Tincture of cherries on vodka - cooking at home

Home-made alcoholic beverages are always welcome on the holiday table. To regulate their strength and richness of taste is possible due to independent preparation. The most popular is the cherries tincture on vodka, popularly called "cherry". Many people use amazing and useful drink even as a medicine.

Properties of cherry tincture

Around the world there are a huge number of types of cherries. Aromatic berry is valued for the content of vitamins, fructose, glucose, potassium, organic acids, sodium, iron. Its healing properties turned back in ancient times. Cherry has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, expectorant and antiseptic action. Useful properties in tincture, liqueur, jam, jam are preserved.

Cherry tincture on vodka

Berry juice has a positive effect on the digestive process and helps to cope with prolonged constipation.A delicious tincture of cherries on vodka will be especially useful for people who have problems with the circulatory system and heart disease. In this classic recipe, you must add buckwheat honey. According to the content of nutrients, it is not inferior to juicy berries, and in duet the effect will be as positive as possible.

What to use for tincture - vodka or alcohol?

In medicine, medicinal tinctures are produced on alcohol. High-degree liquid well dissolves various substances contained in fruits, berries, herbs, thereby enhancing the therapeutic effect. For home cooking tinctures, you can use vodka. You must choose the highest quality alcoholic product.

Simple recipe for cherry tincture

There are many options for making a delicious berry drink. Every inveterate winemaker has a “secret” ingredient, thanks to which an unusual tincture of cherries on vodka is obtained. The recipe for the classic drink involves the use of only three components: cherries, sugar and alcohol. Experts say that if you replace the food alcohol with good, high-quality vodka, the taste of the tincture will not suffer.

Tincture of cherry on vodka simple recipe

Cherry for making homemade drink should be juicy and ripe, burgundy. Some varieties of berries are quite sweet, so the sugar will need a minimum amount. Not only freshly harvested, but also frozen fruits will be used if the tincture is prepared during the cold season.

How to make a cherry liqueur on vodka with a pleasant aroma and a special taste? It is recommended to slightly podvyalit cherry in the sun to remove excess moisture. For this, the berries are laid out on a cardboard or newspaper in a single layer and left in the sun. After 2-3 days, the cherry will reach the desired state. If the weather does not have, you can use the oven and put berries there for 4-5 hours. It is made to enrich the taste of cherry drink.

Cooking process

For 3 kg of ripe berries it is necessary to prepare 500 g of sugar and 2.5 liters of alcohol (vodka). The amount of sugar can be increased if the taste is more sweet drinks. It is still better to start with the minimum quantity and gradually change the volume of the components at will. Before you prepare a cherry liqueur on vodka, you should prepare a container for infusing an alcoholic product.Suitable three-liter glass jar, thoroughly washed.

Cherry tincture on vodka recipe

Cherry should be well rinsed with clean water (you can use a sieve). You should not risk and use unwashed berries. Although many experts argue that this practice is no exception.

Pure berries are laid in a jar with a small layer, then half of the sugar should be poured. Then again put the cherry and sugar. The final component should be a berry that is laid to the very neck of the jar.

The last action is to fill the container with vodka. The liquid should completely cover the cherry fruit.

How to withstand the drink?

The bank should be closed with a cap (capron) and sign the date of commencement of preparation. It is better to insist "cherry" in a dark place, such as in a cellar or a closet. Thus, the saturated tint of the drink and the pronounced taste will remain. Many people advise not to restrict the tincture in the air admission and cover the jar with several layers of clean gauze.

How to make a cherry liqueur on vodka

After a few days the container must be removed and the contents mixed. This should be done within four weeks so that the sugar is completely dissolved.After the main exposure, the drink should be drained and poured into clean bottles. The remaining cherries are again placed in a jar and again filled with sugar. Both liquid and berries should be insisted at least another week in a dark place.

Final stage

In order for the cherries tincture on vodka to acquire a characteristic rich taste, it is necessary to mix the filtered liquid with the resulting syrup. You can strain the thick syrup through cheesecloth or a fine sieve. Combining the components, the tincture is poured into bottles with corks. It is recommended to immediately taste the product obtained and, if necessary, dilute it with natural cherry juice. In this form, a tincture of cherries with pits on vodka can be stored for a year. After this period, the taste characteristics change somewhat, but to use such a product is also allowed.

Spicy Cherry: Recipe

Fans of original flavors and unusual flavors will love the cherry tincture on vodka (a simple recipe) with the addition of various spices. You must stock the following components:

  • Cherry (dark, juicy) - 2 kg.
  • Vodka (or diluted food alcohol) - 1 l.
  • Sugar - 250-300 g.
  • Cinnamon - half a teaspoon or 2 sticks.
  • Carnation - 8 buds or 1 tsp.
  • Nutmeg, Badian - half a teaspoon.
  • Coriander - optional (0.5 tsp.).

Berries should be sorted, washed and dried. Each cherry must be pierced with a toothpick in order to release more juice in the tincture. Fruits are laid in a clean container with a wide neck layers, alternating with spices and sugar. Spices can also be poured into a bag made of thick fabric and dipped into the bottle.

If the bottle is sealed with a lid, the drink will have a strong taste. To tincture came out soft and easy to drink, it is better to tightly tie the neck with gauze, folded in several layers.

The process of insisting is different from the classic recipe. It is necessary to keep the container in the sun (it is possible on the windowsill) for 2 months. Be sure to mix the cherries every 3 days. When the tincture of cherries on vodka is ready, it is filtered and poured into a bottle. This drink is stored in a cool place, protected from sunlight. Cool well before serving.

Quick Cherry Tincture Recipe

When you want to surprise guests with an alcoholic drink of their own preparation, for example, for a celebration, but the time for its preparation is just enough, you should turn to a proven and reliable method.Made a quick tincture of cherries on vodka for 2 weeks. It is important to comply with the technology, and then the output will be an amazing drink.

A quick tincture of cherries on vodka

First of all, gently wash and remove the cherries from leaves, cuttings and spoiled fruit. The amount will be needed to fill the bottle to the top. Before filling the container berries must be dried so that the tincture is not watery.

Vodka for making homemade cherry drink is better to take not the cheapest, because the taste of the future tincture depends on this ingredient. Choose one that you usually get for a feast. It will take at least 1 liter. Sahara take the minimum amount - 200 g.

Step-by-step instruction

Pure berries fall asleep in the bottle to the very neck and fill with forty-degree liquid so that all the cherries are covered. Tightly close the container with a nylon cap and set in a dark, cool place (not a fridge) for 2 weeks.

The next stage is filtering. Separate the liquid from the cherries using gauze or a sieve. Berries are left in the same glass container and fall asleep with sugar. This part is again covered with a lid and sent to infuse.

Cherry tincture with pits on vodka

The liquid is poured into a clean container, close the lid and put in a dark place.

After 4 days from the cherries it is necessary to drain the syrup, squeezed through gauze, and add it to the second bottle. Now the alcoholic product is considered completely ready for use. Store the tincture preferably in the cellar or on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Do I need to remove bones from cherries to make tinctures?

Before you make a tincture of cherries on vodka, many are wondering about the removal of seeds. Is it really worth doing this because the hydrocyanic acid and amygdalin contained in them have a negative effect on the body? In fact, the possibility of poisoning is excluded.

The process of insisting the drink is not so long that the harmful substances have time to stand out. In addition, the drink is not heat treated. Cherry bones do not increase bitterness, but, on the contrary, improve taste, thanks to which cherry liqueur on vodka is drunk well.

Pitted recipe "cherry"

Over the preparation of such a drink will have to work hard. Bones from the berries are not removed very quickly, especially if you use the tools at hand.The most familiar is the option of using a safety pin or pin. The rounded side of the tool gently placed in the hole where the stalk was located, and take out the bone. Avid winemakers and lovers of cherry jam can in this case purchase a mechanical machine for squeezing the seed.

How to make a tincture of cherries on vodka

Prepared cherries (1 kg) are covered with sugar (3 kg) and left for several hours until the juice is released. A few hours later, vodka (1 l) is poured into a container with berries, covered with a lid and shaken a little. The bottle must be identified in a dark place where the temperature does not rise above 20 ° C.

After 3 weeks, the drink must be filtered and bottled. In a cool place, the tincture of cherries on vodka retains its taste characteristics for at least 3 years. Such alcohol can be drunk without fear, but observing the measure.

Cherry tincture without sugar

The easiest way to prepare a drink is a cherry tincture on vodka without sugar. In this case, it is better to use only the sweetest berry. The taste of this "cherry" will be with barely perceptible sourness, more intense. Prepare it according to the classic recipe, but excluding granulated sugar from the list of ingredients. Many winemakers advise to fill berries with food, diluted to 45 ° with alcohol.Insist the fruit for at least 30 days in a dark and cool room. Then filtered and bottled with twists or corks.

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