Wax seal for decoration

A wax seal in history has always helped to observe the sacrament of correspondence. Despite the fact that today its primary functionality has lost its meaning, it is still capable of benefiting, but rather of an aesthetic nature. Most often, wax seal is used as an element of decoration for personal correspondence, sending out invitations to events, as well as in the design of gifts.

What is this type of printing?

A wax seal is a mechanism that includes a wooden handle and a brass nozzle. With the help of the surface of this nozzle it becomes possible to apply any pattern. A sample of the planned print is developed independently by its future owner. You can create several different interchangeable nozzles.

wax seal

The wax seal is printed on preheated sealing wax. In the place where you plan to stamp, you need to drip the substance, and then press the seal with a brass nozzle.

Types of wax used for printing

Developed several types of sealing wax for sale. The very first of them - the candle and wick. This type of candle is ignited and the required material is melted to the surface. This method is considered the most expensive when compared with others. It is used if necessary to send to someone, for example, an envelope with a wax seal in one copy.

how to make a wax seal

One of the most common types will be a wax gun as an alternative to a candle. But it is a cheaper option. When it is used wax disposable rods are used. This variation will be ideal for sending outgoing mail.

Sealing wax can be produced in granular form, as well as in lump form. Working with such material will be difficult and long-term, therefore, this method is rarely used.

How to make a wax seal with your own hands?

To make wax printing at home, you will need the following materials: a block of wood, sandpaper, a tool used for carving wood, adhesive tape, paint and wax itself.

Place on a wooden bar, which will later become a seal, must be polished with sandpaper.It should be smooth, without residual roughness, as it will subsequently affect imprinting. Next, you need to measure the diameter of the material to complete the drawing in appropriate proportions. There must be free space between the image and the border of the circle. You can choose any form for printing, you should not limit yourself to only classical variants.

wax seal

A simple choice of image will be a printout of your favorite design from the computer. Then the picture is neatly cut along the contour, flipped over and applied to the bottom of the bar. If desired, it can be secured with tape for reliability. The image after the action is necessary to trace around the contour lines.

With the help of a device for burning the image must be processed, seeking to penetrate as deep as possible. The lines after this should have the same depth and width.

Then the bar is painted and left overnight for complete drying. The resulting excess stain or paint is removed with a napkin. The wax seal is ready for use and you can begin testing it. Sealing wax is ignited and melted over pre-prepared paper or envelope.It is not necessary to drop a large amount, the stain should be in the same size as the print diameter.

wax seal envelope

It is recommended to lubricate the bottom of the print with vegetable oil, and then wipe it with a napkin and stamp it for 10 seconds, otherwise the sealing wax may harden. It is necessary to take away the seal with extreme care so as not to spoil the resulting drawing.

Why do I need wax seals?

A wax seal with different prints is applicable for any scrapbooking idea. For example, creating an imprint with highlighted wedding rings can be used when decorating attributes for holding a wedding ceremony: holiday invitations, postcards, and sealing of bottles with alcohol. Prints with nipples, strollers and sliders will be relevant when creating children's subjects. The drawing made in such a way will prompt itself in which area it can be applied.

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