We clean the carpet at home: how to use?

If carpet is used in your home as a floor covering, then you should have all the necessary information on how to clean the carpet at home. After all, this coating with time is exposed to serious pollution, which has to be fought on its own.

Carpet belongs to unpretentious materials, but the dust and dirt accumulated in it can significantly damage its appearance. To extend the life of this flooring, you need to know about some secrets of cleaning from various types of dirt.

To date, there are several popular methods that answer the question of how to clean carpet from the most difficult stains: dry, wet cleaning, cleaning with soda, foam, vacuum cleaner, and, of course, folk methods. Consider in more detail the popular ways to care for carpet.

Wet cleaning method

Wet cleaning is probably the most common method of cleaning flooring among hostesses, as it is the most effective and at the same time does not take too much time. In this case, you need to stock up on professional chemistry.

Wet cleaning methodTo date, the choice of these funds is quite wide. They differ from each other in their properties and, of course, in price. Ideal for cleaning the carpet special household shampoo. The best tool for cleaning is a soft brush.

Wash the carpet should be as careful as possible so as not to damage its pile. First you need to vacuum the flooring, rid it of dust, dirt and crumbs.

After the surface is relatively clean, you can apply specialized tools, rub in with a brush, wait until the surface is dry, and once again treat it with a vacuum cleaner.

Some people prefer to wash the carpet with a washing vacuum cleaner, but this is not always the best way.

It is not suitable for flooring made from natural fibers, as excess moisture can lead to the fact that the carpet covered with mold and will smell disgusting.

You should pay attention to the instructions of detergents with which you plan to wash the carpet, follow all the recommendations so as not to spoil this coating.

Dry cleaning of carpet made of artificial material is allowed to be carried out no more than once a month. Otherwise, the protective layer may be damaged. As a result, the carpet will quickly wear out, will lose its original appearance.

Dry clean

In this case, apply dry cleaners, which are designed specifically for carpet and carpet.

Dry carpet cleaningThis method is as popular as wet cleaning, but it is used in the presence of slack stains, dirt, which is located on the surface.

In this case, the carpet is first vacuumed, and then in a circular motion, a special dry powder is rubbed.

In order for the cleaner to be thoroughly absorbed into the surface of the carpet, you must wait a few hours, allow the agent to penetrate, and then vacuum the surface again.

They resort to dry cleaning most often, as it is the most simple and quick, with its help it is possible to remove about 80% of the dirt from the carpet without any special effort.After such a cleaning does not need to worry that the carpet will remain damp and it will be unpleasant to smell.

Carpet cleaning with vacuum cleaner

How to clean the carpet at home with a simple vacuum cleaner? For housewives this is one of the easiest ways to clean. This cleaning should be carried out regularly - about 2 times a week.

It is easier to clean the dirt when they are not fully eaten into the fibers. If you do not clean the carpet for a long time, then it will be harder for him to return the original look, and it will also affect the wear of the floor covering.

Are you planning to vacuum carpet with cropped loops? Then you need to stock up on a special nozzle with hard bristles that will perfectly cope even with grime.

So that no shadow bands appear on the surface of the carpet, you will need to vacuum the coating in the direction of the fibers. For cleaning the carpet with a looped structure, a soft and long pile, the usual nozzle is quite suitable not to damage the fibers.

My carpet foam

Foam carpet cleaning - something between wet and dry cleaning. This method is ideal for cleansing small and weak spots.It is best in this case to use a special aerosol, with which you can spray dry foam.

Standardly, first vacuuming the carpet, and only then spraying foam on the dirtiest area, leaving it for half an hour. After all the foam is absorbed, you will need to collect the dirt with a vacuum cleaner.

Such cleaning is sufficiently effective, and, most importantly, as quickly as possible.

Folk ways to combat pollution carpet

If you do not want to wash the carpet in the usual ways, using various chemical means, then you can resort to the folk methods of how to clean the carpet.

Folk ways to combat pollution carpet

Will considermost popular methods.

  1. Soda. It is allowed to dilute the soda in water, pour it into the sprayer and treat the contaminated areas with this solution, and then it will be necessary to properly vacuum the coating. Thus, you can remove persistent and large-scale stains. After this treatment does not remain unpleasant odors. In addition, it is allowed to simply fill in the floor, more precisely, the stain that has formed on it, with soda, rub soda and vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner after a couple of hours.This method is used when cleaning small specks that have not yet had time to be absorbed into the deep layers of carpet.
  2. Alcohol solution with the addition of vinegar(2: 1). This mixture is ideal for washing serious stains, for example, from wine, pomegranate juice, etc.
  3. Turpentine and alcohol. Mix these ingredients in equal proportions. This composition is suitable for washing stains from paint.
  4. Ammonia, water and peroxide. This solution is perfect to wash slack stains.
  5. Piece of iceGreat for cleaning the carpet from sticking gum.
  6. Powdered citric acid. She copes with stains from sweets. How to wash the carpet in this case? First you need to moisten the stain with water and sprinkle with citric acid. Wait 5 minutes. After this, remove the acid residues with a damp cloth.
  7. Vinegar with water. This mixture will be able to remove stains from wine and coffee.
  8. Saltcopes with greasy stains. It is necessary to sprinkle it on the contaminated area, rub in, and then wipe with a soap solution, the final touch is to walk with a dry cloth at the place of pollution.

When cleaning the carpet, it is important to follow simple rules in order not to spoil the surface of the flooring.It is strictly forbidden to rub the resulting stain. Thus, on the contrary, you rub deeply into the pile, the dirt appeared.

The best option is to blot with a simple napkin, cloth stain, while using specialized tools that are suitable for cleaning the carpet.

Be sure to read the instructions for use. Any spot, regardless of its nature, should be brought out from the edges to the center, and not vice versa, in order to avoid the spread of the spot on a clean surface.

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