Tokka Tribe reviews: product range, model, manufacturer, and features

Every caring mother knows about this Finnish brand. Founded in the last century, the brand is still popular as a manufacturer of warm children's clothes. Tokka translates as “a herd of a hundred or a thousand heads,” and the Tribe means “a family or social unit.”

For the development of collections, the director of the company, Vesa Luhtanen, uses the latest technology, while not forgetting traditions. The brand itself comes from a cold Scandinavian country, where they know first-hand about frosts. Therefore, the main goal of the company is the creation of super-comfortable and warm clothes for boys and girls under the age of 14 years.

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An important role in the creation of collections is played by fresh colors and prints. The basis of each item is white, which is complemented by a variety of pastel colors. Brand designs are often inspired by Scandinavian myths or the cold weather of northern Europe to create prints.In addition, they put a lot of effort to the production was the most functional.

In the reviews about the Tokka Tribe, it was mentioned more than once that jackets, sweatshirts, accessories, and overalls are popular with mothers and babies, not only in appearance, but also due to comfortable wear. The company constantly introduces innovations, for example, clothes are created taking into account the activity of children, so the materials used repel moisture, but retain heat.

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Size chart

To easily choose clothes from Tokka Tribe, reviews are advised to measure the growth of the child, and the rest will "prompt" the table below. For those who prefer to buy clothes for growth, it is recommended to add to the growth rate of 6 cm. The increase in growth has already been taken into account by manufacturers and added to each model.

Height (cm) Age Height (cm) Age
62 3 months 116 6 l.
68 6 months 122 7 liters
74 9 months 128 8 l.
80 1 year 134 9 l.
86 1.5 g 140 10 l.
92 2 years 146 11 liters
98 3 years 152 12 l.
104 4 years 158 13 l.
110 5 l. 164 14 l.

Many parents found this sign to be convenient in terms of sharing online shopping, that is, when there is no opportunity to attend a fitting.

Assortment of winter clothes

According to the reviews about the Tokka Tribe, the children's collection pleases the domestic consumer with its practicality in the conditions of our harsh winter, unpretentiousness in the care and maintaining numerous washings.In addition, the Finnish company took care of the smallest customers (newborns), creating for them collections of hypoallergenic insulants and fabrics.

Models for girls pamper women of fashion with their bright colors, and boys with interesting prints. The stylish Tokka Tribe collections are divided into the following age groups:

  • from newborns up to two years;
  • for girls and boys aged 2 to 6 years;
  • for first-graders and teenagers - 7-14 years.

The Toka Tribe also produces waterproof footwear and fashion accessories for the winter and cool fall-spring seasons.

Remarkably, the Finnish brand cares not only about the style, but also about the health of young consumers. Therefore, in children this clothing is associated with incredible comfort, and in parents - peace of mind for the child.

In specialized stores you can find a cute coat, parks, down jackets. Judging by the reviews, the Tokka Tribe overalls are also popular. A stylish one-piece set with an extended jacket and trousers is the best choice for a fidget.

Newly parents will enjoy warm, soft to the touch envelopes, and teenagers - a wide range of trousers and practical winter shoes.High-quality clothing brand from its budget equivalent distinguishes not only the material used, but also the strength of accessories.

Winter overalls Tokka Tribe: reviews, the composition of the filler

The category of blown and solid models is presented by interesting options for half year old kids and children under the age of 7 years. Each suit has an interesting color, elastic adjustable straps. On products without fail is indicated the amount of Isosoft filler. The peculiarity of the lining is its superthin and lightness. Insulation perfectly warms babies in cold seasons, does not hinder movement, does not create discomfort and is amenable to machine washable, which is very convenient for every mother.

Any clothes created on the basis of Isosoft, even after several seasons, do not lose their original appearance and pleases the child with its bright color.

 jumpsuit tokka tribe reviews

For babies, it is recommended to choose a fused jumpsuit in pastel colors, for older children - transformers with pictures. The latest model is suitable for those who are used to taking children on trips to cold countries. One movement of clothing turns into a semi-overalls, consisting of individual elements in the form of a jacket and pants.

In a stylish one-piece set there is 300 g of insulation, in semi-overalls - 160 g. The hood in each model is detachable, the cuffs, the bottom of the jacket and trousers with elastic, and the pockets on the buttons.


Each model is created on a thin Finnwad insulation with a universal straight cut. Outerwear is distinguished by high-quality material in the form of polyester with a water-repellent property, the hood has artificial hypoallergenic fur, and the lining is 100% cotton. Reviews of Tokka Tribe jackets claim that, despite the presence of thin insulation, they are excellent in warm frosty weather and do not let moisture through.

Also pay attention to this season's fashionable parks, produced in neutral colors - ideal for schoolchildren.

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Range of winter accessories

The cap is no less important part of the children's wardrobe than the same jumpsuit or jacket. And not to make the wrong choice will help a wide range, presented by the brand Tokka Tribe. Many mothers have appreciated such a product as a helmet. Perhaps the version of the database will attract your attention. Wool and acrylic (50:50) are used as the base material.

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Caps, like all clothes, perfectly tolerate a large number of washes, while not losing their original appearance.The main advantage of the accessory is the presence of a lining of 100% cotton and additional protection of the ears. The models do not provide any strings that compress the chin and cause discomfort in the child. Using a helmet, it is not necessary to put additional accessories in the form of a scarf or scarf on the baby.

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In addition, reviews of the Tokka Tribe emphasize that the company pampers customers with a wide choice of practical shoes, mittens and original sets. For the cold, boots and boots are made of membrane fabric, which allows you to walk through puddles, snow drifts and slush with maximum comfort.

Tiny handles of children can be insulated with colorful mittens, emphasizing the style of the little man. Specialized stores offer to purchase sets of accessories consisting of scarves, gloves and caps with insulation. The latter are made of membrane fabric, Isosoft insulation and trimmed with artificial fur. Each hat can withstand frost down to -30C.


Lovely girls can be dressed up in this original type of clothing, which is suitable, both for the garden, and for everyday walks on the site. The coat has a stylish design, the use of modern materials and ease.Therefore, it is not suitable for skiing from a hill, but just for visiting ceremonial events or a school.

Virtually every model has a high neck, which means that you can opt out of turtlenecks and scarves.

For newborns

According to reviews, Tokka Tribe winter envelopes make it very comfortable, suitable for newborn babies from 62 to 68 cm in height. Isosof insulation is used in the manufacture of a soft water-repellent sleeping accessory, in addition, the model is equipped with a special windproof slot for the seat belt. The presence of this detail makes it possible to safely carry the baby, without disturbing his sleep, which provides a lot of comfort when visiting doctors and walking in the fresh air in a wheelchair.

tokka tribe winter reviews

The maximum temperature for using the envelope is -15 C. At the bottom of the product, the manufacturer has created special elastic bands to prevent things from being picked up. Separately, it must be said about the strength of the envelope buttons, which do not have the property of spontaneous undoing. Therefore, parents can not worry that during the walk the child will blow.

The inner lining is made from 100% cotton. Judging by the reviews, Tokka Tribe surprised the design of sleeping envelopes.Prints on all models are mostly small with images of birds, geometric shapes, colors.

Positive feedback on children's clothing Tokka Tribe

Children enjoy wearing warm, stylish and comfortable kits, trousers, overalls and accessories of the Finnish brand, and parents, sharing their joy, leave a lot of comments emphasizing the following advantages:

  • the use of thin but high-quality insulation;
  • the presence of reflective strips for the safe movement of the child in the dark;
  • the presence in each model of functional pockets;
  • water repellent properties;
  • stylish design;
  • possibility of multiple washes without damage to the appearance of clothes.


Despite the positive reviews, the Tokka Tribe has several drawbacks:

  • Tightening on overalls is not tight;
  • hat-head sometimes slips;
  • Fittings on some models are not enough quality: weak stickies.

The presence of deficiencies does not affect the demand for brand products in Russia. Opinions of the majority of buyers agreed that the clothes from the Toka Tribe were really comfortable, comfortable and stylish.But the main advantages were affordable cost and high quality, which encouraged people to leave positive comments and trust the company.

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