Water Hyacinth: Planting and Care

Amazing plant - water hyacinth, known among gardeners as eihornia or “green plague”, is often used as an aquarium culture. In addition, it feels great in the natural or In warm water, eihornia grows quickly and beautifully blooms. More recently, the plant was a wonder for our climate. But fragrant flowers of the most delicate shades, juicy bright leaves just conquered the connoisseurs of the beautiful. Decorative properties of hyacinth were appreciated by gardeners. In addition, the plant is an excellent natural water filter.

water hyacinth

Hyacinth Description

Eichornia is an extraordinarily beautiful plant. On the surface of the water, it creates dense sockets consisting of bright green leaves. Petioles thicken towards the base and form a multitude of cavities filled with air.

Water hyacinth grows in a pond, on delicate thin stems, if the elements are calm. In the boiling - the plant forms a rather sprawling outlet on short thick cuttings.

The roots of eichornia are long.In desiccated or shallow ponds, they can reach the muddy bottom. Having taken root in a ground, the water hyacinth provides itself additional food.

Culture is considered to be a decoration of the landscape. It is especially beautiful during the flowering period. From the vivid spectacle just do not tear your eyes off. Flowers are collected in sockets of 5-12 pieces. They look a bit like orchids. Flowers can please with beautiful blue, lilac or yellow shades.

The plant needs certain conditions. In this case, it several times during the season will please the owner with its beautiful flowering.

water hyacinth care

"Planting" plants

Even a novice gardener can grow a strong and beautiful water hyacinth. "Landing" and care will not require a multitude of forces. After all, the plant is able to withstand almost any conditions.

Experienced growers recommend "planting" eihornia as follows:

  1. The outlet of the plant must be placed in an aquarium with warm water. It is desirable to provide an abundance of light.
  2. If the conditions are unsuitable, then when a new leaf appears, the old leaf will die off.
  3. With a favorable climate, the plant will begin to develop. The roots will go to growth, the leaves will not die off.Around May, a new outlet is formed.
  4. It is possible to transfer water hyacinth to the pond in June, when warm weather is established. The process of "landing" is very simple. Tropical beauty just lowered into the pond.


If you provide the right plant such as water hyacinth care, it will delight you with beautiful flowering. Creating a comfortable environment for culture is easy.

water hyacinth planting

Initially, remember, eichornia loves sunshine. Therefore, it is better for her to choose the lighted areas in fresh warm waters. Although the plant can perfectly exist even in the shady area. However, for the beautiful flowering, it just needs an abundance of sun.

At the same time try to avoid drafts. Their plant simply does not tolerate. And it may even die.

Temperature conditions

We should not forget that the historical homeland of the plant is Brazil and South America, characterized by a hot climate. Therefore, the most comfortable eihornia feels warm.

To the plant fully and properly developed, it is recommended to listen to the opinion of experts:

  1. For the full development of the plant requires a temperature not lower than 22 ° C.Given this, the planting of water hyacinth occurs in June.
  2. The optimum temperature for a thermophilic plant is 25-27 ° C. And during flowering - 28-29 ° C.
  3. The plant does not tolerate temperature changes.
  4. When cold, the hyacinth should be placed in an aquarium with water and transferred to a warm room.
  5. In winter, the plant can withstand temperatures not lower than 15 ° C.

water hyacinth planting and care

Features of growing

Despite the exoticism of the plant, care for the culture is quite simple. The most important thing is to provide eichornia conditions as close as possible to natural ones.

In order for the plant to fully develop, it is necessary to provide him with the right environment. Culture needs water enriched with organic ingredients. In such an environment, she will pleasantly surprise with elegant flowering.

Excellent additives for culture can be:

  • mullein infusion or compost;
  • bottom purified sludge;
  • humus;
  • complex fertilizers intended for aquarium plants.

Having provided the necessary nutrients, you will notice how fertilizer will affect the growth of sockets.

Eichornia perfectly feels in alkaline reservoirs.She is not afraid of harmful impurities, which for other plants can be disastrous.

Branched powerful roots are straightened under water. They are able to cover large enough volumes. In this case, water hyacinth is often called a "filter". After all, the roots, like a pump, absorb not only organic matter. They absorb metal oxides, phosphates, insecticides, traces of phenols and oils. After a while the pond cleans beautifully.

water hyacinth at home

Due to this property, the culture is widely used to filter naturally polluted water bodies.

Wintering plants

As soon as the air temperature begins to fall, the plant must be moved to a warm room. Winter eichornia can:

  • in the pelvis;
  • aquarium;
  • suitable transparent container.

The vessel should be filled with the same water in which the culture developed in the summer. It is recommended to add a little sludge to the tank. This will allow the plant to take root and comfortably spend the winter.

In order not to die water hyacinth at home, you should consider the moments:

  1. The plant no longer needs high temperature. But it is necessary to provide all the same heat. Optimum performance - 20 ° C.
  2. Hyacinth sockets are very sensitive to a lack of light.It is recommended to install a backlight above the container. This will allow to transfer the winter normally. Eichornia should receive light at least 14 hours a day.
  3. The plant needs warm water. The fluid temperature should be around 20 ° C.
  4. Provide fresh air to the culture. However, do not forget that it can not stand drafts.
  5. Carefully monitor the moisture level. Evaporation of water can lead to the death of the plant. Therefore, you should periodically pour water.
  6. To protect the hyacinth from "hunger", it is recommended to add a little fertilizer. Use special formulations for aquarium plants.

water hyacinth in the pond

Important recommendation

Water hyacinth can be a wonderful decoration of the pond. Special, magnificent spectacle, he will delight during flowering. However, owners should be aware of a significant plant deficiency. In favorable conditions, it is able to multiply rapidly. Covering the reservoir with a “dense veil”, culture can lead to the death of many inhabitants of the pond. Therefore, periodically the plant should be thinned.

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