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Parasyuk Vladimir, whose biography is in this article, is a deputy of the Eighth Verkhovna Rada, an activist of Euromaidan. He played a big role in past events in Ukraine, when Yanukovych was removed from power. Vladimir Zinovievich was directly involved in this. Commanded by the fourth company of the battalion "Dnipro", non-party, not married.


Vladimir Parasyuk was born on July 9, 1987 in the Lviv region, Zholkovsky district, in the village of Maidan. After school, he entered the national university named after I. Franko, at the Faculty of Electronics. But the training did not finish. The university joined the student fraternity and became a member of Ukrainian nationalists. He played in KVN for the Lviv team "Etalon".

Vladimir Parasyuk

Labor activity

Vladimir Parasyuk began his career with a simple videographer at the studio. Filmed various programs and holidays. At this time, Parasyuk has its own video studio, which is located in Lviv.

Combat training

Combat training began in his student years.Parasyuk traveled to many camps, where he studied hand-to-hand combat and pneumatic weapon shooting. In shooting galleries, it was allowed to hit targets and from a firearm if there was an official permit. In the military camps, a story was propagated telling about events in Ukraine in the 20s and about the famine.

Parasyuk Vladimir


When Euromaidan began, Vladimir Parasyuk took direct part in the events. According to him, on 02/21/2014, he went to the podium without the knowledge of the organizers. And he expressed dissatisfaction with Yanukovych on behalf of his fighters. Parasyuk issued an ultimatum, according to which the head of Ukraine was to resign before 10:00 am on February 22. Otherwise, Vladimir Zinovievich promised to take the presidential administration by storm. Since the performance of Parasyuk caused the warm support of the protesters, Yanukovych did not wait for reprisals. He secretly left Kiev.


In the spring, Vladimir Parasyuk joined the ranks of ATO volunteers and became a fighter in the Dnepr-1 battalion, which was subordinate to the head of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region. In the summer of the same year he came out of the environment in which Ilovaisky was hit. Got a cranial open injury and a serious gunshot wound. Then he was returned to his native heartlands by the supporters of the DPR.

Parasyuk Vladimir Biography

Political career

When in 2014an election campaign began, Vladimir Parasyuk decided to run for parliament as an independent candidate. In October, he was elected in the 122nd district in the Lviv region. Over 55 percent of the votes were cast for Vladimir Zinovievich. Parasyuk initiated approximately fifty bills. But in legislation only five were adopted:

  • about ownership transparency;
  • changes in tax policy related to schools, kindergartens and other non-profit organizations;
  • review of the anti-corruption bureau;
  • changes that were related to volunteer work.


The political career of a deputy was repeatedly marked by fights in the Verkhovna Rada. For example, in 2015, Vladimir Parasyuk kicked him on the head of the deputy head of the main department for combating organized crime and corruption. Such a manifestation of anger describes the incontinence of the nature of the deputy. Prior to the described situation, a political figure appeared three times in various criminal proceedings.

Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk


Deputy Volodymyr Parasyuk, like everyone else, submits income declarations. For 2014, the politician earned a little more than 29 thousand hryvnia.His parents are ten times more. According to the declaration, it turns out that the deputy lives in conditions of austerity. And receives in a month only 6298 hryvnia. In the submitted documents, Parasyuk owned no real estate and cars.

But, nevertheless, for a couple of years, the deputy managed to change three expensive cars. The cost of each of them - about a million hryvnia. At the same time Parasyuk lives in the center of the capital, on an elite boulevard. Its declaration was filed a day before the law came into force, pursuing false information about incomes.

The deputy’s parents only own a house of 100 square meters and a plot of land of 0.6 hectares. Renting an apartment in a house where Parasyuk lives costs UAH 15,000 per month. In 2016, the deputy’s income increased threefold. After the explosion of his car with a grenade Parasyuk hired a personal driver and bodyguard.

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