Therapeutic fraction "ASD-2" for human

As a remedy, the fraction "ASD-2" forthe person began to gain popularity only in recent years, although the drug was used in practice immediately after the Second World War. Antiseptic was created by government order in a secret laboratory, as a means to protect people and animals from the effects of poisonous substances and radiation.

Unfortunately, the fraction "ASD-2" (for the person) up toIt is still not recognized as official medicine and is intended only for the treatment of animals. You can buy the medicine only in veterinary pharmacies. Also, there is no official instruction for the use of the drug.

However, many medical expertsThe benefit of the "ASD-2" faction for a person. In addition, the antiseptic stimulant has antibacterial properties, it strengthens the immune system, regenerates damaged tissues. There are two fractions of the drug, which are called "Fraction-2" (for internal use) and "Fraction-3" (they are used only from the outside).

List of diseases that are treated withpreparation "ASD-2", it is difficult for a person to remember. This is practically a panacea for all ills. Fraction-2 is used for any women's diseases, including infertility and frigidity. The drug helps to remove drug addiction. With its help, treat prostatitis, impotence, tuberculosis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, various types of arthrosis.

The agent is indicated for stroke, heart attack,pathologies of the heart, vascular diseases. Thanks to the use of antiseptic stimulant, gastritis, ulcers, colitis, bacteriosis, helminthic infestations can be treated. It is used for kidney disease (nephritis) and liver. This antiseptic restores the destroyed tissues of the body, helps with tonsillitis and periodontal disease. There is an opinion that the fraction "ASD-2" for weight loss can also be used.

Good results showed syringingvagina solution of fraction-2. As a result, not only chlamydia and Trichomonas were destroyed. It can remove myoma, fibroma, erosion, cervical cancer. It was after the effective destruction of trichomonads in women in the fifties were massively (unofficially) to use an antiseptic stimulant.

Antiseptic (together with fraction-3) successfullyDermatitis, eczema, trophic ulcers, acne and other skin diseases are treated. There are cases when using the drug in less than a year got rid of severe forms of psoriasis and neurodermatitis. And with fibroids, adenomas, myomas and other tumors that are benign, you can do without operations in 80 percent of cases. Particularly effective is the fraction "ASD-2" for a person suffering from deeply hidden infections (venereal diseases, tuberculosis) and trichomonads, which causes diseases of the cardiac and vascular system and cancer.

For the treatment of certain diseases, there are methods and schemes for the use of the drug, briefly called "ASD-2 Fraction".

Instructions for use of Doros antiseptic stimulant

Virtually any disease can be cured by performing the following three-month course of therapy.

Fraction-2 is consumed in the morning on an empty stomach half an hour beforebreakfast. The first five days take five drops of antiseptic, then take a break for three days. The next five days use 10 drops with the next break. And in such a sequence bring the dose to 25 drops at a time. Then the course is repeated anew, beginning with five drops. Thus, there should be three courses. To wash down not so pleasant on taste, more correctly to tell or say, on a smell, the medicine which is made from extracts from fabrics of animals, it is possible only cold boiled water. The amount of liquid should not exceed a quarter or half a glass - depends on the number of drops.

There are also schemes for taking the drug in large doses, which allow you to defeat some types of cancer, provided you have an early appointment with a doctor.

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Therapeutic fraction ASD-2 for human Therapeutic fraction ASD-2 for human Therapeutic fraction ASD-2 for human Therapeutic fraction ASD-2 for human Therapeutic fraction ASD-2 for human Therapeutic fraction ASD-2 for human Therapeutic fraction ASD-2 for human Therapeutic fraction ASD-2 for human Therapeutic fraction ASD-2 for human Therapeutic fraction ASD-2 for human