The laptop does not charge, what to do?

The problem, when connected but not charging the laptop, is quite common among users of these mobile computers. The reasons may be different. However, what to do if everything seems to be connected, but the laptop is not charging? We will try to answer this question in this article.


the laptop is not charging

Over time, technical devices such as tablets and smartphones, as well as laptops, tend to become unusable. The first manifestation of the fact that the device began to pass, in some cases is incorrect and unstable operation of its battery. That is, you seem to have connected all the wires and the charger, there is a current in the electrical network, but nothing happens. “Why is the laptop not charging?” - such a question arises in such a combination of circumstances instantly.

In outline

It is worth noting that such a state is for the battery of any device - be it at least a netbook, at least an ultrabook, even a laptop - is simply inevitable.A neat attitude and calculated load can extend the battery life, but you can not make it eternal. Therefore, we are facing not so much the task of prevention, as the need to answer the question of why the laptop is not charging.

Why is this happening? What does this type of breakdown depend on?

connected but not charging laptop

It all depends primarily on how often and intensively used the device itself. That is, we are talking about offline battery operation. The more often you use a laptop without connecting to a power source (mains), the faster the drive will become unusable, which will lead you to the solution of this problem. Now we will try to answer the question of why the battery on the laptop is not charging.

Part check

the battery on the laptop is not charging

In order to proceed to the resolution of any problem, it is first recommended to establish the cause that caused it. Similarly in our case. Before you grab the tools and look for instructions on how to restore the battery, make sure that the problem lies in its unstable work. Only then look for the answer to the question why the battery on the laptop is not charging.

So how to determine the nature of such a kind of breakdown, if you can call it that? To do this, turn on the laptop. If it starts up, the device and the operating system will function successfully, and when the charging process is connected to the working electrical network, you will not see 99.9 percent of the battery breakdown. In this case, you have a direct route to information sources that tell you why the laptop battery is not charging and how it can be fixed.

If the device in general categorically does not want to start working, then the point here, most likely, is not in the battery. Check if there is power in the electrical network. If there is, then perhaps the problem lies precisely in the power supply installed in the laptop, as well as in other details. I would like to note one interesting example: a computer with non-working RAM (which burned down or was simply installed in the wrong slot) does not even start. Laptops are based on the same principles of work, so we advise you to remember whether there have been any recent actions of a similar nature. We are talking about the assembly and disassembly of the device.Battery for a laptop at the same time may be generally aloof from the problem.

laptop battery

If the battery is connected and the laptop is not charging

What to do in such a case, when the system has successfully booted, but the user does not observe the charging process? In this situation, you can try to use the help of third-party, specially designed for such cases, programs and system utilities. They are, in fact, designed to scan the status of a laptop and its batteries. By running the utility, you will begin the process of analyzing the energy store. He may give an answer to the question of why the laptop is not charging, and help solve this problem.

why is the laptop not charging

You can spend one kind of experience. To do this, we check the operation of the laptop, not only when it is connected to the electric home network, but also offline. The following outcome is quite possible: in the first case, everything works stably, and in the second case, the device does not start at all. Then, with high probability, we can say that the problem lies either in the battery, which was inserted incorrectly, or in the damaged contacts of the board.Immediately, we do not recommend to climb inside, because an attempt to independently process the power contacts can lead to a complete breakdown of the laptop.

However, if you are confident in your knowledge and power, and are ready to allocate a considerable amount of money to restore or purchase a new device in the event of a breakdown, you can try to check the contacts and clear them. Of course, cleaning should be done only if it is really necessary, if the laptop is not charging for this reason.

Among the other reasons, because of which the battery does not charge, we can distinguish the failure of the power board. In this case, the power comes to the laptop. But it remains inside, not reaching the battery itself. Therefore, in fact, the charge itself does not occur.

What to do if the laptop is not fully charged?

why is the laptop not charging

First you should remember when you encountered this problem for the first time. If this feature of the laptop was from the very purchase, then, most likely, this is an option activated by the manufacturers of the model. This is done to extend the life of the factory battery.With this process (when the battery is not fully charged), it will last much longer.

There are situations when before the battery was fully charged, and at some point it stopped doing it. If such problems occur, you can try to "shake" the battery. What should be done? To start, simply discharge the device completely. After that, you need to connect the charger and charge the battery for 9 hours. This method does not provide a 100% guarantee for the return of a full battery charge. If after such an operation you notice that it did not help you, then you can again use third-party utilities and programs. It is quite possible that something went wrong in the settings of the laptop and a new maximum charging threshold was set, different from 100 percent.

If the problem is not in the battery

Of course, laptop batteries have their own life, as well as all spare parts for similar devices. But, faced with a problem in which the battery is not fully charged, it is not necessary first of all to write off everything on it. You should not think that the battery has come to an end.First of all, in a situation where the laptop does not start at all, you should check the reliability of its connection to the electrical network. That is, check the presence of current, as well as how correctly the charger is connected from two sides: both to the power supply and to the laptop itself. Perhaps the wire is simply not fully connected to the socket, and this was the cause of the problem. The situation worsens if everything listed above is done correctly, and the laptop still does not turn on or is not charging.

laptop battery does not charge

In this case, the next step should be to check the power supply. If it burned out, then this will be an excellent explanation for the incorrect operation of the device. It is possible that the voltage drop in the electrical network or technical deterioration of this part and caused its breakage.


Help in fixing the problem in such cases can service centers. You can contact their specialists, they will also scan the entire laptop, if you did not manage to find out which of the components failed.

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