The original studio interior: design features, photos of interesting ideas and recommendations

The organization of a comfortable and convenient environment in conditions of a limited space of small apartments is an art. Even the most unfortunate layout options can be correctly beaten with interesting and original design solutions, and innovative structural elements will not only save free space, but also increase the functionality of the interior as a whole.

The device studio apartments

The main difference between the studio and the classic layout options is the lack of division of space with the help of walls. There is one main room, which includes the living room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom. Sometimes the rest room in which the bed is located is fenced off with a curtain or a partial partition.

The Russian market has borrowed the idea of ​​building houses with studio apartments from the USA. It was in America that these small-sized apartments that were intended for young people and young families first appeared. It was necessary in the shortest possible time to provide housing to a large number of people in the city, therefore small-sized apartments became an excellent way out.

In Russia, there is a tendency to reorganize the old "Khrushchev" in a modern way. Not bearing walls break, and the small one-room apartment turns into a spacious studio. The kitchen, hallway, dining room and living room are in the same open space. For the zoning of the room, the furniture is placed in such a way that it visually seems that the room is divided into independent parts. In the conditions of a small area of ​​an apartment, the organization of a studio is the most optimal variant for the interior design of housing.

Design Directions

Studio apartment design

Before embarking on the interior and the layout of a studio apartment, it is necessary to decide on the style in which the finishing works will be carried out, as well as the furniture and accessories must correspond to a single design.Consider the currently most popular areas of interior design.

  1. Mediterranean style. Very simple and from that refined design style of a studio apartment. In the interior of the studio apartment should be dominated by white color, in the main room should be a lot of light. Furniture is standard, without too much decor. When finishing the walls, you can use an imitation of stone or wood.
  2. High tech. The outlines of furniture have the correct geometric shapes, the color range is limited: preference should be given to shades of gray, bright accents are allowed. A distinctive feature of the interior design studio apartment in the style of high-tech is functionality. Modern technology, the latest technology and equipment are integral features of high-tech style.
  3. Minimalism. The word speaks for itself. The design should contain only the most necessary elements. Decoration of furniture or walls with any decor is unacceptable. Style implies the presence of only continuous homogeneous planes and shapes. The furniture is plain, the correct coal form. Fabric for decoration, wallpaper for walls and curtains should not have patterns and textures.Only images of certain geometric shapes are allowed, but in limited quantities.
  4. Classical. Style, rather difficult for an embodiment. Elements of Renaissance furniture, expensive fabrics, elite varieties of trim trees are characteristic signs of style. Luxury and brilliance should be harmonious in the interior of the room. For modern studios rarely use this style.
  5. Chinese style. The prevailing tones are beige, brown, red, burgundy, black. Furniture made of bamboo and other natural materials is welcome. On the window you can hang blinds, lay on the floor mat. The walls, as a rule, are painted or plastered, less often they are plastered with wallpaper. The floor can be made in the form of wooden flooring or luggage from tile.

The style of housing is chosen taking into account the peculiarities of the people who will live in the apartment, their age, interests, and preferences. So an adult will like the classical direction more, and the youth will rather prefer modern interior projects.

Design project

3d studio apartment project

Interior design development of a studio is the most important and crucial part of the whole project. At this stage it is necessary to distribute everything necessary for life so that it is comfortable, while the interior should look beautiful and aesthetic.

To develop a project on the arrangement of the studio, you can contact a specialized organization that will offer several options for interior design. The cost of the visual plan of the project is approximately 800-900 rubles / m2. For people who want to get a complete picture of the project in 3D-format, a draft version is offered. It includes a photorealistic display of the interior, as well as full technical documentation for the repair team. The price of interior design studio square. meter is about 2000 rubles.

If you are a talented person with good taste, then you will be able to do a design project with your own hands. To do this, make a detailed drawing of the studio layout. Break the room into zones, arrange the necessary furniture according to your needs. You can refer to photos of popular styles, if you doubt the choice of interior design.

For the design of the interior is very convenient to use a computer program, some of them are listed below.

  1. Google SketchUp. The program allows you to simulate a design of any complexity, up to a detailed drawing of furniture and decorative interior elements.Before you start working with the program, read the video instruction, as it may be difficult to adjust.

  2. AutoCad. A simple design program that a regular user can figure out. The program is of high quality visualization of furniture. To depict any elements of the interior will not be difficult. The program provides templates for finished interior elements.

  3. SweetHome. Free program for designing a house or apartment, which is notable for accessibility and simplicity of the interface.

  4. FloorPlan 3D. The main purpose of the program is the development of interior design. Multiple settings will allow to realize even the most daring ideas in the field of housing design.

Studio wall and floor decoration

Wall and floor decoration in a studio apartment

Interesting wall finishes come from the use of plaster. With this material you can make not only a perfectly smooth surface, but also give a certain texture. Special nozzles on the roller are capable of forming a rough surface with an unusual relief pattern. If you want to imitate stone or brick luggage, then you will need a special form, which, when applied to a layer of plaster, will leave an impression.

In some cases, part of the wall is made in the form of imitation for brick luggage or in the form of a wooden base. For this perfect tile based on gypsum. It is easy, installation can be done independently. If desired, the surface is painted in the desired color. You can even make a tile of plaster with your own hands, this will save you part of the budget.

The simplest way to finish the walls is to paint or wallpaper them. The choice of colors and textures should be consistent with the design of the furniture and the overall design of the project. Coloring is used in the design of the apartment in the style of minimalism, high-tech, in the Scandinavian and Mediterranean styles.

The most inexpensive way to improve the floor is to use linoleum. Some types of this coating are so similar to real wood that it is difficult to distinguish linoleum from parquet or laminate. For a more elite housing used self-leveling floor, which is presented in the form of a uniform glossy surface. To give the surface strength and durability, a finishing layer of polymer or special varnish is used.

Extraordinary solutions

Original fence for the separation of bedrooms in the studio apartment

To design an apartment was unusual and exclusive, you can use some non-standard solutions. One of them is the construction of rounded shapes. This is done using drywall. Inside this space can hide a built-in wardrobe or dressing room. You can also make unusual forms of arches and partitions from drywall, which is very important for the studio. In this way, you can isolate, for example, the bedroom area.

Another interesting direction in the design of the design is the image of 3D-objects. You can picture a sandy beach or a system of waterfalls right on the floor. The drawing is applied to the surface and poured with a special transparent compound that is used when organizing self-leveling floors. A continuation of the volumetric landscape of the floor can be wallpaper that will complement the overall picture of the colorful picture.

Kitchen interier

Kitchen design in a studio apartment

The kitchen of the studio apartment is usually small. At the same time, you need to try to accommodate everything you need to make full use of the kitchen area. You can partially visually isolate the kitchen area from the rest of the space with the help of a table that will have the same height as the kitchen set. In this case, the table is perfectly complemented by bar stools.You can make a partition with a window, the bottom surface of which will be provided with a table top. It is more convenient to carry out such partition from gypsum cardboard. In this case, it will be possible to create shelves inside the wall, on which you can put bottles with drinks for the bar.

It is possible to isolate the kitchen with a sliding partition. The canvases of the movable partition should be folded into a pencil case and fixed in a recess in the wall. To light penetrated into the kitchen from the living area, it is better to make partitions of frosted glass or acrylic plastic. The main function of the partition in the interior design of the kitchen in the studio is to prevent the spread of odors during cooking. Take care of good exhaust.

You can fence off the kitchen with furniture. For this fit a bar or sofa. Visually, the zoning will be perceived quite harmoniously. Do not forget about the practical side of the issue. Upholstered furniture should not be in close proximity with a cutting table on which products are processed, or a stove. Otherwise, when cooking food on fabric upholstery can fall difficult to remove food drops.

The interior of a small studio

Plan-design studio apartment

A small apartment causes a number of problems in terms of space design. Interior studio 25 square meters. m should be carefully designed. Even the smallest apartment can be turned into a comfortable and cozy nest for permanent residence of one or two people if desired and competently planned. The main objective of the arrangement project is to optimize the most functional space without clutter and tightness.

When designing an apartment, consider the technical components of the studio plan: the location of the radiators of the heating system, windows, ventilation risers, water supply risers. Make a detailed plan of the location of zones so that daylight is present in all parts of the apartment.

To visually expand the space, use light colors when decorating walls and floors. In small apartments most often one window, and if the walls are dark, then there will be an effect of a closed oppressive psyche of space.

To divide a small space into a kitchen, living room and bedroom area in an interior studio of 25 square meters. m use different techniques: from furniture zoning to the creation of sliding partitions.Each zone must be functionally complete. If there is not enough space to install a full-sized double bed, then you can use the folding option. Such beds can be disassembled in a few seconds if necessary. When folded, this design takes the form of a cabinet.

Zoning Guidelines

Zoning in a studio apartment

There are several techniques for zoning a studio apartment space. The most common way is to separate zones with furniture and interior items. At the same time, the main space remains open. This is not always convenient, so we will consider in detail some of the techniques with which you can divide an apartment into functionally different zones.

To separate the bedroom, you can use a curtain of thick fabric. In this case, the guides do not necessarily have to be linear. You can use flexible mounts and make a curtain in the shape of a semicircle. When zoning curtains, you can use a thin and light translucent fabric.

Sliding partitions look very impressive when separating the kitchen area or the same bedroom area.The basis of the partition can be made of glass, drywall and even fabric. If you decide to make the interior in Chinese style, then such sliding partitions will become not only a bright part of the design, but also a functional element of space zoning.

Screens are also used to separate zones. They can be with a tight skin, excluding visibility, or transparent. Such designs are mobile, if desired, you can move or remove the screen.

A very attractive and functional zoning technique is the cabinet, the design of which does not include walls. Flower pots, books or statuettes to decorate the interior can be put on the shelves of such an entire shelf. The main thing is not to pile the shelves with unnecessary things. This design should decorate the room.

Interior design studios

Currently, in each city of the country one can find more than one studio specializing in the design of interior design for residential space. Interior studios in Moscow offer various options for decorating a small apartment. An original design will be developed for your home according to your preferences and desires.Based on the characteristics of the layout of the apartment, competent designers will select the most convenient and functional version of the room design.

StyleHome is an interior design studio in Moscow, which is engaged not only in the provision of design services for a room, but also offers its services in the implementation of established projects.

N-CUBE is a design studio specializing in the entire spectrum of interior design. Specialists of the company can perform furniture of any complexity on the individual project of the customer.

Polaris Design is an interior design studio in Moscow that deals with interior planning of any complexity. The organization has extensive experience in the design of turnkey premises.


If you are the owner of a small apartment, do not be upset. Even the smallest classic studio apartment can be turned into a comfortable and functional accommodation. Modern methods of interior design will fit in a small area all the areas that should have a full-fledged apartment. With proper planning, you will not have a feeling of lack of space.

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