Torn haircut for long and short hair. Haircut "ragged cascade"

Torn haircuts have been popular for a long time. This can be explained by the fact that they always look creative. Most often, such styling characterizes a bold nature. Until recently, only young people chose this hairstyle, but now even women of mature age are not averse to diversifying their image with torn strands. According to the research of psychologists, asymmetrical haircuts with uneven strands are chosen for themselves by adventurous, active and determined personalities.

A girl who wants to make a ragged haircut should only be contacted by a professional hairdresser, since it is he who knows how to deftly handle a special razor. Uneven ends may be present both throughout the hair, and in one of its parts. For example, some perform only torn bangs. Care for this part of the hairstyle will consist in applying lacquers with a moderate degree of fixation or styling foam.

It is worth remembering that the torn fringe quickly loses its unusual appearance, so every 3-4 weeks it needs to be corrected. Properly laid, she will make a woman several years younger.

Technique to create torn strands

Ragged haircut is only called like this, in fact, the technique of its implementation is not much like the usual procedure in a barbershop. The "torn" effect is achieved by holding a special straight razor through the hair at a certain angle. With this technique is often combined strong filirovaniya. As a rule, only the ends of the hair on different haircuts, for example, square, bob or cascade, are processed with a razor. But graduation can be performed along the entire length of the locks. To do this, the master takes the strand in his hand and pulls it, while conducting a jerky movements along it.

Today, razors are easier to work with, as they come in protective covers. This saves the master's hands, but does not protect the hair from inappropriate movements.

Ripped haircuts for short hair

The torn effect looks good on short hair, as it makes the hair more voluminous. Now, daily styling will take less time.Slight tousled hair can be given in a few minutes. The combination of a volumetric nape and a long smoothed bangs looks very stylish.

torn haircut

Short ragged haircuts. Kinds

1. Caret.A slight modification with unusual ends gives this haircut seductiveness and dynamics. A bob with long ragged strands in the face is chosen for themselves by constant experimenters. It is possible to lay such a haircut with the help of curlers of large diameter, which quickly twist the ends inward or outward. The latter option visually expands the elongated face.

ragged haircut for long hair

2. Bob.This haircut is very practical, as it does not require styling. Suitable for girls with naughty hair. For daily styling, straightening strands ironing.

3. Extra long male haircuts.This option is able to pleasantly diversify and refresh the curls, which are made torn haircut. The photo below perfectly demonstrates this. In this case, you can experiment with strands around the face: they can be laid sideways or combed back.

haircut ragged cascade

When choosing a short ragged hairstyle, girls and women should know that if their hair is prone to curl during wet weather or after washing, they will need to be pulled out with a flat iron using heat protection means of medium fixation.Otherwise there will be excessive negligence on your head.

The most attractively torn ends look to owners of thick straight hair, as they can create styling in a variety of ways and appear in a new way every day.

Ragged haircuts for medium hair

Graduated torn haircut on medium hair will be called "cascade". It usually begins on the face from the chin line and continues as smooth, abrupt or ragged transitions. The last option looks the most attractive.

torn haircut photo

The hairs on the top are the same length as the shortest strands near the face. Haircut ragged cascade can be performed very simply. First you need to separate on the top of a small area in the form of a circle or a star. Then pull it up and process the edges with a razor to the desired length. Next, select a new part around the previous one and level the hair on it with the length of the control strand. Similarly, do all the strands.

The peculiarity of such a simple method lies in the shape of the figure detached on the crown. If you make a star with long teeth there, then the haircut will be the most torn.You can even extend the ends of the figure immediately to the hairline on the forehead and the back of the head. In this case, a torn haircut will be created in a couple of minutes.

Laying the cascade on medium hair

The advantage of this haircut for medium hair is a large selection of options for its styling.

short ragged haircuts

It is possible to begin experiments with straightening with an iron, and continue with their creation of curled locks with it. If this method of creating curls is still difficult to master, then you can turn to traditional curlers. The most effectively torn haircut will look after curling with a vertical arrangement of curls.

Haircut ragged cascade for long hair. What are its features?

Such a ragged haircut for long hair is best suited for girls with smooth soft strands. On them, it will look neat and natural. It is possible to advise a little brighter person to change it a bit by including bright highlights in the hair or individual colored feathers. Teenagers often choose for themselves staining only for the tips, in this case, it seems that the head was tilted and lowered into the water.

Haircut with torn strands can always be supplemented with bangs.She can enter into contrast with the rest of her hair, that is, be straight and not filmed.

torn haircuts

Ragged haircut for long hair does not suit girls and women with thin hair. This is explained by the fact that this type of curls to the forehead quickly becomes bold and loses its shape.

It can be concluded that a ragged haircut is successfully performed on hair of various lengths. In each situation, the effect created by a special razor looks different.

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