Thorns on foot: treatment and causes

Thorns on the foot can appear unexpectedly and cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Of course, the feet are a place that is constantly subjected to pressure when walking. There really can not be saved from pain. Therefore, the treatment of such education on the skin becomes for the sick a matter of prime importance and of extreme importance. How to remove the nails on the leg so as to forget about it forever. Let's deal with this issue.

Spitz - what is it?

It is sometimes difficult for people who are not knowledgeable in medicine to understand that the discomfort that has been following them lately is a sign of illness, and it is time to see a doctor. If you suddenly find some strange formation on your foot, like a wart and interfering with walking, then this information will be of particular interest to you, because it may be a spike. On the feet, it appears most often. Its other name is plantar wart. In Latin - Verruca plantaris. Thorny is a viral neoplasm and in its appearance may resemble a simple callus.But, unlike the latter, Verruca plantaris is very painful.

spikelet on foot

Typically, the spinea does not exceed 1-2 cm in diameter and is a rounded or oval painful area of ​​the skin, clearly defined, tight to the touch. The color varies from grayish to grayish yellow. In the center there can be seen black-brown spots - clogged capillaries. If you carefully examine the wart after taking a warm bath, you can see in its center filamentous growths.

Thorns on the foot: causes of appearance

The cause of the disease is the human papilloma virus. And the penetration of the virus into the body with its subsequent activation can contribute to the failure of the immune system. The risk is especially great if there is damage to the skin on the foot. For example, it may be a small wound or a scuff caused by cramped, uncomfortable shoes. Contributes to the multiplication of viruses and increased humidity. If the legs are constantly sweating, then this may trigger the beginning of the disease.

How does the infection occur?

You can catch the papilloma virus through contact with a sick person, as well as through objects that he actively uses.The incubation period is from one and a half to two months. As mentioned above, entrance gates for a disease are injuries to the skin. Therefore, if there are any, then it is necessary to be especially careful when visiting public places such as the sauna, gymnasium, swimming pool, etc.

spine on her foot how to treat

To avoid possible infection, it is recommended never to use other people's personal hygiene items, as well as shoes. If suddenly there is a splinter under the skin, then you need to immediately pull it out and process the wound. Look at what a spike on a foot looks like (photo at the beginning of the article), and try not to allow this disease, because getting rid of it is not so easy, but possible. In the following chapters, we will examine in detail how to do this.

The most effective ways to remove plantar warts

The following methods are used for the treatment of spinules:

  • cryodestruction (freezing with liquid nitrogen);
  • cauterization with various chemical agents;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • laser treatment;
  • special immunotherapy;
  • alternative medicine (treatment with the help of folk remedies).

When to start treatment

The spike on the foot in some cases may spontaneously disappear without any treatment. Such a miraculous deliverance from the painful affliction indicates that a person’s immunity is capable of developing an effective protection against viruses.

how to remove the nails on the foot

But not everyone is so lucky! Therefore, if you see that the plantar wart begins to multiply on the feet, to bleed and it hurts a lot, you do not need to hesitate, but you should quickly resort to medical aid. Or you can try to get medical treatment yourself with folk remedies, patches or ointments that are sold in the pharmacy chain.

Physical effects on viral warts

  1. If a spike on the foot appeared, how to treat it? Burning with liquid nitrogen is one of the most common and affordable methods. The fact is that t ° of liquid nitrogen is -195.8 ° C, which allows completely destroying the skin hyperkeratotic formation caused by the human papillomavirus using deep freezing. A spike during a similar procedure is removed very quickly - within one minute. It will be quite painful, but tolerable; no traces on the skin after cryodestruction remains.It may take from 3 to 5 sessions for complete recovery.
  2. The second effective method is electrocoagulation (cauterization with electric current). The procedure is completely painless (local anesthesia is performed in front of it) and allows you to permanently remove a wart along with the root. A small scar may remain on the foot.
  3. Removal of the spinea using a laser. It uses an impulsive laser. The affected tissue dies off and the wart falls off. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

how to remove the nails on the foot

Chemical methods

Now let's talk about how to remove the nails on the foot using chemical methods available in the arsenal of modern medicine. To do this, apply different reagents for cauterization of warts: solkoderm, perezol, debilin, trichloroacetic acid and cantharidin. The latter is obtained from the hemolymph of insects - wolf beetles. Cantaridin is mixed with salicylic acid, superimposed on the nail and fixed thoroughly on top.

spikelets on the feet

At the end of the seven-day period, dead skin areas are cut. Pain during the procedure is quite strong, there is a noticeable scar on the skin.


How to remove the nails on the foot, stimulating the human immune system? This can be done with the help of special therapy. At the same time, any drug capable of activating the immune system, for example, Interferon, is injected into the body of the wart. Sometimes after that, the patient has symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of flu. The introduction of the drug can cause very painful sensations. True, it does not last long.

The epidparotitis virus is sometimes introduced into the plantar wart, after which an antigen begins to be produced in it, which triggers the body’s immune response.

Traditional treatments for plantar warts

Many people are interested in: if a spiny dog ​​appeared on the foot, how to treat it with folk remedies and whether it can be done. There are lots of good recipes that have helped many people. Here are some of them:

  • Onions pound to a state of gruel and pour vinegar. Before you put onion-vinegar mixture on the skin, you need to stick to it a patch with a hole, which must be the same in diameter with the wart. After applying the mixture on top of the nails also a piece of plaster is applied.This therapeutic compress is done three nights in a row.
  • You can remove a wart from the foot with the help of a dough mixed in vinegar. The procedure is done in the same way as the previous one, but first you need to thoroughly steam the nail and cut off the upper layer. If the wart is small, then one such procedure will be quite enough.
  • In the event that the spinner has spread widely over the surface of the foot, nettle (young) helps well. You need to grind the plant to obtain a slurry, put the mixture on a sheet of burdock and wrap the entire sole overnight. Above it is recommended to wear warm wool socks. The morning result should please. To consolidate the effect of the procedure must be repeated.
  • A baby spike on a child's foot can be cured with garlic, horseradish or potatoes, grated on a fine grater and applied to corns for the night. Children are not afraid of such treatment at all.
  • Do not forget about such a wonderful plant as celandine - a favorite folk remedy in the treatment of warts. If you want to avoid unnecessary fuss, then you can buy the drug "Super Cleaner" at the pharmacy and use it.
  • Who has a kalanchoe growing on the window, he can safely use it to get rid of the spike. Parts of the plant need a little hand to knead and roll out.After that, dip in a bowl of hot water. After 10 minutes, lower your legs there too. As a result of a number of such water procedures, the wart should disappear soon. From the softened Kalanchoe, you can make an ordinary compress - it also helps a lot.
  • And this method of alternative medicine may cause you rejection, but knowledgeable people say that this is a very effective tool. Consider how to remove a spike on your foot with raw meat. The foot, where the corn is, you need to thoroughly steam and attach to the problem area a small piece of fresh raw meat. Leg bandaged and do not remove the bandage for 3-4 days. After this period, the wart will soften so much that, most likely, it will fall out along with the root. If this does not happen, the procedure is repeated.

spikelet on baby's foot

Ointment treatment

Spike on the foot can be treated with 10% salicylic ointment and Viferon, along with immuno-fortifying drugs. However, you will have to be patient, since the time of cure can be quite long. Perhaps this method of healing is more suitable for those people who have a wart is not very painful, and therefore time does not matter to them.

Medical patches

There are many reviews about the "Salipod" plaster as a very effective means for reducing plantar warts. How to remove the nails on the foot with such a plaster? You need to stick it on education and walk like this for several days. Then the patch is removed, and the softened surface of the wart is carefully cut off. Then everything repeats until the spike does not leave any traces. With this treatment, there is no pain.

 how to remove the nails on the foot

Recently, Chinese corn plasters have appeared on the market, in the annotations to which it is said that they not only help from corns and dry corns, but also serve for the attention of the spinach. The method of their use is the same as in the treatment with Salipod.


Thorns on the feet can be cured even if they have grown very much. Do not panic and worry too much if you find yourself in this problem. We are sure that in the very near future you will find a suitable method of treatment for yourself and permanently get rid of the spike. We wish you good health!

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