What does the prayer to the Great Martyr Catherine help?

On December 7, the Orthodox and Catholic Churches venerate the holy martyr Catherine. She is one of those whom by God's grace we have among the holy people throughout the history of mankind. And her life is inextricably linked with the name of Jesus Christ.

About biography

Usually, the biographies of the saints were compiled after many centuries, and the sources of information were taken from martyries ("martyrdom"). The authors of the martyries described the martyrdom and certain realities that were collected from different sources. Thus, a certain Athanasius, who is known to history as a stenographer and servant of Catherine, was engaged in the life of Catherine the Great Martyr. In his descriptions used "Commendable word to Catherine", martyrdom, which was Simeon Metaphrast and anonymous martirii.

In the biographies it is narrated that the girl who believed in Christ, associated her entire short life with the ministry to him, at that time she was 18 years old.It is also said that the girl was of noble birth. Prior to the adoption of Christianity Catherine, her name was Dorothea, as indicated by some sources. But the secret baptism that the monk performed and the mystical betrothal (she received the ring from the Infant Christ in a dream) changed the life of the girl.martyr Catherine prayerEugenius of Caesarea, who was a contemporary of the saint, also writes a biography of a nameless martyr, the story of her life completely coincides with the descriptions made by Athanasius about Catherine.

For a believer, the main thing is not the biography of the holy great martyrs, but how hot their faith and love for God is. In the Holy Great Martyr Catherine, with which the believers turn to prayer, they see a role model and believe in her help.

Prayer help

Every single girl or woman secretly wants to find her betrothed, it's good to get married. Do not leave many thoughts about creating a family and having a baby. Their faith and church support them in their sincere desires. Church canons bring every believer to the realization that a godly way of life is a family way of life. After all, the family is a small church that helps, protects, protects against adversity.“It’s not good to be alone,” says the Bible, which means that girls who want to meet their betrothed should turn to special icons and strong prayers.

prayer to the Great Martyr Catherine

For example, a prayer to the Great Martyr Catherine about the bridegroom (marriage) is one of the strengths that helps find many believers to be their only God-given man as a husband. A young man can also ask for a good bride. She is both intercessor and helper for all young girls and guys who want a happy family life. The people of the Great Martyr Catherine called Zhenodavitsa, because they considered her intercessor for the lonely.

Prayer for healing

Healing is the will of God. There are no diseases in heaven, which means they should not be on earth either. Indeed, in prayer to the Lord there are such words: "... Thy will be done on earth, as in heaven ..." The prayer to the Great Martyr for health, revered as a saint of God, is erected in many Christian countries. From the lives of Catherine it is known that in faith and love was the heart of the future martyr, who became acquainted with the Christian faith. She devoted herself entirely to the service of God, she was not up to the soul to be the best suitors who had turned to her.She rejected the unholy emperor, who did not want to recognize her faith, and was so cruel that he ordered her to be executed for disobedience to God. Since that time, Catherine is to be before the throne of God, and gives our prayers to the Lord.

Catherine the Great Martyr’s Prayer for the Child

Need to pray

Prayer to the Great Martyr Catherine is a conversation with God through her. Not only words of memorized prayer are important, but the state of our heart, its openness, and the sincerity of our words. Appeal to the Great Martyr Catherine, when the heart breaks in grief, when there is no strength to fight diseases, and failures in life are pursued at every turn.

Saint Catherine was loved by God in her lifetime. Every person who, in his prayer, turns to the Great Martyr for help, receives it. Help comes, but it is given according to the strength of our faith. And our requests and prayers, which are addressed to the great martyr, are heard to the Lord God. That is why the priest in the church teaches that you need to pray and order prayers remembering all the Saints, because each of them and all of them are equally important.

St. Catherine the Great Martyr in what helps the prayer

Icons of St. Catherine

In the house of a woman who wants to get pregnant, there should be an icon of St. Catherine.And the prayer to Catherine the Great Martyr for a child, about the desire to get pregnant and give birth to her child without complications, should be pronounced at this icon. The icon in the house will keep the family calm and the well-being of the household. Icons have their divine grace, and even more so acquired in the church shop, where they are consecrated, or handed down from generation to generation.

Prayer must come from the heart, especially about helping the family in difficult times. It may be a request for the gift of wisdom and patience, so that you can cope with everyday problems. The Great Martyr will hear the request and protect him from evil tongues and from misfortunes. She will not leave the requests coming from the heart, and, of course, will pray to God and the Most Holy Virgin Mary to be intercessors in our life. On Catherine's Day - December 7, unmarried girls cut a sprig of cherries in the garden and place it in the water near the icon of Catherine the Great Martyr. If leaves appeared on it before Christ, the girls understood that they would meet their betrothed. And if the twig and flowers released, not only this girl will marry, but also give birth to a baby.

Catherine the Great Martyr prayer for health

Teaching aid

In the biographies of St. Catherine,she appears to us as an intelligent girl who has received various knowledge and skills, so Christians worship her as the patroness of knowledge. The prayers, pronounced on December 7, on the day of veneration of the icon of the Holy Great Martyr, are connected with education. Many universities in the world consider Catherine their patroness. It is believed that when teachers and students address it, it helps them to achieve success in gaining knowledge and the chosen matter. Students sincerely believe in her help in the exams, referring to the icon with a request for a good exam. Sincerely believing people whose work is associated with rational judgments, for example, judges, prosecutors, are asking for heavenly support.

What does prayer help

St. Catherine the Great Martyr, when addressed to her in prayer, protects against mistakes and dangers that can lead to bad consequences. She, as the keeper of the home, maintains peace in the family and well-being in the house, helps in finding the husband and takes the pregnant woman under her cover. A prayer to the Great Martyr Catherine helps to find peace for a woman, helps in childbirth and protects against the diseases of the newborn.

Catherine the Great Martyr prayer for the bridegroom

The relics of Catherine the Great Martyr are kept in the marble shrine of the altar of Catalicon in St. Catherine’s Monastery.This is a former Sinai monastery, which was renamed after the transfer of the holy remains there.

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