Treads, stockings: models, who go and what to wear

Treads, stockings - a bright and spectacular detail of the wardrobe, which always attracts attention. This shoe can make an unforgettable look, consisting of the simplest details. But, as often happens in cases with active accents, there is a high risk of hitting overkill.

Our article will tell you in detail about this shoe, and also tell you how to create a stylish, current look with boots and stockings that will look feminine rather than vulgar. What to wear with this shoe, what to look for when choosing and how to care for high boots? You will also learn about this from our material.

boots stockings

Key features

Boots that cover the knees can hardly be called super-widespread and popular. Let's face it: not everyone likes them, they are far from appropriate everywhere, and many ladies find these shoes uncomfortable. But this is the main salt of such boots! Dressed in boots, stockings, you are unlikely to risk to meet a fashionista in the same shoes.

Treads called shoes, ankle which ends at the knee or even above it. There are several varieties of such shoes, but the most common can be called stockings. Their peculiarity is that the ankle fits tightly to the leg. This technique emphasizes slender legs. It is about these boots and will be discussed in our review.

Historical information

What unites trench coat, trouser suit, high boots, jeans and even a blouse with a frill collar? That's right, all these wonderful details of the wardrobe were originally masculine until they were conquered by women. Some of them (for example, denim trousers) are nowadays popular among dandies of both sexes. But modern men's boots - a great rarity.

Once high shoes that protect the feet, ankles, legs and knees, was part of the uniforms of lancers, dragoons and cuirassiers. It is impossible to imagine a brilliant hussar without a dashing mustache and to the brilliance of polished boots. Over time, travelers, pilgrims, merchants, forced to overcome many hardships and hardships, changed their shoes into such shoes. In the women's wardrobe high boots first appeared as riding shoes.It is much more comfortable to stand in the stirrups, wearing tight leather boots with a stable sole than lace shoes.

On the podiums, the boots first stepped in the second half of the twentieth century. Since then, the interest of fashionistas to them is fading away, then flared up with a new force. Not so long ago, high narrow boots experienced another triumphal return. Today, many fashion houses offer beauties to dress in this spectacular shoes. The variety of models is simply fascinating, and therefore it makes sense to mention the varieties.

Who are the boots, stockings?

high boots

As already mentioned, the jackboots emphasize the beauty and slimness of the legs. They emphasize what is, without creating any illusions. They do not mask the flaws, do not hide the features of the figure that their owner does not want to flaunt. So, before deciding on such an acquisition, you should honestly answer yourself how satisfied you are with your figure. The imperfect shape of the legs and excessive volumes and excessive thinness are direct contraindications to the choice of such shoes.

On solid ladies boots can look organically except on a horse ride.For everyday style there are lots of much more interesting options. And high boots are more suitable for young brave girls.

A few words about how not to

It's no secret that heels look very sexy. The same effect has lacing, shiny patent leather, contrasting soles, high platform, predatory colors, plenty of decor with rhinestones and sparkles. But is it worth it to show your sexuality in maximum doses?

When choosing a pair of boots, always remember that elegant casual (and festive, too) boots can not look like professional shoes for pool dance. You should not choose a pair, which combines several of the above signs. For example, if you are looking for shoes made of lacquered material, you should avoid studs and platforms, lacing should not be combined with a leopard print and so on. In no case should not combine boots with lace stockings and pantyhose. Be careful with red soles on black high heels.

high boots

In most cases, this combination is not associated with the work of one of the best shoe designers of all time,and with the movie "Pretty Woman" orclip of Sergey Shnurov about a lady with an excess weight and dubious taste invited to the Van Gogh exhibition.

Elegant stud

And yet the heels of heels have a place. They can be well suited for evening and even wedding look, if you correctly select other details.

Stylists call the most suitable material for stiletto heels calm, luxurious suede and noble matte leather. In casual style, you can combine such shoes, for example, with a knitted dress and a cozy short coat.

stiletto heels

Pay attention to how things of different shades of one color look spectacular.

Treads without heels

This option is the most versatile, comfortable and relaxing. Even if you choose plain skinny jeans and a free-cut sweater as a company for flat boots, you will get a spectacular look for the city and leisure.

boots without stockings

There are a lot of color combinations. You can withstand the image in neighboring shades or arrange a mix of colors.

Classic models with an average heel

The following illustration shows a stylish bow in which all the details are harmoniously combined. Try to combine high boots-stockings on the heel of medium height with a long-vest.These two details balance each other, with each of them quite bright and spectacular. As companions, it is enough to choose simple narrow trousers, a classic bag and calm deaf golf.

heels stockings

Despite the restrained gamut, the image turned out to be bold and stylish. Great idea for walking, meeting friends and shopping, isn't it?

Platform Stockings

Platform and wedge today in fashion again. With the help of boots on a thickened sole you can create a lot of interesting bows. For example, deliberately rough boots can make a company dress, creating an unusual balance.

boots suede stockings

Wear dark blue or gray slim jeans, black leather jacket and neck scarf to these same boots and get a super-stylish youth look for a rock concert, motorcycle ride or a themed party.

Narrow high boots on the platform, devoid of any decor, can be an excellent pair for a knitted A-silhouette dress, tweed shorts, worn over a golf sundress. But to a narrow skirt like a pencil, no type of boots will not work.

Unusual shoes for special occasions

If you have some exciting event like a high-tech photo shoot or a cyberpunk, a stylized party or a themed festival,pay special attention to the selection of shoes. Perhaps unusual boots with slots and buckles - this is exactly what you need?

boots boots stockings

When purchasing such shoes for a special occasion, it is worth remembering that in everyday wardrobe there is no place for her. Therefore, it is worthwhile to give preference to transforming models, which can be turned into spectacular boots, boots, stockings, or ordinary ankle boots.

About relevance

If you decide to purchase high boots, think in advance where and with what you will wear them. Treads, stockings - not the best idea for a serious office, and indeed in them it is better not to appear in official institutions like courts, municipal institutions, administrative institutions.

These shoes are designed for walking around the city, visiting clubs, traveling. And in bad weather, high closed boots made of high-quality waterproof material will give odds to any other footwear for practicality.

Shoe care

It is advisable to buy such shoes in stationary, rather than online stores, so as not to deprive yourself of the opportunity to try on. Shoes with a tight top should also be a perfect match for completeness.

Remember that suede boots-stockings require special care, and therefore you need to immediately purchase a special tool. The same goes for colored shoes.Immediately after purchase, get a cream: the same color or transparent. High spectacular shoes always attract attention, and therefore the consequences of inadequate or improper care will be noticeable and will certainly undo all the efforts to create a bow. But the correctly chosen neat boots will give the image a unique highlight.

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