The most famous monsters of the world. Loch Ness monster. Monsters of the underwater world

Mankind is eager to cognize the solar system, and then the entire universe. It seems to people that somewhere there are the most important secrets and riddles that must be unraveled. But how much do we know about our own planet? She is still able to surprise not only ordinary people, but also famous scientists, presenting various surprises. After all, stories appear all the time, in which monsters unknown to science appear, terrifying and awe the entire population of the planet. They seemed to have entered our world from a different reality. But is it really? What is the animal world of our planet? And is there a place in it for various monsters?

The real monsters of the world - who are they?

Human civilization so densely populated the planet that ousted many representatives of the animal world to the most remote corners of the Earth.Some of them simply disappeared from the face of the planet, and the other is threatened with extinction. Zoodefenders are trying with all their might to preserve rare species of animals, but in no official list are the monsters that humankind has been talking about for many centuries.

If you carefully examine all the eyewitness accounts, you may get the impression that the monster animals have always existed. They were seen by people of different professions and social status, and each such meeting was accompanied by the fear of coming into contact with something unknown. Only at the end of the nineteenth century, scientists began to take seriously the evidence of encounters with monsters and even tried to photograph these extraordinary creatures in photos and videos. Each documented evidence of the existence of monsters issued to society was carefully studied, but most often belonged to the category of falsification. Until now, the scientific world could not get a real confirmation of the fact that we do not all know about the creatures living on the planet. But this does not confuse adventure lovers who are willing to spend a lot of time on expeditions,to make one good shot and give the world the truth.

Monster classification

The most famous monsters of the world have long been their classification. The seekers of the unknown have divided them into the following three categories:

  • underwater;
  • ground;
  • humanoid

Of course, these categories are very conditional, but still give some idea of ​​how the most terrible monsters of the world look and live. We collected information about those monsters that were noticed by people and repeatedly invaded their usual life. You should start with the underwater creatures, which are considered the most common.

Monsters of the underwater world

Over the past century, there have been enough mentions of various lizards that inhabit the lakes. It is characteristic that they are found only in freshwater bodies of water. But experts say that lizards will feel great in seawater.

Mention of underwater lizards are found in different nations. Similar evidence is with the Scots, Yakuts, Canadians, Kazakhs and Chinese. This suggests that the legend of the monsters that live in lakes, has a real basis.

Scientists, analyzing the sketches of monsters and video, provided by witnesses, came to the conclusion that they can be attributed to the last dinosaurs on Earth. They resemble ancient plesiosaurs, which in large quantities lived in the waters of our planet. These creatures had a long elongated body with small limbs in the form of flippers and a small head. The neck of such lizards was similar in length to the body of the monster.

Animal monsters

This structure of the monster explains why many eyewitnesses called him a serpent. After all, on the surface are usually the body and head of the monster, really reminiscent of a huge snake.

Monster Loch Ness

If you are interested in the most famous monsters, then you probably heard about the Scottish Loch Ness. The monster that lives in its waters, is known to the whole world. The lake itself is quite picturesque, it has a depth of more than two hundred meters and is the largest in the UK.

The Loch Ness monster was discovered at the beginning of the last century. Then it alarmed the company resting on the shore, leaning out of the water. From this point on the lake rushed the crowd of adventurers who dream of capturing the mysterious monster.

Four years later, Wilson managed to film the monster, and these photos alarmed the public. They were published in all newspapers and magazines, and the scientific community tried to explain the presence of a strange creature in the waters of the lake. Almost thirty years later, the Loch Ness monster got into the camera lens, where it was clear how fast it moved under water.

Animal world of our planet

A little later, the next monster videotape fell on all the major British television channels, and the people again rushed to Scotland in search of sensation. Over the past hundred years, more than four thousand people have claimed that they saw with their own eyes the monster Nessie (as the Scots affectionately called him).

Scientists believe that the monster is completely harmless and lives in a pond with his big family. According to the official version, it got into the lake as a result of the movement of tectonic plates and could not get out of the trap. During its existence, many generations of monsters have adapted to the changed habitat and food.

Lake Champlain - fellow Nessie

In Canada, there is the famous Lake Champlain, which has expanded the list of places inhabited by famous monsters of the world.At the end of the nineteenth century, information appeared that the sheriff saw a fifty-meter-long serpent with humps on its back in the lake. This evidence only confirmed the numerous eyewitness words that have accumulated in large numbers since the beginning of the seventeenth century.

Sabertooth fish

The monster was named Champ, it appeared annually on the surface of the reservoir, allowing people to record new details about themselves. Because of this, it turned out that the monster has a dark skin, a very large body and an elongated head with mounds and growths.

Scientists could not ignore such a large amount of information about the monster, and in the seventies of the last century, an initiative group for the study of Champ was formed. Seven years later, one of the local residents was able to photograph the monster, and the authenticity of the picture was proved in the laboratories of the Smisonov Institute. Due to the presence of special technologies, scientists have suggested the size of the animal, which seemed incredible - from five to seventeen meters.

Twelve years ago, a fisherman managed to film a monster on video, and FBI analysts proved the record was authentic.Now scientists from all over the world are trying to figure out which class of animal world Champa can be attributed to.

Ogopogo - the most famous "resident" of Canada

Scientists believe that if underwater monsters can live anywhere, it’s in Canada. Numerous lakes on the territory of this country were once formed as a result of the movement of tectonic plates, and it is quite possible that some ancient monsters could remain in these bodies of water. The most famous Canadian pangolin is Ogopogo from Okanagan Lake.

Monsters of the underwater world

This monster, according to eyewitnesses, resembles Nessie and Champa - the same long body with fins and a small head. The Indians said that once the monster overturned the boat of their leader and destroyed it. Since that time, the tribes tried to negotiate with Ogopogo, sacrificing animals to it and refusing to fish in some parts of the lake.

It is worth noting that this monster was seen quite often. Especially numerous are eyewitness accounts that crossed the lake by ferry in the early twentieth century. During this period, the monster constantly rose to the surface, and more than two hundred people spoke about it. At the end of the last century there was a video, where you can clearly see a monster swimming under water.Until now, from the shores of the lake periodically comes information about the next appearance of the monster, but science can not provide a justification for its existence.

Lake monsters: how many of them?

Today, the scientific world knows about seven lakes located in different parts of the world, where various monsters live. Three lakes belong to Ireland, here the locals often see underwater monsters. For example, in Lokh-Ree a large-sized animal of an unknown species was even seen by three priests in the middle of the last century. Scientists took their testimonies seriously and at the beginning of the two thousand years they assembled a real expedition to the shores of the ancient reservoir. But, unfortunately, they failed to capture the monster.

In our country, the lake Labynkyr in Yakutia became home to the monster. Among the locals there have always been legends about an extraordinary creature that lives in the depths of the lake and in rare cases looks to the surface. In the nineteenth century, eyewitnesses dubbed him the Labynkyr Hell, but no one has yet succeeded in photographing the creature.

Longhorn Saber tooth - the most terrifying monster of the deep sea

In addition to the monsters unknown to science, there are those that have long been studied. For example, in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean saber-toothed fish, the appearance of which can cause horror in any inhabitant of the planet.

Monsters of the world

Usually this monster does not grow more than forty centimeters in length, but has a dark color and a very threatening look. The fact is that huge fangs grow in the mouth of fish, which even do not allow an adult individual to close its jaws. Scientists have found that the brain of this fish has two pockets that hold the tips of the canines. This predator lives at a depth of more than five hundred meters, it was also met at more significant depths - it feels quite comfortable, dropping to five thousand meters.

It is worth noting that this predator is very vulnerable for large fish. They are happy to eat it, so the saber tooth prefers to hide in the water column and hunt only small fish.

Snowman - the truth or fiction?

Yeti (as they also call the snowman) is a humanoid creature covered with wool and living in the mountainous regions of the planet. Yeti are especially common in North America.The tribes of local Indians know a lot of legends about the creation of unprecedented power, which lived high in the mountains and sought to avoid the human eye.

Eyewitnesses claim that they even saw whole families of snow people, which allows to draw conclusions about the abundance of this species. But, unfortunately, science has not yet received documentary evidence of the existence of these monsters.

Loch Ness monster

In the middle of the last century, a short film was shot where an unusual creature moving through the forest got into the lens of a video camera. Experts have carefully studied the film and remained in deep doubt about its authenticity. To date, no one has managed to shoot a yeti or find his remains.

Monster vampire living in South America

Puerto-Ricans scare naughty children with tales of chupacabra. It is believed that this monster lives near the villages of people and destroys livestock. Typically, the chupacabra steals goats and drinks all the blood from them, which forms the basis of his daily diet. Sometimes a monster completely rips its victim, but does not eat it. Locals claim that the chupacabra feeds on the blood of rabbits, chickens, and may even steal a child.

It was not yet possible to shoot the Chupacabra with a camera or a video camera, but eyewitnesses describe it as a large creature with large claws and fangs. Absolutely everyone notes the huge and luminous eyes of the monster, which he perfectly sees in the dark.

Residents of South America believe that this monster was the result of secret experiments of the American military. But to confirm or deny this fact the United States is in no hurry.

Sculpture Monsters

The most famous monsters of the world can be objects of art. In many European cities there are various sculptural groups depicting devils and monsters. Some of them are historical monuments.

All the inhabitants of the planet are known monsters at the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. These terrifying chimeras sit on the facade of the building and are winged creatures with grinning faces and fangs. Parisians consider these monsters to be one of the brightest symbols of the city. According to some polls, they are more popular than the Eiffel Tower.

Unknown Science Monsters

In Norway, in the city of Torheim, the cathedral was built, which with its sculptures resembles the Parisian "brother".Its facade is covered with images of various evil spirits, it (according to legend) was supposed to scare away these evil spirits. Tourists say that many of the figures in the cathedral look extremely ominous.

In Brest, on Gogol Street, a sculpture of a devil is installed. This unclean spirit is made extremely believable and is a symbol of the city, attracting crowds of tourists here.

Mankind has always lived side by side with various monsters. Some of them are dangerous for people, while others have done nothing wrong with them, but they still terrify their hearts with one of their own views. Scientists are trying to catch the monsters, to finally get evidence of their existence and explore as a new kind of representatives of the animal world. However, the monsters are not in a hurry to become a world-wide sensation, they continue to lead their solitary lifestyle established by millennia.

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