Varieties of orthopedic chair cushions

Judging by the reviews, an orthopedic pillow on a chair for a seat is simply indispensable for people whose professions require them to be in a sitting position for a long time. Today the market provides a huge range of goods. This makes it possible to choose the most suitable product for a particular purpose. Therefore, when choosing, you should explore all the features and varieties.

Indications and methods of using orthopedic pillows for sitting on a chair

Modern man leads a sedentary lifestyle. The most susceptible to him are people whose professional activities are associated with prolonged sitting. In this case, help regular exercise. But not everyone has the opportunity and desire to visit the gym. In this case, help orthopedic pillow on the chair for the seat.

It is recommended for use not only for diseases, but also as a preventive measure.With a passive lifestyle, there is stagnation of blood in the pelvis, which affects the work of the musculoskeletal system. Also, when the body is not in the correct position, it often leads to pinching of the nerve endings.

orthopedic chair cushion

As a result, a person needs a long and expensive treatment. The use of a pillow helps to relieve the sacrum, the coccyx and the pelvic ring. In this case, the muscles remain relaxed. Thus, a person practically does not get tired. The use of an orthopedic pillow helps to remove pain and discomfort in the buttocks and lower back area.

Orthopedic display pillow for use:

  • schoolchildren and students;
  • office workers;
  • drivers, cashiers and representatives of some other professions;
  • pregnant women in the last months and after difficult childbirth;
  • people with coccyx injuries;
  • with prostatitis, osteochondrosis, hemorrhoids.

An orthopedic pillow will help in the presence of injuries to the sciatic tubercles of the pelvis and tailbone. Due to the shape of the product, the load is removed from them. In this case, the spine is in the correct anatomical position.

Varieties of orthopedic seat cushions per chair

When choosing a pillow it is important to pay attention to such parameters as:

  • material. It must be of high quality and durable. In the presence of an allergy, preference is given to artificial tissues;
  • the filler during pressing should take the former form, not crumble and be resistant to moisture;
  • the size. Best of all - universal, which is suitable for each family member;
  • the shape is selected depending on the desired effect.

orthopedic chair cushion reviews

Pillow parameters:

  • round pillow - the most sought-after look, suitable for people weighing no more than 120 kg;
  • a square pillow is indispensable for drivers, as it engages well with the seat and does not move, giving the human body the correct position;
  • the inflatable pillow is convenient in use and transportation;
  • with memory effect - contains a special filler that allows you to maintain a comfortable body position.

Types of filler

The quality of the filler of an orthopedic cushion on a chair for a seat determines the direction of action, rigidity and other parameters. Therefore, when choosing a product, you need to find out the material from which it is made.The filler affects the "lifespan" of the product. If you wish, you can make an orthopedic pillow for sitting on a chair with your own hands.

The filler is:

  • Foam rubber - the most common filler. It has an artificial origin and properties such as flexibility, durability, and does not cause allergies. The material is available at a cost, so it is quite popular. With the addition of some components obtained pillow with a memory effect. Service life - up to 5 years.
  • Latex - a modern material that is made of synthetic rubber. It has a rubber porous structure, high elasticity, as well as an antistatic effect and does not absorb dust. In winter, it helps to keep warm, in summer - air exchange. Latex approved by health professionals, also does not require additional care. Service life - up to 10 years.
  • Polystyrene is a foamed polymer that is made from pellets by heating. The material is resistant to external factors. It is quite light, elastic, evenly distributed over the pillow, without getting lost.
  • Buckwheat husk is a natural material. Well distributes the body load and supports the musculoskeletal system. The service life of an orthopedic cushion for a seat on a buckwheat husk chair is up to 3 years.

Ring shaped pillow

The orthopedic pillow on the chair seat, the photo of which is presented below, has the most popular form. It is considered the most comfortable for sitting in a chair. Basically, this type of pillow in the center has a hole that creates comfortable conditions for the musculoskeletal system.

orthopedic pillows on the chair seat photo

The main qualities of the product:

  • the pillow has a special anatomical shape, which helps to take the anatomical position of the body when sitting, creating the correct bending of the waist;
  • while sitting the crotch is located on a hard surface;
  • removes tension in the sacrum, the coccyx and the pelvic ring;
  • maintains weight to 120 kg;
  • universality of use, as it is suitable for a chair, and for chairs of various structures;
  • retains its shape up to 3 years of everyday use.

Square or rectangular cushion

Orthopedic pillow in the form of a square or rectangle is designed for people who are in a sitting position for a long time. These can be office workers, drivers or dispatchers.This pillow provides a secure fit on the seat and maximum comfort.

 orthopedic pillow for sitting on a chair with your own hands

Product advantages:

  • Different sizes. You can choose its most suitable for the size of the chair or seat.
  • Anatomical structure. This soft, comfortable pillow repeats every bend. The load is evenly distributed throughout the body. Its use provides high working capacity and reduces fatigue during prolonged sitting;
  • The load is removed from the intervertebral discs, waist and neck.
  • Suitable during treatment therapy associated with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Inflatable cushions

Orthopedic pillows of inflatable type can be used both in the office and in the car. Suitable for travel, tourist trips or for use at a party.

 orthopedic seat cushion

Advantages of an inflatable product:

  • Different forms and modifications. They produce orthopedic pillows for sitting on an office chair, chair backs and other models.
  • Easy to transport. They do not take up much space, suitable for travel.
  • Models for sleep. They have a round shape, in the middle of which there is a hole for the neck.Such a pillow helps to relieve the load from the whole body, while sleeping on the road.
  • Transforming form. The product can take a different look. It can be used for the back, for sitting, for the neck and neck.

Pillow under the back

This type is applied not only independently, but also together with orthopedic pillows for a seat on a chair. The use of products in a complex helps to facilitate staying in one position.

orthopedic pillow for sitting on an office chair [

Pillow Features:

  • relieves tension in the spine;
  • uniform distribution of the load of the whole body, due to the presence of a special roller inside;
  • the anatomical shape follows the curves of the body, and the back is in the correct position;
  • suitable for use as a remedy for disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Memory Pillow

Such a pillow model follows the curves of the body, thanks to its porous structure. It is made of synthetic materials, such as foam rubber with various impurities and latex.

 orthopedic pillow for sitting on buckwheat husk

Pillow helps to cope with tasks such as:

  • posture correction;
  • prevention of pain caused by prolonged sitting;
  • prevention and addition to the treatment of osteochondrosis;
  • uniform load distribution;
  • stress relief from the lower back and small pelvis;
  • improvement of blood circulation, which helps relieve pain and discomfort;
  • during rehabilitation in the postpartum and postoperative period;
  • prevention of numbness of the lower limbs, which occurs from prolonged sitting.

Pillow care

The pillow requires proper care. For this you need to know the following:

  • it can not be washed in water, suitable only dry cleaning;
  • Do not put sharp objects on the surface of the pillow, as they may damage the fabric and the filler;
  • the pillowcase is washed in slightly warm water;
  • do not use aggressive detergents;
  • if the pillow has cooling properties or a memory effect, then it cannot be erased because it will lose its qualities;
  • regularly ventilate the product in dry weather;
  • do not whisk or shake it out so that it does not lose its shape;
  • keep away from heating elements and sunlight;
  • carefully study the instructions for the model pillows

Adhering to simple rules, you can extend the life of an orthopedic pillow for many years.At the same time it will look like new.

Orthopedic pillow for a seat on a chair is an indispensable thing for people leading a sedentary lifestyle, as well as in the postoperative and postpartum period. It will help to overcome problems with the spine, lower back. In addition, it serves as a prevention of the appearance of diseases caused by prolonged sitting.

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