The wife of Vdovichenkova Elena Lyadova: biography, filmography

Vdovichenkova's wife, Elena, is known as a Russian theater and film actress. With Vladimir, the girl became close on the set of the Leviathan film. In October of this year, it became known that the actress is pregnant.

Biography of the actress

Elena was born in a small town Morshansk. At an early age, she decided that she would become a famous actress. The girl dreamed of being a TV star. At home, she often held small theatrical scenes, which made her loved ones very happy and amused. In the late 80s, the Lyadov family moved to Odintsovo, Moscow region, which made the girl’s children's desires a little easier.

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After attending school, Elena Lyadova decided to study at a theater school. A talented girl was able to attract the attention of members of the selection committee and get into the ranks of students from the first time. In 2002, Lyadova graduated from the Moscow Higher Theater School with a degree in theater and film actress.Then she was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Theater of Young Spectators. Debut roles in the theater for the actress were staged by Russian folk tales and performances by Russian classics.

Elena Lyadova: Filmography

Playing in the theater, Elena was able to express herself as a diverse and talented actress. It was on the stage that the directors noticed actress Elena Lyadova and invited them to a movie. In the mid-2000s, three films with the participation of the actress were released: “Space, as a Premonition,” “Soldier's Decameron,” “Pavlova Dog”. For shooting in the last movie, Elena was awarded a prestigious award.

A wide audience Elena Lyadova remembered thanks to the roles she played in such TV shows as “The Testament of Lenin” and “The Brothers Karamazov”. Both series are the adaptation of Russian classics. In the television series on the work of V. Shalamov, the actress performed the role of the wife of the protagonist. In The Brothers Karamazov, Elena played her first notable role - Grushenka Svetlova.

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In the late 2000s, thanks to filming on television series, Lyadov began to appear frequently on screens. Triumph for the actress was the picture of A. Zvyagintsev "Elena", shot in 2011.In the film, Lyadova played the daughter of the protagonist, who after the death of her father begins to fight the stepmother because of the inheritance. For shooting in the film, the actress received the Golden Eagle and was awarded the Nika Award for Best Supporting Act. A little later, for participation in the film "Geographer Globe Propyl", Elena received the award "Golden Eagle" for "Best Actress".

World fame

International fame came to wife Vdovichenkova with the painting "Levifan". After filming the picture of Elena learned all over the world. At the heart of the picture is the story from the Bible about the prophet Job, which the director modernized and transferred to the Russian motive. The tape "Levifan" won many international awards and was even nominated for an Oscar.

Elena Ladova

Lyadova's partner on the set was Russian actor Vladimir Vdovichenkov, known to many thanks to the roles she played in such films as “The Brigade”, “Boomer” and “Time to Collect Stones”. The tape brought together the actors. After the premiere, Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Elena Lyadova began to be spoken of as a couple.

In 2015, the films “Treason” and “Orleans” were broadcast on television, which also became vivid episodes in the career of a young actress.So, for participation in the film parable "Orleans" Lyadov was awarded the MIFF-2015 for the best actress.

The love story of Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Elena Lyadova

Vladimir and Elena can rightfully be considered one of the most modest and closed pairs of Russian cinema. Young people practically do not comment on their relationships, and their true marital status can only be determined by the wedding rings on the ring finger.

Their love story began on the shooting of the acclaimed film "Levifan", where they played lovers. The romance shown on the screen instantly grew into a real romance. At that time, a stellar office romance spun on the set caused a storm of emotions in the media.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Elena Jadova

After some time, Elena and Vladimir excited everyone with their joint appearance at the Kinotavr in Sochi. The actors were not shy about their feelings, but they did not officially confirm the relationship in which they were formed. In the capital, Vdovichenkov and Lyadov began to appear more and more often at secular parties. And a couple of months after the release of the picture “Levifan”, a beautiful ring shone on Elena’s hand.In January 2015, it was reported that Elena officially became the wife of Vladimir Vdovichenkov. At the marriage ceremony attended only the closest friends and relatives of the young.

Elena's relationship to Vladimir

Before formalizing relations with Vdovichenkov, Elena lived in a civil marriage with Alexander Yatsenko, known to many on the TV series “Thaw”. Relationships in the pair could also be considered an office romance.

Young people met in the frame. On the set of the picture “Soldier's Decameron”, Vdovichenkova’s wife played one of the girls of the main character, Bori, played by Yatsenko. Having lived in a civil marriage for 8 years, the star couple broke up.

Elena Ladova filmography

Alexander Yatsenko left Elena to make-up artist Maria Rozhkova. Surprisingly, in the television series “The Thaw”, the character played by Alexander, in the story also throws the love of his life and goes to the unloved woman make-up artist. However, in real life, the new girl, Maria Rozhkova, became for Yatsenko the official wife and mother of her son Miroslav.

Personal life Vdovichenkova

Before the marriage with Elena, Vladimir was officially married three times. It is known that the first time he tied the knot at 18 years of age.At that time, the man did not think that he would become a famous actor and just entered the nautical school of the northern capital of Russia. The union with a girl from a parallel class, alas, turned out to be short-lived.

After 2 years, Vladimir married a second time. His wife was a girl named Anna. In this marriage, a son was born Leonid. However, this union did not last long. When Vdovichenkov turned 27, he chose Natalia Davydova as his wife.

From the age of 33, a famous artist began to live a civil marriage with actress Olga Filippova. From this union was born the girl Veronica. After living in marriage for about 10 years, Vdovichenkov left the family.

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Elena and Vladimir today

A popular actor before his marriage with Lyadovaya more than once stated publicly that he was disappointed in his family life. None of the unions brought Vdovichenkov happiness. Vladimir often said that he would not enter into a new relationship, especially with an actress. However, probably, the star of the television series “Treason” - the current wife of Vladimir Vdovichenkov - was able to find a way to attract a brutal man. Vladimir answered the actress in return.

Not so long ago, information appeared in the media, on the basis of which it became known that Elena was in position.According to journalists, the star couple will soon have a daughter. For the wife of Vdovichenkov, the girl will be the first child, for Vladimir - the third. That's how the office romance could grow into a real feeling.

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