Utensils for microwave. What do utensils need for a microwave oven?

The principle of operation of the microwave oven

We all know that microwave ovens “work” mainly with water molecules. There are many of them in all products. Molecules begin to move under the action of microwaves. This happens according to the laws of physics. When moving molecules collide, releasing heat. This is the principle of the microwave oven.

In order for consumers to better understand the capabilities of their appliance, company representatives often give this example. If you rub your palms together hard, they will heat up. However, the heat does not spread to the shoulders, neck and whole body. The principle of operation of the microwave is similar. It can not warm food deeply.glassware for microwave

From theory to practice

From the reasoning from the field of physics it is easy to move on to cooking. Food in the microwave is heated at the edges. Next comes the physical principle of thermal conductivity.The middle part of your dish will be heated from contact with the “hot” molecules located at the edges.

What happens if you try to cook a large piece of meat at maximum power? Its edges will become edible, and the middle will be raw. It is better to set the average power. Then the molecules close to the radiation will not heat up so quickly. And the middle of the piece will calmly reach readiness.


We all know from childhood that it is strictly forbidden to put pans with plastic handles in the oven, and glassware should not be placed on a gas stove. These rules are also based on the laws of physics. However, most often we do not think about them. And we simply observe elementary, but very important, security measures.

Utensils for the microwave should be special. It is necessary to clearly understand the basic rules for choosing the material from which it is produced. Then your appliance will serve for a long time, and family and friends will certainly thank for the tasty and healthy dishes.

Iron is banned!

The first rule is no metal! This is a taboo. Metal utensils are completely useless. She does not pass microwaves.Preheat food in it will not succeed. Moreover, such dishes are also dangerous. Microwaves in contact with the metal give a high frequency current. Sparks fly in the furnace chamber and a loud crash is heard. The same effect is caused by individual metal parts of dishes, including dyes, which include lead or zinc.

Do you still use grandmother's plates with gold? They are not for the microwave! Modern dishes with bright patterns can also contain metallized dyes. They do not shine, therefore it is difficult to recognize them. To avoid problems, make it a rule to use only those products on which the minimum amount of paint. It is best if your porcelain plates are white.

dishes for microwave

Vigilance above all

Utensils for the microwave is painted only from the outside. In the microwave oven is better not to put plates from silumin. Dishes from this material resembles porcelain. However, it is not so heavy. Silumin dishes look beautiful and modern. Therefore, the hostess often give her preference. However, such products quickly melt, they are better not to put in a microwave.

It happens that some scattered housewives put a plate with a fork in the microwave oven. Well, if they have time to turn off the appliance after the first sparks. Especially carefully it is necessary to monitor the children. The kids are so proud that they were allowed to heat their own food, that they forgot about safety. Just making sure that the child is neat and attentive, you can leave him alone with the appliance.

Bags, wrappers, plastic, ceramics and clay

Cookware for the microwave should be heat resistant. Therefore, you should not put plastic or cardboard in the oven for a long time. Sometimes we buy ready-made food in paper bags. Before you warm up such a dish, you must remove the wrapper. Often the products are sold in plastic bags. Before you put food in the oven, such packaging must be removed. It is dangerous to heat food in plastic containers. Cheap low-quality materials contain substances that, under the influence of heat, become harmful for the body.

Cookware for the microwave should not be crystal. This material contains lead and silver. Faceted crystal is not uniform, and uneven heating can cause a surge in voltage.Products made of porous ceramics or clay are also unsuitable for microwave ovens. These materials poorly pass microwaves. Such dishes are very hot, and its contents remain cold.

what dishes can be put in the microwave

Open the lids

Do not put stoked containers in the microwave. It does not matter what material they are made of. Under the influence of heat energy the contents of such dishes can break it from the inside. Before you put a glass jar in the oven, do not forget to remove the lid from it. For the same reason, eggs and nuts cannot be heated in the microwave. They will explode. Tomatoes, sausages and other foods with thick skins before cooking should be pierced with a fork. Then the hot steam will come out. Do not turn on the empty microwave oven. Without encountering obstacles, microwaves will be repeatedly reflected from the metal walls of the chamber. It will damage the appliance.

So, what kind of dishes can I put in the microwave? If you are going to reheat the prepared food, it is best to do it right in the usual porcelain plate. Capacity can be glass or made of special heat-resistant plastic.

dishes for microwave glass

Combined Modes

Some housewives think that in the microwave oven should only be heated products. This is not true. Electrical appliances are designed for full cooking. Especially when microwave ovens are equipped with a grill. If you want to include both microwaves and convection, then the choice of capacity should be approached especially carefully.

When using the combined mode, the question often arises: "What kind of dishes can be put in the microwave?" Much depends on the recipe. It usually indicates the type of dishes, which is better to use for a particular dish. It should be remembered that containers designed for microwaves do not always fit the grill, and vice versa. Before you start cooking, carefully inspect the dishes. Are there any cracks? Damaged products can not be put in the microwave oven. When heated, they can break.

what dishes in the microwave can

Strained glass

What should be the dishes for the microwave? Glass fits perfectly. This material passes microwaves better than anyone else. However, the glass must be strong and tempered. You probably saw the dishes for the microwave oven, made from this material. And pay attention to the fact that its walls are quite thick.In this dish you can cook. It will not crack and will not break. But the usual glasses, glasses and glasses better not to use. Thin glass is not heat resistant. In extreme cases, you can slightly warm the drink in a glass.

So, you already understand what material should be made utensils for the microwave. Glass is best suited for this purpose. But you need to choose only heat-resistant dishes. It is easy to recognize by its thick walls. This capacity is also convenient because you can monitor the degree of readiness of the dish.

dishes for the microwave in the oven

Cookware form

Buying dishes in the store, pay attention to the labeling. Famous companies always say whether it is possible to use a plate or bowl in the microwave. Cookware is usually marked with a picture or an appropriate word. It is best to use round containers with smooth walls. In them, the food warms up evenly. You should not buy a product in which the walls at the bottom (near the bottom) are narrower than at the top.

If you are cooking in a special dish, you should cover it with a lid. Capacity should not be sealed. Usually dishes designed for microwave ovens are sold with lids made from the same material. You can also cover the container with a plate.

What dishes can be put in the microwave? Glass, porcelain, faience. Ceramic containers can be used if they are completely covered with glaze. And only if there are no cracks. Such dishes will withstand a sufficiently high temperature. If you need to warm up the food a little bit, you can use plastic and paper packaging. The exceptions are cardboard boxes with a metal layer. In these sell milk and juice.you can use the dishes for the microwave in the oven

Avoid temperature changes.

Glassware for the microwave is best. But it is more convenient to cook in light plastic containers. They cannot be broken, therefore even a child can use such plates and bowls. However, choose heat-resistant plastic. Tanks must be labeled accordingly.

Do not expose utensils for microwave ovens to sudden and sudden temperature changes. For example, you can not remove the plate from the freezer and immediately put in a microwave. This is especially true of glass and porcelain products. Easier temperature drops tolerates plastic. The material must be of high quality. In plastic dishes it is undesirable to prepare dishes with a high content of water, fat or sugar. Capacities can become very hot and deformed.

what dishes to put in the microwave

Sizes bowls and pans

What dishes to put in the microwave? For microwave ovens, not only the material and shape, but also the height of the tanks is important. It should be larger than in conventional pots, stew-nets and pans. Remember the simple rule. Cookware for a microwave should be higher than containers in which food is cooked on electric and gas burners. Covers cannot be closed tightly. Some firms produce dishes suitable for microwaves and grills. It withstands high temperatures. True, such containers are very expensive.

Utensils for the microwave in the oven is usually not used. Exceptions are special glass-ceramic alloys pans. But they are very expensive. If you cook soup, porridge or pasta in the microwave oven, choose dishes with sloping walls. In such pots the water will not spill out. Use similar containers only for liquid dishes. Solid food warms in them unevenly.

Can I use cookware for the microwave in the oven? Yes, but only individual varieties of pots and plates made of special alloys. These are products of well-known companies, and therefore are very expensive.Often we do not know exactly what material the dishes are made from. For example, ordinary heat-resistant ceramics and fire-resistant, withstanding temperatures over three hundred degrees, look almost the same. If you are not sure of your choice - do not risk. Better put in the oven an ordinary metal pan with non-stick coating.

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Utensils for microwave. What is necessary utensils for a microwave oven 81

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