Vitamin complex "Vitrum Junior": instructions for use, composition, reviews

Smart parents always make sure that the child develops physically, emotionally, and mentally, and to strengthen the immune system and his good mood, he should take all the vitamins necessary for the body. One of the most relevant to all the stated requirements and popular among mothers today is Vitrum Junior. Instructions for use to it are simple, and the positive reviews weight, consider it in more detail.

Vitrum Junior

About the drug

The company Unifarm has long won its position in the Russian market. It produces vitamin-mineral complexes for different groups of people. Drugs have a balanced composition that meets the needs of people in different situations. Stress, illness, hormonal changes, rapid growth and vigorous activity - all this is taken into account in the Vitrum Junior complexes.The price for them is quite affordable for every simple consumer, and they can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Each ingredient in the composition is selected in a special way so that it cannot interact with the neighboring one. Specialists composed the complex so that each mineral and vitamin in it is absorbed only where it is necessary for the body and in the most favorable conditions for it. All components are fully consistent with the natural beneficial substances from vegetables and fruits in their biological activity and chemical structure. The risk of the possible appearance of allergy is minimized, since Vitrum Junior and its shell are made only of hypoallergenic components, and artificial additives, dyes and preservatives are completely absent in the composition.

Vitrum Junior Instructions for use

How to choose the right complex

Numerous clinical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of "Vitrum Junior", reviews of the drug indicate that it is not a food additive, but a drug that requires the mandatory consultation of an experienced specialist in these matters.

At each specific age, the body’s need for the vitamins and minerals it needs is always individual.The company Unifarm has developed a whole range of complexes for adults and children, each strictly for their specific situation - these are enriched, balanced and made with regard to age changes of compositions. The complex of perfectly selected ten minerals and thirteen vitamins to each other is Vitrum Junior.

Instructions for use

It is intended for children from seven to fourteen years of age and is extremely important for their complete mental and physical formation in a given period. At this stage, the development occurs rapidly, the body undergoes a lot of changes, rapidly developing cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In order for oxygen to be transported to tissues correctly, it needs the presence of such minerals as manganese, copper, and iron. All of them are available at Vitrum Junior. Chewable tablets have the following basic properties:

- facilitate the perception of large mental loads in school, improve memory and attention;

- help the body to quickly recover from the disease, contribute to the strengthening of the immune system and a quick return to school;

- the special formula "TRIO GROWTH" that is part of the multivitamin complex is important in the formation of new, already permanent and strong teeth and correct posture.

vitrum junior Price

Vitamins in the composition

The vitamins are simply necessary for the growing body, it is not for nothing that scientists have named them that way. Translated from the Latin vitae means "life." Not everyone pays enough attention to this fact. Remember about multivitamin complexes and their reception only in the spring and during colds. In the Vitrum Junior complex there are thirteen vitamins.

  1. And - is responsible for vision and promotes growth, thanks to him scratches, abrasions and bruises disappear faster.
  2. C - accelerates all metabolic processes. It perfectly strengthens the immune system and fights against all types of colds and infections.
  3. B1 - increases the brain activity of the child, improves his mood and appetite.
  4. B2 - positively affects the functioning of the liver and intestines, improves vision, and participates in growth processes.
  5. B5 is also responsible for immunity, good growth and the overall development of the body.
  6. B6 - ensures the smooth functioning of the nervous system, is involved in the formation of red blood cells (blood cells), helps lower cholesterol.
  7. B9 - participates in the formation of leukocytes (white blood cells), improves the functioning of the intestine and liver.
  8. B12 - Vitrum Junior enters the whole group of vitamins B; it is in this kit that it influences the function of the blood-forming organs in the most positive way and helps the proper puberty.
  9. D3 is the most important vitamin for bone and skeletal formation. In the right combination perfectly strengthens them and stimulates the correct growth.
  10. E - protects and repairs cells, improves their growth and development.
  11. PP is needed for good motor activity, it develops and strengthens the joints, well removes cholesterol, there by reducing the risk of diabetes.
  12. K - without it, blood will not clot as expected, it is necessary for proper absorption of calcium.
  13. N - an indispensable vitamin for skin, nails, hair, regulates fat balance.

vitrum junior reviews

Minerals composed

Vitrum Junior multivitamin complex helps to solve all the problems with a balanced diet, which mothers take care of. Small fidgets do not always want to eat strictly by the hour and it is the food that they have prepared, and often like to “feed” is absolutely not useful, but very inviting chips and cola.Every knowledgeable mother understands that even a well-adjusted ration is not able to solve the problem of a lack of minerals, and in this complex they are all there, and in the right quantity and in the right proportion.

Zinc is needed for proper development, including genitals. Responsible for vision and memory.

Magnesium - it depends on the good work of the nervous system.

Iodine - does not develop goiter, strengthens and normalizes the function of the thyroid gland.

Calcium is necessary for the heart, bones, teeth, hair and good growth of the whole organism.

Iron - prevents anemia, an important element in the proper development of the child.

Phosphorus - important for the skeleton and bones.

Manganese - improves the nervous system and brain.

Copper is the first defense of the body against free radicals.

Chromium - levels the level of sugar in the blood, is involved in many processes, including the production of insulin.

Molybdenum - activates metabolic processes, indispensable for the harmonious development of the child, like all other Vitrum Junior minerals. Reviews of the drug indicate the obvious benefits of taking vitamins.

Vitrum Junior Vitamins

When is it better to take

It is noted that a child consuming the right amount of minerals and vitamins every day a child is less likely to get sick or recover much faster. Of course, most of the reviews indicate that this drug is bought for children in the fall and early spring, when the immune system is particularly in need of protection. According to experts, “Vitrum Junior” is shown not only during these periods, it is intended for the general strengthening of the child’s body in any stressful situations, for example, when transferring to another school or exertion before important tests. Most of the children, in addition to studying, are engaged in various sports sections, and their schedule is literally scheduled by the minute - morning classes at school, lessons, sports, perhaps a trip to additional courses and mandatory homework. Such children are shown the daily reception of "Vitrum Junior". The price for it, depending on the volume of packaging, varies between 300-600 rubles.

Vitrum Junior Composition

How to use

All the necessary daily allowance of minerals and vitamins includes one chewing tablet "Vitrum Junior". The composition is so well chosen that it is enough to take it only once a day.The course is calculated individually, necessarily taking into account the recommendations of a specialist doctor, most often it is one to two months. Then there is a break. It is important to take a chewable tablet after a meal or during it, so it is absorbed by the body much better.

Vitrum Junior Chewable Tablets

Side effects

They can be divided into chronic and acute.

Chronic - may occur due to improper use of the drug or exceeding its daily requirement. Their symptoms are rashes on the skin, deterioration of appearance and general condition.

Sharp - if the child has found a jar of delicious Vitrum Junior chewable tablets and ate them in large quantities. There may be signs of obvious poisoning of the body, manifested in the form of vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and dizziness. In such cases, an experienced mother knows how to properly wash the affected stomach and, if there is no deterioration of the condition, be sure to arrange bed rest with a large amount of fluid consumed until the state is completely improved.

If the side effects are pronounced brightly, and the child feels worse, you should immediately call a doctor.Note that vitrum "Vitrum Junior" causes such phenomena extremely rarely.

multivitamin complex vitrum junior

special instructions

To avoid such situations, it is important to observe the following rules:

- it is not necessary to use this complex in combination with other multivitamin preparations;

- be sure to read the instructions attached to it in detail;

- to store vitamins in a place that the child does not exactly reach.

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