Vertical beds for strawberries from plastic bottles. Handmade high beds for strawberries

In a small area it is quite difficult to place all the necessary plants, so the idea to use the height appeared. Vertical beds for strawberries (photo below) build their own hands on any selected area.

strawberry beds

Positive factors of a vertical bed

Vertical beds for strawberries have successfully proven their effectiveness. In some respects, they are even more convenient than ordinary and familiar landings. Their advantages:

  • Ease of care: the back will not get tired, because you do not need to bend during the removal of weeds and loosening, the plants are placed at a comfortable height.
  • High beds for strawberries, made by hand, save space on the site: there is free space, which planted other plants.
  • In the beds in a vertical form, the roots do not rot, the plants do not have fungus and are removed from pests.
  • Weed grass is much smaller, which saves time on its removal.
  • In cold weather, containers can be moved to sheds, other outbuildings or sheltered, in warm weather they are hung on the wall of a house or fence, this gives a beautiful view.
  • Under the berries do not need to substitute the plug, so that they do not spoil from the ground.

vertical beds for strawberries from bottles

Negative factors of the beds in vertical form

Vertical beds for strawberries have several drawbacks:

  • Top dressing needs to be used more often, because there is little land, and it quickly loses its beneficial properties.
  • Land in the tank dries faster than in ordinary soil, so you need to water more often. To keep moisture longer, a hydrogel is added to the soil.

vertical beds for strawberries from plastic bottles

Variants of vertical beds

Vertical beds for strawberries on the site are able to make every gardener. There are many options for such structures.

Construct them from pipes, containers and other utensils. But the fastest and easiest way is to make vertical beds for strawberries from plastic bottles.They are fastened in turn upwards; strawberries are placed on a lighted place so that the berries ripen well. If you make a lot of tanks, it will give the opportunity to plant a large number of bushes. Dispose of the bottle so that they do not obscure each other. Other methods:

  • In the store with plants, you can purchase special containers, plant strawberries in them and place them on a shelving near the house or fence in a lighted place. If the structure is large, then it is being constructed on the proposed site, it will be difficult to carry it.
  • For planting plants in pots make circles and strung them on a metal support in an oblique view, so you can make a bed of large sizes.
  • Strawberry beds can be built by hanging thick bags on many levels, and then plant bushes in them.
  • They make a pyramid with the help of wooden boxes, the first one should be big, they put a smaller container on it, and so on to the desired height. They put earth in the boxes and place bushes on the edge. It turns out a beautiful step construction. For these methods, they do not use drip irrigation, but do manual irrigation with separated water.
  • You can make a bed with a plastic pipe. Take a water pipe and a cap on it or connect plastic bottles. In it circles for bushes are cut out, a thin pipe is inserted into which water will be refilled for drip irrigation, as well as dressing in liquid form.
  • Holes are drilled along the entire length in a thin pipe, the lower ten centimeters are not touched, then they are wrapped in sacking and inserted into a thick pipe with a cap. On the bottom, where there are no holes, clay is poured for drainage, the rest of the place is covered with soil, which must be loamy, contain hydrogel and foam.
  • A large pipe is screwed to a support, bushes are placed in cut circles and covered with earth. A small pipe is filled with water, liquid fertilizers are poured through it, these are ideal conditions for plant development. Such structures can be made in large quantities and fixed on one support.
  • Strawberry beds can be built using trim pipe from the drain. On both sides, plugs are put in, holes are made and wire or other fasteners are inserted, then they are attached to the support and filled with soil, you can hang them on the ropes in any convenient place. To avoid overturning tanks, they need to be fixed away from strong winds.
  • You can use insulation covered with foil, while the surface will reflect excessively bright rays of the sun. The material is divided and folded in half, the upper and side edges are stitched, a bag is obtained. Outline the location of the bushes and sheathe in a circle, pockets cut from above. They are filled with soil with hydrogel and foam, place the roots of the plant and cover with earth. Hang up a bed on any support, on a fence, technical constructions or the house.

high beds for strawberries do it yourself

How to make beds from plastic bottles?

We propose to consider some of the most common options for how to create high beds for strawberries with your own hands.

Method number 1

Vertical beds for strawberries from plastic bottles can be made as follows: a two-liter bottle is cut in half, not tightly twisting the lid so that excess water can go. In the upper part of the earth poured with the addition of hydrogel and nutrients and planted bush.

The filled container is placed in the lower cut-off part, into which excess water will flow, a frame is constructed from the wire and the ready-made home-made pots are attached to it. For beauty, they can be painted.

Attach the containers at such a distance that some do not create a shadow for others, otherwise the fruit will slowly sing.

Method number 2

The next way to make vertical beds for strawberries from bottles: twist the cork in a two-liter bottle and cut a hole from one side, fill it with prepared earth, make a well and place the bush. They build a net and wire a container around the edges, nail the nailplug to the wooden structure. The plant should immediately be watered with separated water.

vertical beds for strawberries

Method number 3

Beds for strawberries from plastic bottles can be made by pre-building a support made of metal or wood. Then cut the two-liter bottle in half, pour the ground into the lower part and place the plant, make holes at the edges of the container, pass the wire and hang it to the support.

Method number 4

From plastic bottles you can make a pipe by melting. Two-liter bottles are cut at the edges, leaving only the thick parts of the tank.

The cut edges are heated to melt and joined, one tube is obtained consisting of a maximum of four pieces. You can seal the edges without heating, using scotch tape.It is placed in a narrow pipe for watering, wrapped sackcloth to avoid contamination, holes are drilled so that water can pass to the roots. The bottom is stuck with tape or closed with a special stopper.

In the main pipe, round cuts for the plant are made of bottles, one side is left intact for attachment to the support, up to 15 centimeters recede from the ground, a cap should be placed on the bottom, attached to the support. Expanded clay is poured up to 20 centimeters to the bottom so that the thin pipe does not move.

The rest of the place is filled with soil with hydrogel and foam, then the roots will not rot, gradually watered so as not to accumulate air. Bushes are planted in the holes, separated water is poured into a thin pipe, liquid dressings are also produced through it.

Such pipes can be made in large quantities, while making a common support.

Method number 5

The support can be made of wood in the form of a pyramid, knock down a triangle, attach a smaller step to it at an angle to the very top.

Place plants in two ways:

  • put the bottles with plants cut in half;
  • Drill the circles with a special round nozzle on the drill and insert the bottles with plants cut into them in half, bend them and nail them to the steps, make holes in the containers for excess water.

Unnecessary items can be used as a support: with bottles with plants, you can force an old bed, table, benches or combine everything at once.

Objects will have a beautiful view thanks to plants, and space is saved on the site.

beds for strawberries from plastic bottles

Vertical beds for strawberries: land preparation

Expanded clay is placed on the bottom, thus drainage is done, the land from the site is mixed with compost or humus, 20 grams of superphosphate are put. If planting is done in open cut bottles, then a hydrogel is added so that the soil does not dry out so quickly.

Fill the containers with earth, then pour over the separated water and fill the missing layer, make a depression and submerge the roots, fill it with soil on top.

Putting bushes in the beds

The neck of the seedlings should be strong, up to 6 millimeters in circumference, the roots are fibrous, at the bush itself - from three to five leaves of green color and a bud. If the seedlings cannot be quickly planted, then it must be prikopat land and stored for 2 days.

If the roots are long, they are pruned to 10 centimeters.

The roots are dipped in a clay talker - this is how the plant takes root more quickly in the soil, put them into cut circles and cover with earth.

The distance between the bushes to make up to 10 centimeters and leave for the development of each root to 1.5 liters in volume. In the pipe begin landing from the bottom.

regular beds for strawberries

High beds for strawberries: berry care

For irrigation use separated or rain water, it is softer for the plant. Strongly fill the bushes is not worth it, it will lead to rotting roots. During heavy rain and hail the plant needs to be moved or covered with agrofiber, this will save it from damage.

The probability of occurrence of pests is small, but it is still there, and unlike in the open field, the disease can quickly destroy all plants. When the yellow leaves appear, they must be removed and burned. If you need to move the bushes from one container to another, then do it carefully so as not to smash the roots.

In order for the harvest to be high-quality and rich, it is necessary to apply nitrogen and potash supplements.

For the winter, bushes need to be insulated, put mulch, wind the pipes and cover with agrofibre; individual containers can be removed and moved to places that are hidden from drafts and cold. They do it with the onset of cold weather, and if you start the process in advance, the plants will sweep from the heat.

In order to have a good harvest next year, in the fall you need to remove all the extra mustaches, dark and dry leaves. In the spring, such a procedure is also carried out, all frozen shoots and leaves are removed.

The most enjoyable moment is the harvest, which pleases with its result. The process is not time consuming, since strawberries do not touch the ground and are removed in their pure form. Shrubs are located at a height, so the dirt during the rain on them does not fall, the berries do not rot. When the crop is harvested, you need to cut off the weak, broken and excess antennae.

You can take a rich harvest from vertical beds, at the same time you can place them where it is convenient and save space on the plot by planting other plants on it. Special care and excessive effort is not required. Vertical regular beds for strawberries are very convenient and do not contain a large amount of weed grass in comparison with open ground.

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Vertical beds for strawberries from plastic bottles. Handmade high beds for strawberries 100

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