The romantic capital of Austria

Location and climate

Vienna, the capital of Austria,It is considered to be one of the most comfortable European cities and a center of culture. To visit the ski resorts of Tirol and not to call at least a couple of days in a town located in the valley, not to visit one of 80 museums, not to see the Vienna Opera and not to taste apple strudel - moveton. It is best to visit the capital of Austria in late spring and early autumn. After all, the climate here is subalpine, which suggests a hot summer and a cold, snowy and windy winter.

The capital of Austria


The capital of Austriathere are more than two thousand years. However, frequent wars and fires did not preserve for us most of the monuments of the Roman and medieval heritage. The whole city is a wonderful example of baroque and belle époque. In the midst of this fanciful magnificence stands the 12th century Gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral with a beautiful patterned roof. It is best to start exploring Vienna from the ascent to the Donauturm tower - the highest point from where you can survey the entire city and outline a further route.If you are too lazy to climb, you can choose an alternative - the Ferris wheel, raising to a 65-meter height.

Heritage of antiquity

The Judenplatz Square occupies the once vast Jewish quarter. It preserved medieval synagogue. Also worthy of a visit to the memorial to local Jews who died during the Holocaust. From Judenplatz we move towards the historical center. On the way, we meet the Plague Column, established in honor of the end of the epidemic, the Church of St. Peter, the Vienna Opera, the Hofburg Palace. Do not lose sight of the beautiful example of the original architecture of our time - a residential house built in 1986 according to the project of Hundertwasser. The building looks like a green hill: grass and bushes grow on the roof, and inside some rooms there are also trees.

Vienna, Austria


Most of the city’s museums are concentrated in one block, which is called Mukva (MQ), an abbreviation of the Museum Quarter. The “must-see” includes the Leopold Museum with a collection of art by Austrian masters of the late 19th - early 21st centuries, the Art Museum and Albertina. The capital of Austriaalso known for the fact that Sigmund Freud lived and worked here - the psychologist’s office has now been turned into a house-museum.


The capital of Austria is not as famous in terms of cheap shopping as Milan, but still you can get a good look at it. Go straight to the southern outskirts of the city: in the commercial center Shopping City Sud under one roof there are about fifty boutiques. Trade in expensive designer items is carried out in the so-called “golden triangle”. It is shaped by the dots of the Hofburg Palace, the Vienna Opera and the Cathedral of Sts. Stefan. The streets of Lochmarkt, Graben, Cartner, Margarethenshtrasse and Mariahilfer almost entirely consist of shops. The oldest market of the city Naschmarkt - the place of sale of antiques.

Vienna is the capital of Austria

Culinary capital of Austria

Yes, Vienna is famous not only for its museums and architectural monuments, Strauss waltzes and beautiful palaces over the Danube, but also gastronomic wonders. Gourmets from all over the world come here to enjoy authentic strudel, Viennese schnitzel, drink Viennese coffee in the famous old coffee shops Julius Meinl, enjoy Mozart brand chocolate, Manner waffles or Zaher cakes. And, of course, we must pay tribute to the fine fine wines from Styria.


Vienna, Austria,and the whole of Western Europe is not a cheap pleasure.But in this expensive city you can find quite affordable otelchiki on the outskirts or even hostels in the very center, in the Ringstrasse (Old Town) district.

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