Therapeutic properties of birch buds

The healing properties of birch buds are known for a long time: anti-inflammatory, diuretic, analgesic - and this is not the whole list. The birch itself is a unique plant:therapeutic properties of birch budsin medicine and cosmetology her leaves are used(young, early), kidneys, bark, juice, tar. Propolis, a product of processing of excretions from birch buds by bees, is a useful and proven means.

Collection and harvesting of birch buds

For medical and cosmetic purposesSeveral species of birches are used: white, ribbed and dangling. From this, the healing properties of birch buds do not change. Collect raw materials at the time of heat, when the juice begins to circulate through the tree. Depending on the region, this is the period from the beginning to the middle of February to April. At the time of collection, the kidneys should not be too swollen, and the branches - not covered with leaves. It is then that the raw materials are rich in useful trace elements. To collect kidneys, cut the branches and spread them in a thin layer in a ventilated room. It can be an attic or a canopy. After a while, the kidneys are plucked, passing along the branch with a hand. Sifted through the sieve raw materials should be stored in paper bags.

Therapeutic properties of birch budstincture on birch buds

  • Useful properties of birch buds in the first placeare associated with a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. The main value is tannins, phytoncides and flavonoids, which in percentage ratio exceed the content in elderberry flowers.
  • Alcohol tincture on birch budsIt is recommended for the treatment of many gastrointestinal diseases, for example, ulcers or gastritis. The recipe for this extraordinarily useful remedy goes back to Siberia. It was there that the local herbalists first began to insist on the buds on home brew (0.5 liters of moonshine per 1 glass of raw materials) for 20 days. The filtered infusion is taken up to 30 drops after breakfast, lunch and dinner, previously diluted with water or honey. But when indigestion and accompanying this ailment pain reception increase to 5 times.
  • In combination with the leaves of red bilberry, birch buds perfectly cope with urolithiasis, cystitis, since both raw materials have a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • contraindications recommendationsDecoction of young leaves and kidneys is the first help for weakened and dull hair.
  • The healing properties of birch buds make it possible to classify them as a "blood cleansing" remedy. In a complex with ointments and lotions they effectively fight with skin diseases, rash, acne.
  • In the form of compresses and for rubbing tincture is used for rheumatism, arthritis and gout, relieving pain and tension in the muscles.
  • With the slow healing of wounds, their infection or inflammation, it is also recommended to use a decoction of birch buds for wiping and bathing.

Birch buds - folk recipes

  • In diseases of the joints (arthritis, arthrosis,ankylosis), gout and rheumatism is effective decoction of birch buds. 1 tsp raw material is poured 200 ml boiling water, cooked over low heat for 10 minutes, after which the broth is wrapped and infused for an hour. It should be taken after filtration of 50 ml from three to five times a day.
  • Tincture with anti-inflammatory and strongAn anesthetic property is prepared from the kidneys of birch and black poplar (sedge) buds. It is incredibly effective for non-healing infected wounds and for infectious prostatitis. The method of preparation is quite simple: equal parts of the chopped buds of poplar and birch (total volume of 1 glass) are poured with 0.5 liters of vodka and insisted for 21 days. Inside is taken on 20 drops, diluted in water. For external use, compresses are applied to the perineal region. The course of treatment - 21 days, 7 days break.
  • Ointment from birch buds is used forinflammation and pain in the joints, in the lower back, with non-healing wounds. Preparing it is a troublesome business, but as a result you will get a large amount of a wonderful analgesic and bactericidal agent that will last long. For cooking, you need 1 cup of kidney and 0.5 kg of pig internal fat or butter. Raw material is added to the heat-resistant dishes in layers of 2 cm, tightly closed with a lid and left overnight in the oven at 100 degrees. In the morning, the mass should be slightly cooled and filtered. The ointment is ready.

Other medicinal properties of birchbirch buds

  • Cleansing the body of toxins can be done withusing wraps from young birch leaves, which are kneaded to isolate the juice and spread out on the sheet. You can put them in tissue bags. Then the body turns into a sheet or is covered with filled bags. The procedure is accompanied by excessive sweating, runny nose, and watery eyes.
  • With dermatitis in the groin and under the arms,accompanied by itching and unpleasant odor, a mixture of birch bark powder and lemon juice helps a lot. Practically after a week of daily use, the problem of odor will be solved.
  • And, of course, it is worth paying attention toelimination of toxins and activation of metabolism in the body. An irreplaceable means for this is birch juice or kvass, cooked on its basis. Birch sap is a natural natural antioxidant.
  • And for weight loss and fight against cellulite, the bath with a birch broom perfectly helps. These procedures are general wellness and strengthening for the body.

Treatment with birch buds: contraindications

Recommendations of doctors - this is what you needbe guided before self-medication. Even with such harmless means as folk recipes, there are side effects. For example, infusion or decoction from birch buds can irritate the stomach and kidney mucosa, so long-term use is not recommended. It is strictly forbidden to use in any kind of kidneys pregnant and lactating women.

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