The most unusual trees of the world: description, interesting facts

Flora amazes with its diversity and beauty. For example, trees are so unique that sometimes they do not even believe that such a thing really exists.

This article will present the unusual, unique tree species in the world.

In general, a huge number of amazing trees grow on the territory of the Earth: fabulously beautiful, centuries-old, huge and very small, with unusual forms of crowns and branches, and more. etc. And all of them already represent interesting facts occurring in nature.

The most unusual trees of the world

Flowering and evergreen, dwarf and giants are all amazing trees. They are gorgeous and attractive for their unusual, fabulous. Rainbow eucalyptus, marsh cypress, fiery tree, stately baobab, “dancing” pines, Japanese maples ... There are a lot of them, silently standing in one place for decades and even centuries.

Below are some interesting trees of the world.

Fig tree and silk

Silk and fig trees grow on the ruins of the temple of Ta Prom (Cambodia). They attract many tourists with their unusual roots. They are large, long and not hidden, as usual, in the ground, and the ruins are woven around, for which they were called “stone eaters”.Trees of the world

Looking at them, you can imagine the tentacles of giant octopuses, stuck to the remains of the ancient temple wreckage. Today, these plants are protected by UNESCO.


At first glance, this is a common eucalyptus that has grown to 75 meters. The barrel has a diameter of 2.4 meters. But there is a feature in it. This is a rainbow eucalyptus, which is the only species of this tree growing in the northern hemisphere.

Looking at it, one can understand that this species is distinguished by the incredibly beautiful color of the bark. Young trees are usually bright green. But as the tree grows, the bark acquires purple, orange, burgundy and blue colors, with the result that vertical stripes are formed on the trunk, varying in width, length and shape.

In general, eucalyptus is the tallest tree in the world of all time,because in the report of 1872 there is a mention of a fallen tree, which reached a height of at least about 150 meters. Modern eucalyptus trees above 101 meters do not grow.The tallest tree in the world

Oil tree

There are trees that can surprise even the most sophisticated botanist. For example, the oil tree (hanga) growing in the Philippine Islands. It is unique in that its fruits contain, one can say, pure oil.

In the Philippines, in recent years, technology has been developed to use its fruits as a source of production of fuel for an engine.


This plant should definitely be attributed to the list of "unusual trees of the world." This is baobab. He does not even have rings for determining age.

There is one legend in Africa about the appearance of this tree. Between the baobab and God disagreement occurred. The second one, angry at the tree, tore it out of the ground and thrust it back upwards with its roots. And so its bizarre form arose.

For Africa, this tree is not unusual, because there it grows almost everywhere. Particular attention deserves one of its kind. The baobab kettle got its name due to the huge trunk that can hold a large amount of water.

It should be noted that some trees of this species can be called true long-livers, because their age is 1200 years! Perhaps such a long life is explained precisely by the shape of the trunk and its contents. It can store water, the volume of which can reach 120,000 liters! This species is found only on the island of Madagascar.Types of trees in the world


Mahabodhi is the tree of the Buddha. It is named after the merchants-Indians who sold their goods sitting under this tree. The peculiarity of this tree is in its aerial roots hanging from the branches to the ground.

The most famous type of banyan (sacred ficus) is Mahabodhi in Anuradhapura, growing in Sri Lanka. According to the stories, this tree was grown from the cuttings of that plant, under the crowns of which Buddha was enlightened (sixth century BC). It turns out that the banyan planted before our era (288) represents the world's oldest tree grown by a man with a known exact planting date.

Tree thule

This plant belongs to the list of "the largest trees in the world" because of its thickness. The diameter of the thickest tree in the world is 14 meters. For his full girth with outstretched arms, at least 30 people are needed.And its height is rather big - 40 meters, and its mass is 600 tons.

Tula grows in Mexico. Initially, the opinion of scientists was that this miracle of nature is the result of the fusion of several trunks. DNA analysis has proven that this cypress is a single organism.

As for the exact age, all is not yet clear. Most likely, the tree is one of the oldest.

There is another interesting point. If you look closely at the bark, then on the patterns located on it you can see the silhouette of a person or an animal (similar interesting entertainment was invented by local residents).Big trees of the world

Giant sequoia

It is the largest tree in the world in terms of volume.

The “General Sherman” is growing (its height is 83 meters) in the Sequoia National Park. Its volume is about 1,486 thousand cubic meters. meters, and weight - more than 6 thousand tons.

Supposedly, it is 2300-2700 years old, with the sequoia annually gaining such a volume of wood as the smaller plant of this species contains (18 meters in height).The oldest tree in the world


The conifer tree vollemy (the oldest tree in the world), concealing ancient history, looks quite funny. It is located in Australia.

The dinosaur-like tree is 200 million years old. Scientists in 1994 was found living vollemiya.

The location of the trees was carefully hidden in order to protect this species from complete destruction. There are only 100 of them left. Now this tree can be seen in the botanical gardens.

The tree of Life

There are a huge variety of long-lived trees, but this 400-year-old is special, magnificent. It grows in the desert with virtually no water sources, and this is impressive.

The oldest mesquite tree is another natural wonder growing near Jebel Dukhan (two kilometers away), Bahrain.

Pirangi Cashew Tree

The trees of the world cannot be imagined without one of the most stately and beautiful trees.

This famous tree-forest is located near the city of Natal in Brazil. He is 177 years old, and this cashew covers almost 2 hectares of land. It was planted by a fisherman in 1888. In connection with the genetic mutation of the branch relating to the earth, for some reason they begin to take root. With other trees of this type this does not happen.

As a result, the tree is a whole forest covering an area of ​​8,400 thousand square meters. meters In general, in the year it gives about 80,000 fruits.

Dancing forest of Russia

In the Kaliningrad region in the reserve "Curonian Spit" (37th kilometer) there is one unique place. The pines growing here are strangely twisted, bent, and sometimes twisted into rings.

Until now, scientists are not able to explain what is happening here, that even the trees are dancing. Today there are many the most diverse theories: biological, geomagnetic, mystical.The most unusual trees of the world

In conclusion - an interesting, but sad fact.

There was once a Tenere tree, which is the most lonely desert.

This is a plant that grew in the Sahara Desert (Niger). The age of a single tree growing on a vast territory (radius of 400 km) was 300 years. Once there was growing forest, gradually destroyed by winds and deserts. The last acacia had very long roots, which allowed it to feed on water from vast depths.

In 1973, a unique tree Tenere was brought down by a drunk driver, after which a metal monument dedicated to the Lonely Plant was erected at this place.

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