Cologne "Triple" - not only beauty, but also benefit

Cologne "Triple" is a wonderful healing fluid and memory for many people about the Soviet past.


For a long time, this cologne was considered a therapeutic tincture. And only at the beginning of the 19th century, Napoleon Bonaparte created a triple cologne from Cologne Water.

triple cologne

Being an educated person, Napoleon issued a decree that required each manufacturer of therapeutic mixtures to open the secret ingredients of the products. But the great commander still kept the composition of “Cologne Water” in secret, for greater rigor to the other components, he added three ingredients - nerole, bergamot and lemon. This helped the "Cologne water" to be used as a perfume. Bonaparte considered this experiment a success, and after a few years the cologne was already popular in high society. This is the official version of the appearance of triple cologne, which at the same time could be used as a perfume, medical tincture and "Cologne water."

Triple Cologne: composition

Back in ancient times, mint, lavender, geranium, clary sage, and coriander were considered medicinal plants.

Cologne "Triple" is composed of all these oils, and they, in turn, are combined with its main components - lemon, bergamot, neroli oil, which helps to preserve all the healing miraculous properties for a long time. In addition, this composition repeats the long-beloved citrus-fresh aroma. Cologne "Triple" treats not only due to medicinal herbs, which are included in its composition, but also with the help of the very aroma of cologne, so familiar and at the same time new.

triple cologne

Top aromatic notes are underlined with lemon, bergamot and neroli oil. The heart of the aroma is underlined by notes of lavender, mint, coriander, geranium and nutmeg sage. The plumes are musk and amber chords. Such a combination of herbs allows the use of Cologne "Triple" for any skin type.

Beneficial features

Triple cologne personifies the classic symbol of a majestic era. Companies that produce it, do not change the old recipe. He is the base since the days of Napoleon. All the same citrus scent has a triple cologne. Its composition has the following healing properties:

  • warming;
  • antiseptic;
  • soothing;
  • wound healing.

triple cologne composition

Such a tool has unlimited possibilities. Cologne is used for pain in the ears, bruises, colds, back problems and other diseases. Helps triple cologne acne. If you are worried about acne, then this tool can help you. Before the procedure, it is necessary to warm it up a little and then wipe the affected areas 3 times a day. The course of treatment is about three weeks. But often for a full recovery will take a month.

Well help means for people who suffer from asthma. Even in Soviet times it was used not only as a perfume. People of the old school know a lot of recipes for its application and none of them have yet doubted the excellent effect.

Triple cologne today

Even today, in some countries, eau de cologne, as before, is very popular, despite the fact that it is a bit dazzled by the variety of eau de toilette, deodorants, lotions and after shave balms. We also have their own specifics, which is firmly included in the anecdotes. Indeed, the people even had the conviction that triple cologne was intended not so much for outdoor consumption,how much for internal. It is believed that Napoleon turned out to be an infectious example. And time is not worth it. Naturally, favorite cologne slightly improved. To date, the classic recipe is supplemented with nutmeg sage, geranium, lavender and coriander natural oils.

triple cologne acne

The birthplace of Cologne Water honors the memory of the famous Eau de Cologne, as well as its creators, who made their city widely known. Farina Haus - the name of a large museum, which traces the entire history of "Cologne water." You can see the authentic accessories and fixtures that Giovanni Farina used, the creator of cologne. You can also “taste” the flavors. Even the very first bottles were preserved, in which the eminent Eau de Cologne was delivered to European monarchs.

Tourists are happy to visit the museum, many of them after an excursion to the historic homeland of the famous "Cologne Water" as a souvenir acquire an elegant bottle of real Eau de Cologne. Of course, such a souvenir is not cheap, but a unique fragrance, which is more than 300 years old, is worth the money.

Where can I buy?

Now it is very difficult to find a real triple cologne.But you can search the Internet on special sites that sell Soviet goods, such as drinks "Jupiter", "Zuko", timeless chewing gum "Love is ...", nuts "Corsair", balsam "Star". Sites, through which you can instantly plunge into the environment of the USSR. You can also search in pharmacies. An important factor is the price. For such an elixir, pharmacies ask a little.

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