Tricks and tricks: how to teach a cat to the toilet

Most of the cats living in apartments do not go outside, so they dispense with the need for special trays. For owners, the procedure for replacing such capacity can be problematic, unpleasant, or costly. Therefore, owners often think about how to teach a cat to the toilet.

Where to begin?

The first thing a cat should be able to do is walk into a tray. It should be a familiar and comfortable place to handle all the “cases”. It is possible to start the development of a toilet bowl only when the pet has no desire to go to any other place, and the owner will not be wondering how to accustom the cat to the to teach a cat to pot

The second condition - the pet should feel calm next to the toilet. Therefore, it is advisable to leave the door to the toilet open. Usually, cats begin to independently explore a new object, after which they quickly understand why people need it. There is a simple technique that will help introduce the animal to the toilet.We need to go along with the pet to the toilet, give him a look around, then sit on the toilet seat, taking the fluff in his hands. The cat must feel that there is nothing terrible in this place. Most of all animals get scared of the sound of the drain, so you should flush the water, keeping the pet in your arms. First a little, then more. The animal must understand that nothing terrible happens. The presence of the host will reassure her.

The third is the patience that the owner will need if he wants to teach the cat to go to the toilet. If something fails, you should show attention, change the approach and look for errors in the first place in your method. One should always remember that toilet training is a very individual process. One will take a couple of weeks, and the other a few months.

"Grandfather's" method

This system of teaching cats to the toilet is the oldest and most common. As described below, people use for many decades. Consider it as detailed as possible.

Stage one: approximation

1. Before you teach a cat to the toilet, it is required that she mastered the tray.

2Gradually, the pet's toilet moves closer to the toilet until it comes close to the plumbing fixture. You need to do this a few centimeters at a time. To adapt, leave the tray for two or three days in a new place after each movement.

how to teach a cat to the toilet

3. When the cat's pot comes close to the human, you can proceed to the next step.

Stage Two: Level Up

To raise the tray, usually old newspapers or magazines are laid under it. An unnecessary box is also well suited. The most important thing is to keep the tray level and not to fall when the cat uses it. Double-sided tape is suitable for fixing. A pile of newspapers, so as not to crumble at the most inopportune moment, it is desirable to fasten with tape or tie up with a rope. Various incidents (falls, excessive rustling, etc.) can frighten an animal. So that the pet has had time to get used to new heights, it is necessary to raise the tray gradually, 2-3 cm, with stops for several days at each new height.

Stage Three: Addictive

When the tray is at the same height as the toilet, you should gradually move it on the seat. This should be done as long as the pot does not fall into place stool.

how to teach a cat to the toilet

The last stage - addictive to the toilet. In this case, the amount of filler should be gradually reduced.Then there are two options: remove the tray at once or make a hole in it and gradually increase it until one wall remains.

Modern means

The modern system of teaching cats to the toilet differs from that described above only at the last stage. For adaptation, a special pad for the cat is put on the seat. It looks very similar to the toilet seat for people, but in the center there is a hole of smaller diameter, it can also be covered with a grid. Such a seat is called: a priest to the toilet for cats. Due to this adaptation, the pet does not risk slipping and falling into the toilet bowl. It is desirable to use such an overlay until the animal is fully comfortable with the new place and starts going to the toilet without resorting to auxiliary means.

Types of Teachers

To date, the problem has been removed with how to teach a cat to the toilet. The owners are ready to buy everything, just to help their pets and get the desired result from them. On the market there are a large number of products designed to simplify this task. Teachers differ from each other in form and material.

cat toilet priest

The most common option is a plastic cat litter with a variable diameter. When habituation breaks out or cut a larger hole.And so on until it coincides with the bowl. Then you can remove the teacher, and the cat will use the toilet without any problems.

Variation is a set of overlays of different sizes. Start with a smaller diameter.

cat toilet training system

Another view is a toilet insert with a net. It makes sense to use it when the animal is just acquainted with a sanitary product. The grid is similar to the inserts used in the trays. This liner is convenient to use for owners who have wondered how to teach an adult cat.

If something went wrong ...

Sometimes there are problems with how to teach a cat to the pot. It happens that the animal begins to go to the toilet behind the sofa or in another secluded place. In case of any failures in mastering the curriculum, one should return to the stage where everything went smoothly. That is, move the tray back or reduce the height. Perhaps the pet just needs more time to get used to the changes.

In no case can not scold the cat. Such host behavior will only alienate her from innovations.

Possible reasons for misunderstanding

Sometimes you still have to face the fact that the baleen pets begin to dodge and look for other places.There may be several reasons.

1. Insufficient cleanliness of the latrine. Cleanliness is a distinctive feature of representatives of the feline species, so any pet would prefer to defend the need in the wrong, but cleaned place. It is unlikely that he will wait for the owner to reach the toilet.

2. Unpleasant or frightening smell. Modern cleaning products have a sharp odor, which is quite capable of discouraging the cat to go to the toilet. To avoid this, special baiting sprays will help. You can also change the detergent. Before you teach a cat to the toilet, you should observe its reaction to the smell in the toilet.

3. Revenge. The expelled tail, an empty bowl, a sharp cry can cause the mustache to win back on slippers or scattered things of the owner. But it makes sense to punish only when the cat is caught in the act of crime. Otherwise, the animal will not understand what the owner was angry for. And again go to revenge.

4. Psychological discomfort. Cats can also be under stress, so you shouldn’t irritate or frighten them once again. Even a small movement of the pot can be a cause for serious experiences.It is best to give time for adaptation and comfort.

how to train an adult cat

5. Diseases can also cause rejection of the usual place. It should be alerted if the cat mews in the process. It means that it hurts her to relieve herself. First of all, you should show your pet to the vet.

6. Older cats may not be able to climb on the toilet: it is too high and difficult to maintain balance. In this case, you need to do everything so that your pet is comfortable: equip a ladder, put a wider cover plate, etc.

For cats, going to the toilet is a whole ritual that should not be taken lightly. Pets negatively refer to any changes. Therefore, there are so many difficulties with how to accustom the cat to the pot.

Positive sides

- Save time. No need to spend every day for 10-15 minutes to clean the tray. It seems that a little, and in a week runs up an hour.

- Saving money on filler. Even if you buy the cheapest, it will still cost a certain amount. And if there are two cats in the house, then there will be more consumption. You can save several thousand rubles per year.

- For fastidious people there is no longer any need to mess with the tray.All problems are solved by simply pressing a button.

- No unpleasant odor.

- There are no problems with finding a place for the tray.

to teach a cat to go to the toilet

Negative points

- Traces of cat's paws and wool will periodically appear on the rim of the toilet bowl.

- Flush after the animals need after each visit to the toilet. Otherwise, the pet may find the latrine dirty and go in search of a better option. And again the question will arise about how to teach a cat to the toilet.

- Pets are very demanding of smells. Some flavors may scare them.

- The cat can not be left unattended for a long time.

- There is always the danger that the pet will fall into the icy water and lose interest in the toilet for ever.

- If the animal has constipation, it will be inconvenient to balance on the rim.

Some general guidelines

The latrine should be accessible at all times. The door to the toilet should never be closed. If this option does not suit you, then you can make a special pass for the cat. You also need to make sure that the toilet lid is raised. Otherwise, the pet will do its business directly to her or in the wrong place.

The old tray is best removed as far as possible so that the animal does not have the temptation to return to its usual place. But do not throw it away until the pet finally gets used to going to the toilet.

To teach a kitten to the toilet should be after he turns 3 months. By this age, coordination will develop sufficiently, and dimensions will not allow to sink in a bowl.

If you have problems with how to accustom the cat to the toilet, then you can use the reception of trainers, that is, after each correctly performed action (visiting the toilet) to give a treat. This will consolidate the skill.

If the cat teaches kittens to the toilet itself, then the owners are better not to interfere with the process.

how to teach a cat to filler

You can teach your pet to wash off after itself (if the tank has a button, not a pen), but over time, having become accustomed to the sound of water, it will probably do it just to listen to the murmur.

Instead of conclusion

It’s impossible to force a cat to do anything. You need to be patient, attentive, affectionate and rather cunning master.

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