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The rate of water consumption per person is an indicator that determines the cost of water supply in apartment buildings that are not equipped with individual consumption meters.

water norm per person per month

In our time there is no single unifieddata for calculating the rate of cold and hot water. Therefore, the calculation is not entirely standard. The rate of water per person is selected depending on the region and region in which it lives. The norm, of course, also affects a number of many other factors.

About the rules of consumption

The decision on what will be the water norm per persona month receives a water canal or a special commission, which includes employees who serve the housing stock, officials and representatives from the administration of the water canal. In some cases, if it is planned to reduce the rate or significantly increase the cost of services, the decision will be taken together with representatives of public organizations.

Indicators for the consumption of water per personin a month set as indicated in the declared documentation, however, in addition, account is taken of building standards and rules, which include the technical specifics of the water supply system, as well as the level of improvement of the communal sphere in a particular institution.

Determination of standards in home ownership

The standards can be defined by the absence orThe presence in the house of a bathroom, a shower, a washbasin or a bathroom sink in the bathroom, it also matters whether the apartment (house) is equipped with other equipment that is related to the water supply (dishwasher, washing machine).

The standard is defined proceeding from and in what purposes it is necessary to use water.

water per person

When the rate of water per person is calculated inmonth, take into account all the water that was used for servicing housing (water supply - cold and hot and technical), do not forget the utilities in their estimate and the services of water disposal.

The standards that are set in the region depend on the type of heating equipment, the type of water supply and the characteristics of the sewage system.

As is known, consumption data is taken into account not only for a certain season, but also for a month, a week, a day and even an hour.

Average consumption in the Russian Federation

The norm of cold water per person is variablemeaning, and in different regions of Russia it is significantly different. Here is the list, which includes the statistics of the largest areas of the country, regarding the standards of water consumption by one citizen:

  • Yekaterinburg - 4,25 m3.
  • Moscow - 6,89 m3.
  • Saint Petersburg - 3.35 m3.
  • Permsky Krai - 5.78 m3.
  • Leningrad Region - 4.90 m3.
  • Novosibirsk - 5.91 m3.

The rate of hot water per person is approximatelyequal to 166 liters per month, while the cold use about 233 liters. The Ministry of Construction asserts that the average Russian spends a number of times using water and sanitary equipment:

cold water per person

  • use of the toilet - 118 times;
  • washing in the shower - 25 times;
  • washing dishes - 95 times;
  • takes a bath - 4 times;
  • use of the sink - 107 times.

General needs, which includewashing and wet cleaning, are about 31 times. Based on the above data, you can understand why the norm of cold water per person is more than hot. The cost of its filing is cheaper, and therefore residents of households will spend it more.

Changes in 2017

Since the second half of 2016, the payment rate has increased by fifty percent according to the standards.

Before the communal services was setthe task of stimulating the equipment of the water supply system in apartment buildings and living quarters, setting in them individual instruments for registering the account of water resource consumption.

The Russian government also decided that,that it is necessary to increase the rate of water per person per month. Since January 2017, the law has come into force, increasing the service payment rate. In relation to the initial norms, it increased by sixty percent.

the rate of hot water per person

Those who install personal consumption meters will be able to pay only as much water as they have spent. This is an excellent opportunity to save personal funds.

The one who owns a room in a multi-apartmenthouses or is the person to whom the personal account in the organization providing the communal service is opened, should personally address the issue of installing general house and individual metering devices.

The adopted document provides for the application of sanctions against residents who will intervene in the operation of meters using magnets or other equipment.

If a fraud has been established against a user, they are obliged to pay for water consumption not according to the personal meter, but, based on the standard, which will be increased several times.


It is important to say that after the entry into forcesome laws, a new level of water consumption for visiting the restroom, showering and other activities that are associated with the use of water resources. It is stipulated in the document and the fact that some people do not have the opportunity to install a personal water metering device. In this case, the tenant is exempted from paying the raising factor, and the cost of services will be calculated and implemented on the basis of new standards.

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