Vladimir Yaglych: filmography and personal life

“We are from the future”, “A night long in life”, “At a nameless height”, “Soldiers”, “Smersh” - film projects and series, thanks to which the audience remembers Vladimir Vladimirovich Yaglych. The 33-year-old actor’s filmography already includes more than 50 films and television projects. He is actively removed, so the list of his interesting roles is constantly increasing. Spectacular appearance, strong build, acting talent - all this helped a simple guy to succeed and gain a lot of fans. What else is known about him?


The actor is a native Muscovite, was born in January 1983. Vladimir Yaglych, the filmography, the main roles of which are now of great interest to many fans, in childhood did not dream of an acting career. No wonder, after all, the professional activities of his parents were not related to the world of cinema. Remembering the first years of his life, the star of the national cinema claims that he was an ordinary child, he did not stand out from the crowd of his peers.He had many friends, walks with whom he preferred to school lessons.

Yaglych Filmography

It is also known that Vladimir was seriously interested in sports, he thought about linking his life with flights, becoming a professional pilot. However, the interest in the world of cinema that began in adolescence forced him to embark on a completely different road. The role of the pilot, he managed to briefly try on only in the movie, brilliantly coping with this task.

Life path choice

By the time of graduation, the future actor had already managed to think seriously about linking his life with the creative profession. Education Vladimir Yaglych, the filmography and biography of which are discussed in this article, decided to get to the VTI named after Shchukin. The talented young man managed to do the first attempt; he got on the course that Knyazev conducted. Vladimir does not hide the fact that his choice fell on the “Pike” by no means by accident. There was going to do the girl that he liked then.

Vladimir Yaglych filmography

Interestingly, soon after that, Vladimir broke up with this girl, who also became a famous actress in the future. However, he became involved in school and was able to successfully complete the university.

Work in the theater

When a dozen of the most promising actors among graduates of theater universities in 2004 were named, Yaglych was on this list. By this time, the young man’s films had already managed to acquire the first paintings, but he had worked in the theater for several years. The choice of a young man fell on the Moscow Academic Theater. "Plague on both of your houses", "Horses finicky", "Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood" - the most famous productions with his participation.

Yaglych Vladimir Filmography

However, the moment came when the young man had to choose between working in the theater and filming a movie. He preferred to devote himself to cinema, which he did not have to regret.

First roles

Vladimir Vladimirovich Yaglych, the filmography of which currently contains about 50 pictures and television projects, began to appear in his student years. Episodic roles went to the young man in the movie "Antikiller-2" and in the series "Carousel", they became the debut for him. Shortly thereafter, a fascinating mini-series “At a Nameless Height” was presented to the audience court, thanks to which Vladimir first attracted attention. In this TV show he got the role of Lieutenant Alexei Malyutin.

Actor Yaglych Filmography

The mini-series “On a Nameless Height” presented not only the first fans, but also a peculiar role to the beginning actor. The director liked the way it looks as a military Yaglych. Filmography of the young man acquired several more paintings in which he embodied the images of brave soldiers. A great achievement for Vladimir was also shooting in the TV project “My Prechistenka”, he brilliantly coped with the role of a native of an aristocratic family, the son of a prince.

Films and series with his participation

Yaglych is an actor who likes to surprise fans with unexpected roles, which is why his filmography is so interesting to explore. For example, in the popular series “Two destinies-2” he embodied the image of a student, his character was strikingly different from the characters played by the young man before. In the picture “Hunting on Asphalt” Yaglych tried on the image of investigator Reshetnikov who loves his work.

yaglych movies private life

Of course, it should be noted and the series "Soldiers", in which the actor Yaglych played one of his star roles. The filmography of the lyceum acquired a TV project, in which he embodied a strong guy endowed with a keen sense of justice, ready to defend his position.Then followed the shooting in “The Right to Happiness”, “Smersho”.

What else to see

Of course, not all the roles that Vladimir Vladimirovich Yaglych can deservedly be proud of are listed above. The star's filmography contains other interesting films and TV shows. For example, one can not fail to mention the fantastical film project “We are from the Future”, which received some controversial criticism.

Yaglych Filmography Personal

In this picture, Vladimir played a Russian nationalist, responding to the nickname "Skull". His hero unexpectedly falls into the past, or rather, during the Great Patriotic War. Circumstances make the character join the fighting on the side of the Soviet troops. Of course, such an experience cannot fail to have an impact on his entire future life, the hero's world view is changing dramatically.

What else must see the fans of a talented actor? The long-lasting night tape, in which he played a vivid role, deserves close attention. His character is an ordinary school teacher Stepan Lobov, who is forced to go to the front to defend his country.“I will show you Moscow”, “Love is not what it seems”, “Rules of the Hijacking” are fascinating TV projects with his participation.

TV shows

Not only as an actor, Vladimir Vladimirovich Yaglych, a filmography, whose life has been covered in this article. Tight shooting schedule does not prevent him from testing his strength as a TV presenter, to take part in television shows.

For example, in 2013, Vladimir and Oksana Domnina won the main prize in the Ice Age-4. The position of the leading music program "Artist" Yaglych received in 2014.

However, Vladimir considers himself to be an actor, not a TV presenter. Often he refuses to pay roles, if the characters do not seem interesting to him. Yaglych, according to his words, does not pursue high fees, prefers to work with recognized directors. He also places high demands on the plot of the films and TV series to which he is invited.

Life offscreen

Yaglych became famous not only for his interesting roles, but also for his loud novels, his filmography, whose personal life and biography are discussed in this article.His first love was Valery Sizov - the girl for whom Vladimir entered into “Pike” at the time. However, the relationship of the couple did not last long. Then the attention of the actor was attracted by fellow student Anna Kazyuchits, with whom Yaglych also met on the set of the painting “At anonymous height”. Young people were perfectly able to play passion, which is not surprising, given that at that time they were passionate about each other. For a while the lovers even lived together.

Vladimir Yaglych filmography starring

Further, Vladimir's choice fell on talented actress Svetlana Khodchenkov, which, according to rumors, was the reason for his separation from Kazyuchits. It Khodchenkova managed to take the charming actor under the crown. Unfortunately, the union of a beautiful couple lasted only five years. If you believe the rumors, their frustration is due to the fact that Svetlana before Vladimir managed to acquire star status, to achieve high fees.

The next known girlfriend Yaglycha was figure skater Oksana Domnina, he met this girl thanks to the Ice Age show. However, this novel did not last long.

What now

At the moment, the actor Yaglych, whose filmography and biography are considered in this article, is not alone. His colleague was chosen by the actress Antonina Papernaya.While the girl is known primarily as the daughter of the Ukrainian star Olga Sumskaya. For several months now rumors have been circulating about the impending wedding of lovers, which Vladimir himself does not refute, but does not confirm.

Soon, fans of the actor will have a pleasant surprise - several new films and series with his participation. Among them is “Catherine. Takeoff "- a teleproject in which the actor will try on the image of Grigory Potemkin, the famous favorite of the powerful empress.

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