Tumbler doll: history, description. How to make dolls?

Tumbler doll is a toy that everyone has known since early childhood. Bright, smiling, always ready to play with the baby, is considered the safest. Promotes the development of coordination, imagination, hearing, color perception. It does not bother the child to watch the tumbler doll rise from a lying position. In our country, these toys are also called "Vanka-vstanka". It is curious to know what the history of the doll is and how to make it yourself.

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Experts suggest that the very first toys in Russia were imported from Japan. It is believed that the idea went from the hermit monk Bodikhidharma, who lived in the 6th century. He came from India to China to form a Zen Buddhist sect, which means "meditation, concentration." The hermit, who was named Daruma, was engaged in prayers for 9 years, eventually coming to enlightenment. All the years he did not move and did not blink (according to legend).From the prolonged immobility of the monk's limbs withered, so the Japanese doll is made without legs and arms.

In our country, toys appeared in the early years of the 19th century, under the name "tumbles". At first they were merchants, clowns and girls on the ball. They were made of lime, cutting with a knife or a lathe. At first, the halves were made, in one of which the weights were fastened. After that, the parts were glued together, painted, dried and brought to the fair. In the first toys, a bell was placed inside, making a pleasant sound when swinging.

In the USSR, dolls were made of plastic and looked like a teddy bear or a little girl.

In the Tambov region, in Kotovsk, in 2012 a monument to a tumbler was unveiled.

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The traditional doll-doll, the description of which can be given by any person born in the USSR, has round eyes, a bright outfit (usually blue or red), a smiling face. Between the head and the body are two balls - pens.
Standard dolls are dolls - baby dolls, bears and hares.

Principle of operation

The tumbler always rises to a vertical position. To do this, the design of the toy must be satisfied: the center of gravity is located in the lowest place.If any attempt to change the subject’s body leads to a rise in the CG, equilibrium is stable.

At the bottom of the tumbler doll has a heavy hemisphere. At the slightest tilt, the center of gravity of this hemisphere rises.

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Previously, a bell was inserted into the toys, which rang with each movement of the tumbler. But today's toys emit a chime for a completely different reason: a cylinder of metal or cardboard is fixed inside, in which the ballast is placed. Metal rods are inserted along the circumference. In the middle of the wire there is a plate of metal that strikes the bars, and this is the sound that the tumbler doll makes.


Today, the doll can be made of any material and have different types. It can be a hero of a favorite cartoon or a computer game, a superhero from a comic book or a fantasy creature. But there are dolls depicting real people, most often they are political leaders of various countries.

They make toys from plastic, wood, glass, metal, improvised materials.

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Application of the principle

Today, the principle of the action of maintaining balance is used in various objects, and not only children.It can be chess, toothbrushes, mugs, water tanks when painting with paints, stands for telephones, stools and other things necessary in everyday life.

How to make a doll yourself

A great gift for any kid - doll doll. How to make it? Very simple. Especially the child will like it if he takes an active part in its manufacture. To create the simplest small Vanka Vstanka, you need an ordinary chicken egg, a candle and heavy metal objects: nuts, balls from a bearing.

doll doll reviewIn the egg, you must carefully make a hole from the sharp end, through which you can remove the contents. Pour white and yolk, dry the shell. After that, place the heavy objects inside. Putting them should be careful not to break the shell.

So that the load does not move inside the egg, it must be strengthened. This can be done in two ways:
1. Light a candle, tilt over the egg and drip paraffin until it completely covers the load.
2. Finely chop the paraffin from the candle, pour it into the egg and gently heat it on the fire until dissolved. Then let it harden and cool.

It is necessary to pour or drip paraffin so that the load remains in the middle of the bottom of the egg.
After the candle material solidifies, the toy needs to be finished: close the hole with a hat or hair from threads, draw a face, clothes.

Now the doll can be put in any position - if done correctly, it will always return to the vertical position.

You can make a toy not only from an egg, but also from other materials. You can, for example, instead of the shell use packaging from the surprise of a chocolate egg. You can stick your eyes using blisters from tablets. Attaching various items to the shell or packaging can be done with PVA glue.

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Needlewomen can make a fabric doll. For this you need a box of kinder surprise, fabric, scissors, thread, needle, beads, or other weighting agent.
Several blanks are cut out of the fabric: a large rectangle, a medium square and two small squares. For a scarf cut a triangle.

To make a body, you need to sew a rectangle so that a pipe made of cloth is obtained. Tighten one side of the pipe with threads to make a bottom. Unscrew the pipe. Plastic container of chocolate eggs filled with beads or small pebbles.The heavier the container is filled, the more stable the doll will be. Put the box on the bottom of the fabric bag, the remaining space to fill with a filler (cotton wool, sintepon, holofiber, foam rubber, foam, etc.). Top pull, closing the bag.

Similarly, make ball pens and head, without forgetting the filler. All items stitched together. Handles should be tight between head and body. Embroider mouth, eyes, pinch the spout. Wear a scarf on the head of the harvested piece of fabric. However, you can decorate a doll by any means - make hair, a hat, a cap, think up clothes for her.

If you have experience with wood, you can tuck a figurine out of wood. The balance of the doll can be given the same way as in the case of the “egg” model. In order for the toy to make sounds, you can leave a few beads or cogs in a free position, so that they thunder, entertaining and attracting the baby.

A toy, made by hand, will not leave indifferent any child, because even very little kids understand that this was done specifically for them.

A review of the dolls makes it clear that for almost 200 years of its existence in Russia, the toy has become a national feature, beloved by many generations of children who grew up with a doll.

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