Webcam logitech C270: reviews

Those over thirty remember how expensive the equipment for shooting video was and how difficult it was to process, edit and distribute it. Today, for less than $ 30, you can purchase a camera that captures the image and sound and transmits them to the other end of the world, allowing you to communicate with distant family members in HD quality. This great little device is the Logitech C270 webcam. It costs almost nothing, despite the opportunities that are open when using it with Skype.


Like most other Logitech products, the camera comes in a rather large box. In addition, there is a warranty and quick installation guide inside.

The webcam is made both with color decoration of the front panel and without it. The pattern with curls looks coquettishly. He is really quite cute and strikingly contrasts with the finish of competitors, casting gloom boring industrial design.

The dimensions of the camera are 70x18x30 mm and it fits easily in the palm of your hand.Logitech C270 is ideal for those who do not want to spoil the aesthetics of your laptop or monitor, but wants to have at its disposal a fully functional device.

The small lens is on the left, and next to it, on the one hand, is a noise-canceling microphone, and on the other, a green LED that lights up during video broadcasting. Behind the USB cable comes out, which is of sufficient length and allows you not to worry about the installation site of the webcam.

logitech c270

System requirements

The camera is supported by Windows Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems. The basic model requirements for a connected computer include the presence of a USB port, 200 MB of disk space, 512 MB of RAM, Internet connection and a processor with a frequency of at least 1 GHz. In order for the Logitech C270 to provide high-quality video communications, the minimum PC configuration should include a USB 2.0 interface, 200 MB of unallocated space on the hard disk, 2 GB of RAM, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, a network connection with data transfer speed not less than 1 Mbps and monitor resolution of at least 1280x750 pixels.

logitech c270 hd


Installation is not difficult.Since webcams are usually installed above the monitor, there must be a way to mount them. The manufacturing company has developed a hinge mechanism that will not only fix the device on the display, but also rotate it to any desired angle so that you can make video calls or conduct online chat sessions, if, of course, they are still in fashion. The head of the Logitech C270 can be tilted to ensure the optimal viewing angle. According to users, complaints are caused by the fact that the setting is possible only in the vertical plane. The hinge does not allow turning the device left or right.

The universal clip that attaches the webcam to the display fits any laptop, LCD or CRT monitor. However, the mount does not seem very reliable, especially if the C270 is installed on a laptop. Fortunately, placing the device on a desktop PC is more stable.

logitech webcam c270


Logitech provides a dedicated PC application that automatically starts when a need arises in the camera. Captured video and photos can be viewed and sent via email, Facebook or YouTube.Recording can be enabled on a schedule, as well as when motion is detected, which allows you to turn a webcam into an inexpensive security system. C270 allows you to change your settings during a video call session. If several cameras are connected, you can switch between them.

The device comes bundled with Logitech’s own video calling application, called Vid HD. However, the model is also compatible with telecommunications programs such as Yahoo, Skype, AOL, and Windows. You can contact your friends using any of these services. When you first install, the Logitech C270 scans your hard drive to detect any of these compatible programs, and then adds a shortcut to the camera launch window.

logitech hd webcam c270


The camera records video at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels with a frequency of f / s, and still images are saved with a maximum resolution of 3 megapixels (2048 x 1536) in 4: 3 format. The footage is even, with no signs of pixelation. However, the colors seem a little faded. Built-in microphone with RightSound technology allows you to record a clear and clear sound, not distorted by noise. The user can choose between capturing video and taking photos in standard or widescreen mode.Turning on the camera’s Follow my face tracking function ensures that the face will always be the main subject of the frame. You can enable or disable RightLight technology, which optimizes the image in low light conditions. The manufacturing company provides Logitech C270 HD users with the opportunity to download free software for editing photos and videos of the company MAGIX.

logitech c270 camera

Shooting quality

Like most cameras whose manufacturers claim to capture HD images, the Logitech C270 doesn’t shine in video quality. Although the frame has a resolution of 1280x720 pixels, its level of detail is not very high. According to user feedback, the image is too soft. In addition, image compression produces a lot of noise, and in certain areas a block structure is noticeable. At night, with artificial light, the image is bright enough, but the price of this is also the appearance of additional noise. According to user feedback, blue flashes and blockiness become noticeable. Perhaps the best way to describe the result will be comparing it with a record in VHS format. It is very reminiscent of videotapes from the distant past.

It is probably unfair to expect more from a device that costs less than two movie tickets, but you should make any purchase consciously and know what you can get for your money. And although the quality of the video is enough for applications such as Skype, it is unlikely that anyone would want to upload it to YouTube in an attempt to become the next Internet sensation.

On the other hand, the Logitech drivers do not allow getting enough control over the camera. It is possible to adjust the white balance, exposure, brightness and zoom, so that framing of the image is more dense. The focus of the camera is fixed, so there is no option to set it up - pictures are always a bit blurred, as is always the case with fixed lenses.

logitech webcam c270

Sound quality

Interestingly, the audio captured by the camera is superb. The sound of the built-in microphone of the Logitech C270 is considered by the owners to be very clean and one of the best in sound capture devices used in the Skype application. This is facilitated by the camera noise reduction system. The microphone is very sensitive - the interlocutor hears the speech of the subscriber, which is located 5 m from the computer.

Features of working with Skype

Owners who used the Logitech HD Webcam C270 in the Skype application did not experience any problems. The built-in microphone is very convenient, since most PC owners do not have separately connected microphones. Its location is successful, because during a conversation the user will speak directly into it, so having two devices instead of one is a good acquisition.

Subscribers at the other end of the line note that the video quality is satisfactory, but it seems that the webcam is very sensitive to light. The owners, who tried to change the exposure settings during a conversation, were able to achieve a better image, but the result was a slight darkening of the face. To some extent, this is inevitable where there is no direct lighting, therefore in television studios, so much attention is paid to tuning the light.

logitech c270 reviews

According to the owners, when switching to widescreen video Logitech suffers more than most other cameras used in the Skype application. Switching to high definition image mode is always accompanied by delays, but in most cases, the C270 refused to do so. Testing other cameras shows that this function works much faster for them than in this model, although sometimes it functions perfectly.This is strange, and, most likely, the cause of Skype, since checking in other applications, such as Google+ Hangouts, showed that Logitech Webcam C270 consistently broadcasts video in 16: 9 format.


At a price of $ 30, the Logitech C270 webcam will certainly be a bargain, although it is not a high-end device. Just connect it to your PC and you can start using it. With good lighting, image quality is acceptable, and the sound is crystal clear and clear. Under conditions of lack of light, the video becomes a little dim in terms of noise, but the brightness of the picture is impressive, given that the shooting is done in diffused light.

Camera Logitech C270 inexpensive, works well, and if you can find a model with an artistic design, it will be nicer than the vast majority of competing devices. This is not related to camera performance, but many are more worried about how their computer looks, and they will be pleased to get something extraordinary.

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