Traditional recipe beshbarmak

What is the most delicious Oriental meat dish? Beshbarmak, right. Ways of cooking, as usual, do not count. The recipe for beshbarmak proposed in this article is one of the most simple and straightforward. Difficulties should arise. Prepare the classic beshbarmak of pork. If this is your first culinary experience, then success to you!

Beshbarmak Recipe

beshbarmak recipeFirst, we define the ingredients. This recipe beshbarmak does not require much, but by tradition everything is taken in large quantities. So buy pork ribs. They should be meaty and look appetizing. Actually, this is the basis of the dish. The seasoning is onions (two large onions will suffice), a bunch of greens (in principle, any one you like), a pinch of jeera and red hot peppers.

We proceed directly to cooking

First you need to make preparations for the dish. Rinse the pork ribs in running water (cold), remove the foil from them, rid the meat of excess fat, it does not need anything (only clogs the dish) and carefully cut the ribs along with a wide knife. As a result, each piece will contain a bone.Now you need to boil the broth, it is also called "Sorpa." In theory, we do not need a lot of broth, because the recipe for beshbarmak claims that this is not a soup at all, but a main dish. If the total weight of the ribs does not exceed two kilograms, then put them in a saucepan and pour three liters of cold water from the tap. Arrange everything with a sprig of greens, such as dill. Throw in the pan one unpeeled onion. Put the future broth on the stove, on a slow fire. Leave to languish, but remember that excess foam on the surface is definitely not a component of beshbarmak. Clean it on time!

Further actions

pork beshbarmakSo, our broth boils safely. So you can do the test. If you have time, do it yourself. Simply mix two eggs, two glasses of flour, salt and water. It will turn out very cool, as well as dumplings. Roll the dough into a thin sheet, no more than five millimeters high. Cut it into strips four or five centimeters wide. Lay them on top of each other and cut them into beautiful, symmetrical diamonds. Leave them to dry, pre-sprinkled with flour.

The final stage

dish beshbarmakBy the way, now the store dough is not much less than homemade, so do not waste your strength for nothing. Buy a puff of unleavened puff and save time. Back to the ribs. Has it been an hour? Excellent. Then take them out and start frying. Fry well in olive oil. Salt the broth and pour about half into a separate pan. Open the secret - this broth is served in cups with ready beshbarmak (heated, of course). And in the broth, which remained to boil in the first saucepan, add half of the chopped onion. Let everything be extinguished. Add the rest of the onions and a pinch of jeera to the fried meat. Place the dough in the onion broth. Almost done. Beshbarmak put in a flat dish (meat first, and the dough - on top). Pour onion sauce. Sprinkle with chopped greens. And you know what's funny? Beshbarmak is taken by hand. Bon Appetit!

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