Tony Parker - French basketball player

Tony Parker is a professional basketball player from France, playing the position of point guard for the French national team and the NBA club San Antonio Spurs.

short biography

Tony Parker was born on 05/17/1982 in the Belgian city of Bruges. In the early childhood years, the boy was not fond of basketball, but preferred football. His interest in this sport has increased dramatically after the young Tony watched a film dedicated to the famous American basketball player Michael Jordan.Tony Parker

After that, the young man began to devote a lot of time and attention to basketball, and his successes were very impressive. His talent for this sport has been noticed by many sports organizations. He began to receive various offers related to basketball, and his first professional contract was an employment contract with the club Paris Basket Racing.

Professional career

In 2001, the American club "San Antonio Spurs" invited the player to participate in training in their summer camp. Compared to the rivals, the level of the Frenchman’s game was much lower, and his physical fitness also did not correspond to the American level.At first, the coach, who was then Gregg Popovich, was so upset about the player’s mismatch with the level of the team that he was ready to abandon him. The video game was saved by Parker, who inspired hope in Popovich, and he decided to give him a chance to prove himself, which he did not have to regret.Tony Starck and Peter Parker

Despite his not the best characteristics, the coach of the club decided to take a player to the team, in which Tony Parker (basketball player) still plays today. In addition to a club career, the athlete is a member of the French basketball team. He played a large number of games as part of this team and participated in many championships. Unfortunately, the national team rarely shows high professionalism, so the team’s achievements are rather modest.

Personal life. Interesting Facts

In July 2007, or more precisely, on July 7, 2007, Tony Parker married an American film actress and TOP model Eva Longoria. However, three years later, Longoria filed for divorce from a basketball player, the reason for this, according to her, was controversy that could not be overcome. However, the media then constantly convicted the athlete that he was unfaithful to his spouse, but there was no absolute proof of this, and Eve and Tony did not give any specific comments.tony parker basketball player

August 1, 2014the athlete married a second time, now a journalist named Axel Francis. The newlyweds were already in a relationship for about three years before they decided to play a wedding. Today, the couple have a three-year-old son, who was named Josh. He was born on the thirtieth of April 2014.

Tony Parker, along with his brothers, owns a nightclub in the Texas city of San Antonio. In addition, the athlete is the owner of two basketball clubs: ASVEL and women's club Lyon.

His professional pseudonym (athlete's real name William Anthony Parker) is based on the consonance of his own name with well-known MARVEL comic characters, known as Iron Man or Tony Stark and Peter Parker (Spider-Man). Basketball players are impressed by these comic characters, so he combined their names with his own, making his own sports nickname.

Tony starred in the movie "Asterix at the Olympics", where he played the role of a basketball player.


Below you can see a photo (Tony Parker), where the basketball player is depicted at the time of the game. There are a lot of such photos, besides this the athlete takes an active part in various television shows, and also is engaged in production.He also actively invests the money earned in the sport, which brings him considerable income and fame in certain tony parker

His professional career is already quite successful, but the athlete does not intend to stop there. Today he is 34 years old, he is still quite young and will surely have time to prove himself more than once as a good basketball player. His playing style and high performance attract quite a lot of attention from basketball fans to his person, so the list of his fans is quite large. His loyalty to one NBA club over the years has led him to become a kind of team face and tacit leader.

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