What does mandarin mood mean?

Tangerines lie on the shelves of stores all year round, but it is in December that they grow a huge demand for the approach of New Year holidays. After all, it is simply impossible to imagine the New Year without these "orange" suns and their unique aroma, which is capable of creating a festive atmosphere and charging people with positive emotions. So all the same, what does mandarin mood mean? Everyone understands this orange mood in different ways, but it is unequivocal that for anybody it is a symbol of something good and kind.

What does mandarin symbolize?

This fragrant and orange fruit, in addition to being an inalienable attribute of the winter holidays, is still considered a sign of happiness and friendship.

What does mandarin mood mean?

In China, the phrase "a pair of tangerines" means gold, so in this country it is customary for the New Year to give the owners of the house these southern fruits in order to attract wealth and wealth to the dwelling. Therefore, this fruit in the present time can be seen not only on the table. Tangerines decorate New Year floral compositions, hang them on a tree, and their skin is suitable for making fragrant and beautiful garlands.

There are many more ways to give people around people a tangerine mood. For example, you can prepare all kinds of dishes and drinks from these southern fruits or buy clothes with a tangerine print.

What does "orange" mood mean?

This arrangement of the spirit means the approach of the holiday and something good in life. Mandarin mood is a foretaste of joy, laughter, heaps of gifts and a sunny positive. People, getting into such an orange atmosphere, become some kind of mired, mysterious and impregnated with some kind of magic, so I really want this fairy tale never to end.

But you can create a tangerine mood for yourself, for example, congratulating you on an unusual way with your new friends, relatives and friends, or presenting a bright and unforgettable gift in which an orange attribute will be present. It is also possible to arrange a themed party where appropriate drinks and snacks will be present. In general, there are many different options to create a mandarin mood.

Delicious cocktails

If guests are planning or most wanted to raise their spirits, it is necessary to prepare orange drinks, because they not only have an amazing taste, but also delight the eye with their beautiful and rich color.

For example, you can make an excellent cocktail called "Mandarin paradise", which speaks for itself. To do this, you need: 30 ml of syrup "Mandarin", 70 ml of orange juice, 20 ml of concentrated lemon juice, 100 ml of carbonated water and one glass of ice. All this is mixed in a large glass, and then decorated with a slice of mandarin.

Another wonderful recipe for Christmas mulled wine, but it is not necessary to cook it only for New Year's holidays. This drink can become an ornament of any table. To make it, you need to take the following ingredients: 20 ml syrups "Mandarin" and "Cardamom", 160 ml of dry wine and 30 ml of brandy. All components are mixed and heated, add cinnamon, zest and cloves to taste. Serve at a table in large mugs.

There are a lot of different drinks that are able to give a tangerine mood. Photo data of cocktails guarantee that they can become the highlight of any party.

"Orange" recipes

Delicacies from these tropical fruits are quite easy to prepare, just by their appearance, not to mention the taste, they can cheer up any person.

There is one wonderful treat, called mandarin pancake. For its preparation it will be necessary to take: six mandarin, one hundred grams of sugar, five eggs, 260 ml of low-fat cream, 9 grams of gelatin.

To begin with, you need to remove the pulp of the fruit with a spoon and beat well with its blender, and then express the resulting juice and bring it to a boil. At this time, place the gelatin for about fifteen minutes in cool water, and then add it to the non-heated juice. The resulting mass thoroughly mix so that there are no lumps left. Whisk the whites and yolks separately with sugar, and then combine with the already cooled mandarin juice and add the cream. Pour the resulting mass into molds and put in the freezer for at least an hour or three.

When you use these delicacies, the festive tangerine mood will appear by itself. Lovers of snacks can please themselves with an easy salad. For its preparation you will need: an apple, a mandarin, lettuce, one handful of pumpkin seeds, a pinch of Italian herbs, and for dressing olive oil, liquid honey and lemon juice. All components are washed and cut, and then refill and mix properly.

It is very easy for your relatives and friends to give a tangerine mood. Packaging and gifts simply need to be decorated in the appropriate style, and there is no doubt that the goal will be achieved.

As such a souvenir, you can present the original mandarin soap, which has a pronounced citrus smell and made in the form of this southern fruit.

Optional gift should be large and expensive, because a small and interesting present will be to the liking of any person. For example, you can give a necessary thing in the household - a toothpaste with a taste of mandarin, which will lift the mood in the morning and evening.

There is even such a special gift set, which is called "Mandarin mood". Its packaging is decorated in orange tones, and the composition includes: a bag of dried mandarins, tea-flavored, mandarin candle and orange sachet.

Anyone will be pleased to receive such thematic gifts.

Citrus Wardrobe

You can not part with the mandarin mood at all, having got yourself a few things of the appropriate color. These warm tones, according to experts, can influence the attitude of surrounding people, so their owners will be given only positive emotions and a positive charge.

An orange shade will give strength and confidence to all those who decide to bring it into their daily wardrobe. Women's tangerine colors are guaranteed to bring a lot of pleasant surprises to their mistress in life, and an elevated mood can become her constant companion.

Mandarin mood can be brought into your life by decorating your home in an orange style, or, for example, by hanging pictures with painted mandarins. According to the Chinese, such drawings not only can bring happiness and well-being to the house, but also make the family hearth cozy and comfortable.

To attract tangible goods to the house with tanners of mandarins, you can decorate any plants or a money tree.

A colorful kitchen, which has a tangerine color, can become a real decoration of the apartment, bringing a certain originality and original style. Although many do not risk to decorate their rooms in orange shades, experts are sure that such bright colors help not only to raise the mood, but also to fight depression.

Party in the style of "orange"

One more option to get a tangerine mood at any time of the year is to hold a corresponding thematic evening.

To do this, you need to place the room with orange attributes. It can be different pictures, fruits or tablecloths on the tables. Entertainment for guests can be an unusual bowling, where instead of pins will be tangerines, or any games in which berries and fruits should be used. Of course, as snacks and drinks will make tangerine goodies and cocktails. Such a bright and vitamin party, of course, will win the hearts of the guests invited to it.

Many people in their New Year congratulations wish their families and friends a tangerine mood. And this is no accident, because according to Chinese beliefs it is believed that they wished people longevity and happiness.

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