What are the cheapest MTS fares?

Subscribers who use cellular communication, in order to optimize costs, try to choose the mostcheap mts rates. Moreover, this operator has a wide choice of tariffs, it is not easy to do, because each of them is profitable in its own way. In particular, one allows you to communicate profitably within your network, the second offers low prices for international destinations, the third is ideal for those who devote ten to fifteen seconds to telephone conversations. This article will address the mostcheap mts ratesand a brief overview of them.

cheapest fares mts

Types of tariff plans

In a global sense, it is possible to divide all offers of cellular operators into two categories: tariffs with and without subscription fees. In the first case, it is assumed that every day (or monthly) some of the funds are withdrawn from the account and the client is provided with a free set of services specified in the tariff plan.

In the second case, there are no regular charges on the number according to the tariff plan: the subscriber pays uponpaid action. Often people have to thinkwhich is the cheapestMTS tariff without subscription fee. First of all, you need to decide what communication services are needed. After all, tariffs with the included number of minutes, messages and traffic sometimes cost less than TP without subscriber. boards, but with additional connected options, for example, for profitable communication or Internet package.

cheapest tariff pay without monthly fee

Charging options

percent of tariff plans that are provided by the operator, have a per-minute billing. This means that if the duration of the conversation is, for example, seventeen seconds, then the cost of one minute will be removed from the account. There is only one tariff plan for MTS, which has a different tariff. About him will be discussed further.

The cheapest MTS tariff without a monthly fee for communication within the network

If you have to communicate more oftenwith subscribersyour network - MTS, then the tariff that does not have regular payments - “Super MTS” will be beneficial. It is free to communicate with the owners of red and white SIM cards for twenty minutes a day. There is an additional option, which for a nominal fee will increase this amount by five times - the numberfree minutes within the networkper daymake a hundred. Also in the list of "Mostcheap mts rates»You can enable the TP" Your country ". According to its conditions, two subscribers who have the same tariff can contact each other for just one ruble (per minute of connection). Subscriber payments, he has not.

The cheapest MTS tariffs without a monthly fee

It should also mention such a convenient rate as Red Energy. Its main advantage is the unified cost of all calls in the home area (to MTS numbers, to landlines, to SIM cards of other cellular operators). 1.60 rub. - it will cost so much to have a minute of conversation for those subscribers on whose number this tariff will be activated. Such a proposal is perfect for those people who do not want to pay a monthly fee for packages of services that may not be able to spend within the billing period and regularly communicate with subscribers of various networks.

cheapest tariff pay without subscription

The optimal rate for calls abroad

Tariff that was previously mentioned“Your country” is also quite profitable for communication with residents of the CIS countries. It is impossible to find a similar tariff among the available offers of the operator. For example: a minute of communication with Tajikistan will cost 4.50 rubles, a call to Kyrgyzstan - 15 rubles.per minute, 12 rubles. It will cost one minute to communicate with Abkhazia.

By the way, if the subscriber is interested in which is the cheapest tariff for MTS for long-distance calls, then it will be good news for him that this TP also provides a reduced price for calls to numbers in other cities. The cost of three rubles per minute is applied both to calls to subscribers of its network, and when communicating with customers of other telecom operators.

what is the cheapest fare for mts

Tariff with per second billing

The cheapest MTS tariff without the Internet and packages of minutes and SMS included in the monthly fee - this title can be easily assigned to the unique “Per Second” tariff. Already from the name it is clear what its main advantage is: payment is made per second of communication. Thus, having communicated for 14 seconds, the subscriber, on whose number this TP is activated, should not pay as per minute. One second will cost only five kopecks. The interval from one to three seconds is not paid.

cheapest rate mts for calls

All Inclusive Rates

It is impossible to bypass the Smart TP line, because here the legendary offers of the operator are collected. In the list of tariff plans, you can choose the most appropriate option and independently determine how many SMS, minutes and the Internet the client needs.The cheapest MTS tariff for calls in the “Smart” line is “Mini”. According to its terms, a subscriber can receive one gigabyte of traffic, 250 minutes and as many messages for a relatively low monthly payment of 300 rubles. All these volumes of services can be used within a month. At the beginning of a new billing period, balances on packages will be canceled and exactly the same amount of services provided. The opposite case is also provided: if the selected traffic was exceeded before the onset of the new billing period, the subscriber can use the turbo buttons to extend the traffic and, as a result, speed.

Tariff plans of the Smart series have a number of features. For example, some of them can be used by several subscribers, i.e. a second number can be connected to one number, which can also use all the services included in the tariff. For some of the TP of the Smart line, use of the Internet is available when outside the home area.

the cheapest fare is mts without internet

Transforming tariff from MTS

It will not be possible to find this tariff plan in the windows of the MTS salon, as it is available for purchase only in the operator’s online store.What is its feature? The subscriber can independently choose the number of minutes he needs - 400, 800, 1200. The larger the voice communication package, the higher the subscription fee. For example, 400 minutes will cost 650 rubles. Is it profitable - this question may arise. Provided that a completely unlimited Internet is added to the selected voice communication package (without restrictions on traffic and speed) and an SMS package 100, this TP can really be called one of the lucrative offers of the operator. Please note that the client himself can choose only the number of minutes - the SMS package and unlimited Internet are included, regardless of which voice service package is selected.

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