What dreams a butterfly? Interpretations of popular dream books

Dreams are different: after some, we wake up in others give joy and remind of beauty in life, still others, it seems to us, are warning about something. We do not know what “cinema” we will see next night, but we always want it to be bright, pleasant and memorable. Today we will talk about what the butterfly dreams about. This cute fluttering creature in life causes a smile and pleasant emotions. Do you know why a butterfly dreams? What do such dreams promise people? Consider the interpretation of the most popular dream books on this topic.what dreams a butterfly

Dream Miller

This source states that a fluttering insect in a dream is a sign of prosperity in life. In the near future, a profitable acquisition, conclusion of a good contract, inheritance, etc. is possible. However, these happy moments will be in your life, provided that in a dream you saw a butterfly sitting on bright green grass or beautiful fragrant flowers.It should be noted that the life of this insect is short, respectively, the period of prosperity will not be very long. Try to use your finances as wisely as possible.

What dreams of a butterfly that flies over you? Wait for news from those friends who are not near you now. If such a vision was a young girl, it means that pretty soon she will meet with the only person with whom she wants to live all her life. What dreams of white butterflies according to Miller's dream book? Such a vision can promise not very pleasant events. Perhaps soon you will be diagnosed, and blame for its occurrence, you will not be yourself, but a completely stranger. Pay attention to your well-being.what dreams of colored butterflies

Dream Vanga

What dreams of big butterflies? This means that fate gives you a unique chance to improve, to change everything in life for the better. The bigger the insect, the better for you. Do not miss the opportunity.

If in a dream you are trying to catch a butterfly, but it does not work at all, it means that you will be greatly disappointed in the person with whom you wanted to associate your life or with whom you have been together for many years.If, however, you managed to catch an insect in your dream, know that your distinguishing features in life are inconstancy and lethargy.

A dead butterfly or one that burned over a candle is a very bad sign. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

If a beautiful bright insect sits on you in a dream, wait for good news or a surprise.why dream big butterflies

Dream interpretation of the twentieth century

What dreams of colored butterflies? If an insect in a dream pleasantly pleases your eye with its color, wait for a pleasant fun, party. If the butterfly is so bright that it hurts to look, it indicates the beginning of the disease. Also ailments are often foreshadowed by butterflies of gray, lemon and white. What dreams of colored butterflies, if they sit in a dream on the shoulders of another person? This suggests that you unconsciously, but not unreasonably worried about the health, well-being and life of this person. Unpleasant troubles and bustle foretells an ugly butterfly of a dark shade.

Dreaming Taflisi

This source claims that such a dream promises an acquaintance with a rude and uneducated, perhaps even physically defective man, who may die very soon. What dreams a butterfly man? This is a sign that he will soon marry a virgin, and they will have a son.To kill an insect in a dream is a very bad sign that will not bring anything good to your child.what dreams of white butterflies

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

If in a dream this cute creation of nature flutters over you, wait for the appearance of small troubles at home. This vision also warns that you have a very windy lover or an unreliable comrade. Insect caught in a dream? Wait for luck in love. Crushed or wounded? It is unlikely to get out of trouble or betrayal of a loved one. Caught in a dream beautiful moth? Most likely, you will have to reveal the secret entrusted to you.

Modern dream book

A bright butterfly sitting on equally motley flowers promises wealth and prosperity. Kill an insect in a dream - with its own efforts to bring life into trouble. We decided to chase a butterfly in a dream? Household chores are ahead, which can’t be avoided. Insect, flittering from one flower to another, warns you about the imminent visit of guests, and quite unexpected for you. It is also possible to meet an old friend (also quite by accident). A beautiful moth flutters in your dream? Wait for the novel, however short: only rest,no commitment. Get ready to enjoy, but in no case make plans. Black butterfly promises betrayal, deceit. After such a dream, be attentive to those individuals who do not inspire you much confidence.what dreams a black butterfly

Moth species

The opinions of many composers of dream books converge in this regard, so we give you the information about what this or that type of butterfly is dreaming about.

So, cabbage soup or any other white moth promises you trouble, and most likely, a disease. See the swallowtail? So, in your life there will be a real associate, like-minded person, to be with whom is a pleasure.

Urticaria in a dream predicts you a romantic journey, and limonnitsa - unfortunately, separation. Have you seen a motley butterfly in your dream? Please note that you have become overly jealous, this can lead to your doing stupid things. The blue moth personifies a dream that will come true very soon. And what is the dream of a black butterfly? She warns the sleeper about the impending danger from a loved one. A dream in which you saw a moth of red color does not promise anything pleasant either.

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