenolphthalein. It is necessary to use this drug with extreme caution, since its action may be uncontrolled.

The active ingredient of the laxative agent acts primarily on the colon, stimulating peristalsis. The tablets have neither taste nor smell, they are perfectly soluble in alcohol, but completely insoluble in water.

This laxative belongs to the generally available group of drugs. The cost of packaging is about 100 rubles, but it can be difficult to find it at retail due to the inexpediency of its use.

Admission Rules

There is only a tablet form of the drug "Purgen". Tablets can have a dosage of 0.1 and 0.05 g. They should be taken in 1-2 pieces at night or in the morning and evening. The maximum daily dose is 3 tablets. For children, use a lower dosage - 0.05 g, for adults - 0.1 g.

Recently, almost no use of the drug "Purgen". These tablets, once popular, were replaced by more benign and “docile” products with fewer negative effects.

purgen Price

Side effects and contraindications

It is necessary to observe special care at reception of the preparation "Purgen". Instructions for use contain information that the action of tablets can last up to 3-4 days, leading the body to severe dehydration.After taking the drug inside can experience nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and heart rhythm disturbances.

Even with a one-time reception, experts note a negative effect on the liver.

Although the instruction to the drug contains information about the recommended doses of the medicine, pediatricians advise children to use more advanced modern medications as a laxative for children.

It is strictly forbidden to exceed the dose of the drug, use during pregnancy and breastfeeding is unacceptable.

Analogs of the drug

What today can replace the pill "Purgen"? The price of modern laxatives in comparison is not so great.purgen instructionAs a more benign analogue of Purgen tablets, the following drugs can be offered:

  • Drops "Gutallax" refers to the relief drugs - the cost in the pharmacy is within 200 rubles. This laxative is used in pediatrics.
  • A similar penetrating agent is Laxigen tablets, the main component is phenolphthalein.
  • Tablets "Dulcolax." The main component is the bisacodyl substance. It can be used when breastfeeding, it is not transmitted to the child with the mother's milk.It is also possible treatment with these pills while carrying a baby. The price of the drug, depending on the form of release and the network - from 200-300 rubles.
  • Tablets "Laxatin", the active ingredient irritates the receptors of the intestinal apparatus. The tool is not absorbed into the bloodstream, has only local effects, and therefore can be used during lactation, pregnancy and in the treatment of young children. The cost of this drug is about 250 rubles per pack.

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